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CPA InstrumentsCPA Instruments by Ritoban Chakrabarti is the second product in the “Instruments” series by the same author. This particular product is focused on promoting CPA offers.

Like Profit Instruments, a CPA Instrument is a site focused on one offer that is ranked on Google and other search engines to get traffic and convert the visitors to buyers. Compared to promoting physical or digital products, CPA offers convert at a much higher rate and the commission is not necessarily lower depending on the kind of an offer (for example free trial offers usually have a decent commission rate while converting better than selling products).

Here are a few more details on how this works. Why would you promote only one offer per site? The key thing to understand is that we’re talking about SEO – it’s how we get all the traffic with this method. And in SEO it’s all about the relevance. Links make most of the SEO but if your entire site is dedicated to the topic, you will need a lot less links to rank high. That’s why with this method you would get a whole domain name with the keyword and focus all site on that keyword.

Next is the conversion of traffic. When you have to create a whole site to promote an offer, it’s a lot of work to rank just for one keyword. That’s why the conversions are so important and this is the second major point in this method. You don’t rank just for any keywords, you rank for product name keywords which have nearly the biggest commercial intent of any type of keywords (right after the keywords that actually have variations of “buy” in them).

Ranking for such keywords inherently means very high conversion rate, especially with CPA offers. Not a visit of that traffic is wasted, so creating a whole site for one keyword does pay off.

Thus the method comes down to a simple formula:

  • find products to promote;
  • register a domain name with the product name in it;
  • create a site about the product;
  • build backlinks to rank on the first page of Google;
  • optimize the conversions;

Now, here’s a question I’m sure many have. Is Ritoban trying to sell the same product twice? After all, the difference in promoting products as an affiliate or CPA offers is essentially minimal.

According to Ritoban, while there are a lot of similarities between the two products, the difference between Profit Instruments and CPA Instruments is that the latter includes a lot more CPA specific website building, traffic and conversion techniques.

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3 thoughts on “CPA Instruments”

  1. Hi, CPA instruments is a brilliant product and will teach newbies as well as experienced marketers several new techniques, or at least open your eyes to something you already know but have not yet digested. As usual, no buyer will make any money from it until the ideas and techniques are ACTIONED. Often we buy new products, read or watch the video and save the files on the hard-drive to gather edust. Action is what makes money, and sometimes it needs guts and perhaps more knowledge and an investment. Here’s a quotation from Bob Proctor that sums it up magically: “One difference between successful people and all the rest is that successful people take action.”
    Cheers, Henry.

  2. What I like about the system is the way the pdf files and videos are laid out. If you have forgotten any affiliate marketing details, you will find them.

  3. Still a newbie to trying to earn online. However, at the moment agree with above, videos and .pdf files are well laid out and can be downloaded. If I make any cash i’ll let you know.


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