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This is an entry for Copy Paste Traffic, a course and software on getting free traffic and making money online by Corey Lewis and Winter Valko.

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7 thoughts on “Copy Paste Traffic”

  1. I did join CopyPasteTraffic in January. They said a few clicks and we would be up and running. They had great video tutorials walking you through what needed to be done to get set up. Set up the blog page through Cpanel’s Fantastico Deluxe, created my squeeze page and it looked great. Did the test putting in my e-mail in the box to get more info. I did get the e-mail…but from someone else! I tried again with a different e-mail address, same thing. I contacted their customer service and did not hear back for two days. Then they asked whether I had done business with this person in the past, to which I said no, as I hadn’t. Created a different squeeze page with a different offer, same thing. The customer service folks could not help me. Yesterday, I said since it is not getting resolved, I would be leaving the program. All they said is they did not know how to resolve this problem and wished me well. HUH??? What they should have done, as I feel they probably issued me a previously used member number, is to issue me a new member number to see if that helped. I was highly disappointed to say the least. On the upside, Winter and Corey were very thorough in their training videos and I wish them all the success they can get. I just feel rather left down with the experience. Oh well, on to the next project, which I hope will have better success!

  2. i9ve hjust joined copy and aste and oi think its a con right out having to ay for web hosting etc but ill let u no how i get on ok thanks for your review sam xxx

  3. I followed their videos faithfully and could not get my webpage up. I sent them support tickets and even offered to pay for help. Never got the courtesy of a reply or any help at all. What a bummer. I am so disappointed. I have lots of pc experience but could not get this to work.

  4. I bought this product and quite liked the videos/tutorials… but they are not available for download and I have had great problems with fast forwarding…therefore I have found it very frustrating as I want to to be able to go over the parts I need to spend longer on understanding – but seem to have to play the whole damn video– a real pain.. on asking for help they said I should use the slider bar which of course I had obviously tried to do several times!!!

    I then paid for the elite coaching— and was directed to a site– where several webinars were available– but no way of contacting them directly– I had been led to believe that personal coaching would be available…but other then watching the past webinars there was no way of obtaining the one on one coaching advice I thought I had signed up for. I then signed up for future webinars – only to get a message saying they were not available.. so all in all a great disappointment and I will be asking for a refund.

    Also I sent a support ticket which they did answer- saying that to answer my question would really be something I would need to pay for- I replied that I had paid for an elite coaching membership and thought that this may entitle me to an answer- but that was 10 days ago and still no answer.. so my advice is DO NOT PAY FOR THIS!! great promise- the usual BS but no follow through.. the same tired old story…

    is there any ” offer” out there there that actually follows through?? cos they would get my money


  5. I bought this product just today and after logging out to run some errands, I can’t log back in. When I type in my e-mail address as my user name, I get the “incorrect user name thing”. I then clicked on “forgot password” and then typed in my e-mail address used at the beginning and I receive a screen stating that my e-mail address doesn’t exsist in the system. Go figure. Well, atleast I only lost $20.00. Good luck and beware….


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