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Contest BurnerContest Burner by Bill Macintosh is mainly for those marketers who are doing product launches or simply want to get the word out about an existing product to get more sales as more people hear about their message.

The software has already been implemented by a number of high profile internet marketers as part of their launch system and now everyone has an opportunity to run their own contest. One of the main features of Contest Burner is its ability to generate thousands of back links all over the internet for your site making it a powerful tool for getting traffic back to your site.

It includes a WordPress plug-in that allows you to get all those valuable back links coming into your site. If you are the owner of a product you can also utilise the software to give points to your participants in the contest for doing things like submitting videos, tweeting and re-tweeting, and doing blog comments. The end result is the creation of a lot of buzz about your product in addition to lots of referrals and subscribers to your list.

What is interesting about this product is that it has already has been tested in the field in a live launch so this makes Bill’s claims more credible. The primary principle it is based upon is “selling on proof” or getting lots of people involved in the sale, and providing social proof that the product actually works, which is a very powerful selling technique that does work in the field. Contest Burner achieves this is a unique and original way.

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  1. Contest Burner throws up some exciting possibilities. My only concerns are over the legalities of running contests (I think these would be classified as “sweepstakes”) and not falling foul of regulations. For a single contest, I would imagine the cost of legal advice to be prohibitive. Would be interested in your thoughts.



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