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16 thoughts on “Commission Streamer”

  1. Commission streamer is full of problems.
    The software looks really impressive. It does not do what it claims.
    The very first thing, the “Content Grabber” grabs “snippets” of sentences from the search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing based on keywords you put in. It didn’t grab anything.
    After a rough start they did send an update to get the “content grabber” going.
    Second step is to spin the sentences.The auto spinner, like most spinners makes for unintelligible sentences. You spend about the same time you would just writing an article yourself.
    Third, you push a button to “update” the article submission sites where your article is supposed to be sent.
    Many of the sites are dead sites with 404 errors. Even worse, just try and find your article on a site that it was supposedly sent to. After 3 days the same dead sites are still up there. It doesn’t update.
    The whole time there was one quarter of my screen missing with no scroll bar.
    I cant say anything about the video section because I never had access to scroll over to the buttons.
    Did I write to support? Yeah, about 5 times in 3 days. I never got a response.
    Commission streamer gets a big “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” “HISSSSSSSSSSSSSS”
    A Lee styles Post

  2. i bought this product and had the same problems could not access the far right side there for the key words
    were not accesable put in a few already made sites they seemed to go no where. i don’t how the rest of the site works could not access it – you know if its sounds to good to be true it most likely not true

  3. Just signed up today and have already asked for my money back. I already knew alot of the stuff they were pedalling from other gurus I’ve dealt with. Nothing new here. The same old junk just like any other hype I’ve seen. Why can’t I just find some honest internet people ?? I can’t believe how much bologna is out there and they just keep pushing and pushing. Sure hope they honor their money back guarantee, or I will be one unhappy camper.

    I’m done with all these “traffic answers”. I’ll just need to figure it out myself. Any suggestions out there for good advice, that doesn’t just keep asking for more money all the time ??


  4. I should have know this was too good to be true. I had problems right from the start. I downloaded the software and when i tried to install it, it told me that it could not install on systems with .net frame lower than ver 4. so i installed the .net frame from MS and after that i was able to add articles but when it came to autospin, i had another error that read CLIENT UIWPFOUTLOOK NAV APP1 HAS STOPPED WORKING. I call their 888 phone number and only get a recorded message. I am really pissed off. I havent sent an email to them yet but i will. for now i dont recommend it.

  5. So… I bought this product on December 6th. Today is the 11th and it is the first time since I bought this product that I’ve been able to log in. I’ve been trying and trying to down load the software to no avail. I do NOT get an error message, it just will not download. I requested a refund 4 days ago and have not received anything back concerning a refund. Tomorrow, I will definitely be calling clickbank directly. I think that Clickbank itself is now losing cool points. It seems they back anyone regardless of what the product is.

    I don’t think I’ll purchase another product backed by clickbank again.

  6. I’m afraid I'[m in agreement of he above reviews. From the beginning of download. Since it is not a Windows Microsoft Verified software is was difficult for the software to make through my firewall. Once I finally got it down loaded I had nothing but problems . A lot of bugs and never got it to work after several hours and days…

    I requested a refund as promised by the providers I’m anxious to see if they will follow through with their Promises…

  7. Total, absolute, crap. Bought it, but couldn’t activate for 2 days…my account supposedly didn’t get set up properly. Finally got it installed….now I’m stuck on the scrolling issue. Refund…here i come! If Clickbank doesn’t cooperate, I’ll just refute the credit card charge. At least the Clickbank ticket log will be good for something.

  8. I have to agree with everything everyone said. I have done everything required to a “T” and yes you can not see the right half of the screen. Now I have gotten emails from them but they make no sense.

    Hello Danielle,

    Yes after I downloaded the program I updated the program to the 1.1. Now everything seems to be working fine except for the at the end of the page I can not see, nor can I expand ( meaning dragging the arrow to expand the web page) to where I can hit the start button for the keyword search. For example a where you can check off the Google, and yahoo check box the rest of the page for bing and the start button is cut off, and its like that for the rest of the other pages as well…… and again I can not expand the webpage because it wont allow me to do that

    please help

    Hi Silovo,

    Thank you for joining Commission Streamer team!

    Please let me know what happened when you tried to use the software.

    Our technical experts are working on optimizing Commission Streamer’s resolution for any computer as we speak, it is expected to be resolved today.

    Ticket Details
    Ticket ID: UWJ-688425
    Department: Commission Streamer- Sel
    Priority: Low
    Status: Closed

    Thank you

    Can you please email me when the program is updated.
    – Show quoted text –


    Not to be pushy or anything but has the system been updated yet.
    – Show quoted text –

    Hi Victor,

    Please install this component and run Commission Streamer again:

    Also make sure you installed the latest version, click check for updates link on top.

    It doesn’t make any sense, my computer is updated, and I haven’t had any problems running any of my other programs……

    Its not looking good

  9. This program stinks. I had it on my dektop and it wouldn’t load. Countless request to suort with no answers.
    don’t outsorce your program to a staff who has no idea how it works, they will repond to no none.tried the 1888 nuber and got a slaes person wanting to sell me coaching. he had no ideas about program and told me to go get a refund……he’d really supporting this program, eh? just another rip off. stay away far away.

  10. You know I just hate these products that have a presentation video to that that says NOTHING about what the actual software does. So, from what I read here, it does automatic content creation and syndication?

  11. I bought Commission Streamer and was stirred to one host called Brainhost. I didn’t like the way Brainhost charged hidden fees for setting up the website. I immediately asked for a refund. After a little time I decided to give Commission Streamer a try with Brainhost since my refund with Brainhost didn’t include my setup fees. When I decided to continue, Commission Streamer did set up a website full of content and salable products as promised. My problem is besides Brainhost there is no way to receive information on if the traffic on the site is converting to sales. And if they are converting to sales then is Commissin Streamer receiving the revenue instead of me. I never submitted any information like I did with Clickbank and Amazon on how and where to send the payments. There is no account information. I have a website but other than brainhost there is no to know how this all benefits me.

  12. Damien, since you own the site you can do whatever you want with it.

    Look at the advertisements displayed and see if they have your code. Change it to yours if it isn’t.

    To monitor the traffic make an account at and insert the code they give you into every page of the blog… it will generate you a report of the visitors you get.

  13. I have to add one more thing to my review above.

    Commission Streamer will give out your phone number.
    I just got off the phone with a company that tells you they take an interest in you because your started “An online business with Commission Streamer”.
    The operators don’t even know what the term “SEO” means.
    They called me twice. I told them no Twice.
    I don’t even want to stress how the Commission Streamer Ad lies to you when it tells you it has nothing to do with article writing;
    I just want to point out how unethical it is to be giving out phone numbers.

    Lee Styles

  14. I brought it, it did not work, and when i called the costumer service, they never return my call, this product suck!! stay away from it! I just called click bank for a refund

  15. At the risk of sounding redundant let me tell you all that since I purchased Commission Streamer,
    I have received phone calls from 5 different companies.
    They all say the same thing and sell the same pitch.
    It makes one think that there was no intention to sell helpful software,
    [since it was useless to begin with],
    but to get people’s phone numbers and sell that information.
    Is that even legal?

    Lee Styles

  16. I bought this program in December, tried to use it, got an email or two back from their so-called customer service person (the poor girl) and then asked for a refund.

    They have not responded and I’m still trying to find my $49! If anyone gets a hold of them, please let me know!


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