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Commission Underground by Travis Stephenson

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5 thoughts on “Commission Underground”

  1. Does any one have any idea what this commission underground is about?
    Is this one more fake product or the one which really works.. If anyone is using it, could you share what the program is all about and how it functions.. Thank you in advance.

  2. Yes, I am also interested in knowing if this Commission Underground thing is genuine. I am a newbie in the Internet Marketing field, and in my one week of presence here, i have seen more than 10 campaigns for these Commission getting softwares. I am yet to come across any helpful reviews that would actually help me decide on whether or not to buy a certain software. Until I come across something reliable, i am holding on to my money.

  3. I purchased commission underground and the upsell traffic assault. It is as easy as it claims, it posts automatically, and I am getting a little more traffic. I have owned it for two weeks but have yet to see any sales. Maybe a different niche would work better. I have an educational niche as well as cooking. Best wishes!


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