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This is a review page for ConversionFly by Todd Brown. The launch of ConversionFly was announced by JVNotifyPro.

I would appreciate that if you know anything about the product, good or bad, please post it here in the comments.

As it is with most of the internet marketing and make money online products, they are rarely as good as the promise and extreme caution is always required.

Your comments can save others time and money!

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  1. James Randall Reply

    You’re correct. Almost always the hype is bigger than the product…. well, evidently that’s not always the case! I bought the annual as well as both upsells with the video training packages and marketing materials. I can honestly say, I have learned more from these videos in the past 3 days than I knew about Funnel Marketing in the prior 2 years! It didn’t seem cheap when I put the money out but now I feel almost guilty for buying at the 50% discount price. I really thought I was getting a handle on funnel metrics, sales marketing and scaling my business and this last week has proven to me I’m really just scraping the tip of the iceberg now. One thing that set Conversionfly apart from the other metrics programs I’ve used immediately was the support. I don’t know how many different support agents they are employing there but I’ve already talked to at least 6 of them about separate issues. Every single time I was replied to via live support within minutes with a professional and helpful answer to my questions, usually with a screen shot or video attached. Man A+++ Support. They offer these tutorials all throughout the site that really help walk you through even the most complex of funnel setups as well as a more in-depth tutorial section at the bottom left of each page. There is a quick step guide that literally walks you through step by step the entire process to get your funnel up and tracking. I’d say all told I had my first funnel tracking within 20 minutes when I first started. My more complex funnels took a bit longer but it was well worth it. Really glad I bought the annual… I really hope they offer annual renewals at this same price… I can see I’ll be using this tool for quite a long time.

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