Commission Takers

Commission Takers by Steven Johnson and Jani G is a software program for creating niche blogs.

The purpose of this page is for the real users of Commission Takers to provide their feedback and inform everyone interested about their experience with this product. If you have experience with Commission Takers or other products by Steven Johnson and Jani G, please leave a comment with your feedback below. Your feedback can help someone else to decide.

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2 thoughts on “Commission Takers”

  1. Purchased Commission Takers and they said in their videos that you have to subscribe to the webshosting company they recommend otherwise the chances of success are very slim, so i did. The videos are short and okay but what is extremely disappointing is the poor customer service. Sam Benajmin bragged of stelllar customer support within 24 hours or less but this was not the case! When i got my webhosting details i submitted them to Commission Takers so that they can automatically set up the review sites for me as they promised but they replied only after 5 days, saying thatt i should tell the webhost company that i purchasecd CT and the webhosting company will do the set up and uploading. So i informed the webhosting company.

    The webhosting company however said they just activate the website and it was CT who should upload the files, so in short it was a pingpong i am going thru, being sent back and forth and in the process wasting 11 days as of this date because of the slow action of CT. I have not given it a chance to work yet because the website has not been uploaded with the CT files but I will most probably ask for a refund because of the pathetic customer service CT gives. I don’t think they even really got their system polished because they point me to the webhosting company which i believe should NOT be the case.

  2. Purchased CT and was told to get webhosting service from their recommended company brainhost bec they said their system works with brainhost and that for CT to automatically set up the website. When i did get their webhosting service i was given a run around as to who will install/upload the CT review files, Brainhost and CT kept pointing to each other as to be the one to upload CT files aside from very poor after sales support by CT. As a result it has been a wasted 11 days still no reply from CT so i never got the chance to see it work. I am going to refund because of their poor customer service. They make me feel they do not even know what thye are doing bec they tell me it’s Brainhost will upload CT files which i find absurd bec BH is just a webhosting company and it should be CT who should automatically upload CT files.


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