CPA Arbitrage Review

CPA (Cost per Action) marketing has a big potential. First of all, to earn the commission, you don’t necessarily have to sell anything, a simple signup with an e-mail can pay you. Secondly, there’s no such thing as refunds in CPA marketing. Once you refer a person to enter their personal information and get a commission for that, that money is yours.

To better understand the science behind CPA networks and CPA marketing, Chris Cobb has created CPA Arbitrage. It introduces the student to the world of CPA, teaches the methods to get traffic specifically for the CPA offers and how to generate those leads for which you get paid for.

I’ve had a sneak peek at the CPA Arbitrage material and I found it to be really good. It lays down in simple terms the fundamentals if you’re new to CPA marketing, it gives a bunch of tips and templates of how to get into CPA networks (which is not a trivial thing). It has some well known methods of traffic generation as well as some CPA-specific tricks. I found one of them enticing enough to employ to get more subscribers to my own list.

What you get with CPA Arbitrage is:

  • Reading material to cover all basic and advanced CPA theory
  • Video material from live event recordings to Chris’ ramblings
  • A guide that will get you started
  • And a guide that will bring those leads to the table
  • The courses from two angles – publisher and affiliate

If you’re thinking CPA marketing is just a spin on the classic affiliate marketing, you’re partially right, but some things make some techniques possible that are not possible elsewhere. That’s all due to the nature of CPA offers to be free to the end-user and thus easy to convert.

The Pros

  • Comprehensive material that will teach you everything about CPA.
  • Some techniques are really unique, I haven’t read or heard of them anywhere before, one particular that I’ve immediately employed is worth all the money alone, in my opinion.
  • Videos full of great tips, tricks and techniques
  • Teaches you CPA not only from the affiliate point of view, but publisher’s as well. That’s an often overlooked point in most courses, or is an entirely different course at all. In this case CPA Arbitrage covers them both.

The Cons

  • I’d like to see PPC and SEO included as traffic generation methods, as that would make it a complete course not only about CPA but Internet marketing overall. It may be that the author chose to keep it simple or rather use the absense of those methods as marketing gimmick (i.e. saying you don’t need them anymore)
  • If you already have a somewhat successful online business, and it does not include CPA or lead generation in any way, I’d suggest you to focus on what you already do rather than buying new courses. I only recommend CPA Arbitrage if you know you will use lead generation methods or if you’re just starting out and have no fundamentals yet whatsoever.

All in all, CPA Arbitrage is a great product, and as I mentioned I’m also using some methods from the sneak preview to get more subscribers to my list. If you want to start with CPA marketing or just get more leads for your business, it is a great resource.

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  1. great review for a great product, I think this product is a must buy for everyone interested in CPA, or an affiliate marketer who does not know anything about it


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