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Commission Takeover is a step by step blueprint of creating an online business by Dean Holland.

The purpose of this page is for the real users of Commission Takeover to provide their feedback and inform everyone interested about their experience with this product. If you have experience with Commission Takeover or other products by Dean Holland, please leave a comment with your feedback below. Your feedback can help someone else to decide.

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6 thoughts on “Commission Takeover”

  1. Now not to say that there are any no legitimate Affiliate Marketing Software, but how do I know that
    this Guy is the real deal, & not another one being used by one of the Marketing Scam Gurus?
    Can someone give me feedback on this please? Thanks in advance.

  2. After joining his site, my opinion of him is that he is honest and genuinely wants you to succeed at affiliate marketing. His information is thorough, and he is quick to respond by email if you have any questions, whether it is for a technical issue, or about the info he presents. There are alot of scams out there, but then there alot of good people in affiliate marketing is well. This is one of the good ones. Good luck with whatever choice you make!

  3. The only thing I like about Dean Holland’s Commission Takeover System is his K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle approach to blogging.

    Module 2 of the training was missing three videos which were finally uploaded after about three weeks. Through out his training he emphasizes the need to stay in touch with the Commission Takeover Community but the link to a list of members is missing and the Member Navigation button is dead.

    There are other missing links that were promised in Module 3 – Video Traffic but not available including the link to Dean Holland’s first video, link to Camtasia and link to Cam Studio.

    In Module 1 – Plug-Ins, a promise was made to show how to activate the Google Analytics plug-in later on in the tutorial but that never happened. In Module 2 the “opt-in form code” was also promised later but never happened.

    After trying to register with Support over 20 times because it would not accept the Verification Image Code. I finally accidentally got registered by NOT entering the code.

    I have sent several requests to Support and have not received one response.

    Would I recommend this product? I might if all the above issues are “fixed”. On the other hand after visiting on WayBackMachine.Org, I’m wondering if his boasted $600,000 income in the last two years are correct. Perhaps, I was looking at the wrong URL.

  4. I agree completely with Barbara Lunsford’s comments above. I have had all the same problems except my support tickets were accepted but only 2 were responded to and that was over a month ago. I have sent 4 emails since March 24th and not one has been responded to even if I put critical or high priority. I have noticed that even though he has some good information, it is as if he is omitting just enough stuff to keep you from completing what he asks. He makes money by encouraging people to use his links to purchase the Aweber and Internet Profit Hosting, so he isn’t hurting because I am sure that for every month that you stay using those services he gets paid.

    I was excited to try this “new” thing and with such poor email communication I am about ready to ask for my money back for the class from Clickbank.

    Would I recommend it? Not unless the communication changes and emails are responded to promptly.

  5. I have Just Completed this course and I’ll agree there are a few links missing.
    But a link to aweber and cam studio? Who cares its a 1 second google search to get them.

    With the list of members sites did you ever think no-one sent them in?
    Did you send yours in?

    I sure did, I am also following the techniques and guidelines, i don’t need support as you simply watch the videos and then do what he says. If you need facebook help or aweber help then talk to their support they can help better than Dean.

    Personally I believe if you follow this system and just actuall do whats in the videos you should make money.

    TAKE ACTION is very Important, You need to set the systems up and drive them for success, this was never promoted as Push button riches product. You need to work at it.

    Take care



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