Copy Paste Systems

Copy Paste SystemsCopy Paste Systems by Paul Ponna is a set of pre-made systems (websites if you will) which include:

  • Videos
  • Software scripts
  • Landing pages
  • Squeeze pages

All that to remove the hurdles of website and content creation so you can focus on raw marketing. In other words, the way I see it, it provides you content to use as your own, and as such I have my usual concerns just like about similar products.

There are two things – traffic and competition. I have no problem with the content that other users of the program use as well, as a matter of fact it can be very useful. It can be a great help in website and content creation. But only when the offer is very limited.

There’s no problem when only other 100 people have bought the same package, most of them wouldn’t use all content anyway. So the product remains competitive in your hands.

Copy Paste Systems, on the other hand, I’m sure will sell well into thousands. This is where the competition plays its evil part, and what’s worse it can affect your traffic generation effort.

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8 thoughts on “Copy Paste Systems”

  1. I placed my first ad last night and made a commission in 22 minutes after having the ad approved. That was with CPC. I’ll have to test CPM next.


  2. COPY/PASTE/PROFIT ??? Not quite. Joined 1/15/2010 and placed 5 ads on Facebook following their instructions and ad copy with minor edits to get ads approved. Results: with more than 2 million impressions and 2200 click thrus – only ONE $34 sale in 5 days, after spending more than $600 in advertising. Facebook targets were aligned with Quantcast demographics, so the CTRs should be well targeted people for these sites. PROBLEM – These web sites aren’t converting. Even with a 1% conversion rate, sales should have approached $600 and covered ad spend. This is only ONE of the revenue strategies in the program, but it doesn’t instill confidence in investing the time on the next steps ! Also, the strategy includes joining CPA networks, which was not easy for a newbie – these networks are looking for eperienced internet marketers.

  3. Ouch!

    100-150 clicks is really enough to test if it converts, you shouldn’t spend that much to test something on CPC basis.

    But you also capture leads with this, right? How many of those did you get?

  4. BTW, I don’t think the problem is that they don’t convert. From what I’ve seen there’s no reason why they wouldn’t unless the traffic is completely untargeted.

    The problem might be a number of other members promoting on Facebook with the same sites. A visitor clicks an ad, says “oh I’ve already seen this” and off they go.

  5. I was using this method before the launch of this product. I used to shift a Clickbank products, but since these guys have launched I will leave it until the buzz settles down.

    To the guy that spent $600?! Ouch….I suggest using your next 600 to pay someone to write a couple of hundred articles for you and point them to some offers. That would be money better spent.

    As for the product – nothing revolutionary and if it is such a goldmine why are they bringing in competition for themselves? Oh yeah….so it leaves the MySpace ppc market wide open for them!

  6. I just spend 300 dollars advertising in facebook and guess what i made 17 dollars in sale,i think the
    market right now is overly saturated so for those of you planning to do this,think twice

  7. If you put 600 through the slot machines you’d have better chances at coming out ahead. The fact is you need 10’s of thousands to make ANY business work online. THIS is the big truth they don’t want you to know! Do the research and see for yourself.

  8. That’s so not true, Tim. The Internet is so popular exactly for the opposite reason – because you don’t need much money to make a business work.

    But even 10’s of thousands won’t help if you’re trying to run a lousy business.

    People waste hundreds and thousands because they think money is the answer. Do you think the guys who have spent $300 and $600 would have made profit if they spent 30k and 60k instead? No chance, because there’s something fundamentally wrong in what they’ve done.

    Get your business plan right first, otherwise you’re just sending some lucky vendor free traffic which costs you time and money.


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