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Commission Siphon Formula by Eddy Croft and Travis Stephenson is a formula of making money from product launches.

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9 thoughts on “Commission Siphon Formula”

  1. I brought Commission Siphon through Simon and cannot get my money back. Anyway I was straight up with him and told them (thats him and the team) Eddy Croft, Nadine Jems and others, whether Simon furthered the email on I dont know) anyway like I said I brought it and cannot get my money back. If you want to see more reviews you will find it in google under Commission Siphon complaints and there are alot of angry people in there.
    I told Simon that I was very disappointed in their business ethics where the webinar shows a live demo of the product. It looks very user friendly and it is, it does have good tutorials but there are parts of the product unavailable: eg finding the images, I have had to find all of my images by going into sites for royalty free photos and pics. You are limited with theme templates so for the amount of money you pay, you are better off to stay away from it. I have to continue using it because I intend for the product to at least give my money back. It takes up to 3-4 days to get support and if you need the answer right there and then, by the time you get the answer you would of figured it out by then or be very frustrated. Either one take your pick.
    The part that totally ticks me is when the webinar says there are only 15 places then Simon is cloing it down to the public because it was only created for him and his family and after the 15 places are full he’s not releasing it again. LOL! big joke, its a way of getting everyone to go crazy mad to find the $997 before they miss out, yes like I did. Do not, by all means folks, do not be lured in by this deceiptful spiel. I figure from tha 1 webinar they would of make a few hundred thousand dollars.
    But wait… theres more. I see its back on the net again and they call it Commission Siphon Elite. Mmm.. I felt too ill to look and see if they were selling it for more than what I paid for or if theyve brought it down to “Only $47”. I just cant bring myself to look. Anyway, by hook or by crook, I am sure this product will pay me back my money and Im hardly thinking that they Gurus of this CS are not going to email me to say they have added features to my basic one… as I am expecting that the Elite has more to offer.
    Don’t pay big money like many of us did for it. Unless you get a guarantee you get your money back in 60 days. Its sold through Plimus, and guess what? Simon is Plimus. If you go into Youtube, you will see exactly what they train in there. I would say the product is not worth $997 maybe from my experience, about $250 ish.

  2. So Folks, is this Affiliat Marketing Software the real deal, or another fake one that will make those lose Money,
    rather than making it?

  3. And from what I understand this person Simon also known as Sean lives in Thailand now. Wanted man for fraud big time. I dont know why the feds or the authorities who are investigating him dont stop him from carrying on his corruption on the net.I guess because they cant catch him. He’s on youtube, litte dweeb, sounds Australian. I decided to go in on the webinar for the newest release which is Commission Siphon Elite that they are marketing and gues what, its just audio, there is no demo showing and the nerve to selll it for $997 still but not show unassuming newbies exactly what the product does. Just talks it through. The webinar sounded like a script. Its acting. Ive contacted Swreg the company who I purchased it through but they just past me on to Simon. No one wants to be responsible. So not likely anyone is going to give my money back unless I do what some other complaintants do and that is to issue a complaint to the authorities in the US.

  4. Hi;

    I too got ripped off for $1100 for commission siphon. I can’t get help anywhere. I can’t afford to lose this money.

    I have tried to reason with Simon, guess you can’t reason with thieves. Product doesn’t work. Simon was introduced through a webinar by Socrates Socratous. I am very upset with both of them.

  5. If you all are upset about the product and the company selling it, I highly suggest that you all get together and go over what all the issues were. By “you all” I mean you folks on this site posting. Skype, email, whatever you feel like using. After you all have put together your issues, go and seek a lawyer and get a free consultation. The lawyer can tell you if what they did broke the law or at least can carry a civil suit.

    The site hosting the product is responsible for the product functioning properly. This is because they are advertising it and selling it. It is considered false advertisement and fraud, if the product doesn’t do what it is supposed to do.

    So, if you guys get together, you will have a stronger complaint and grounds for a civil suite. If you are lucky, you may be able to get an injunction on the company. That way, if the company selling the product doesn’t for Simmon or whoever to fix it, or take it off the shelves, they will be in breach and face civil penalties.

    Hope this helps =)

  6. Hi Everyone!
    To get help with your refund campaign, I would suggest you go to” http;// – commisionsiphon not giving a refung ” There’s a great deal of activity w.r.t. commision siphon software.
    Hope this helps some of you victims of this disgraceful scam!
    Regards to All,

  7. Hi All…

    Question is Commission Siphon Forumla the SAME as Commission Siphon? I just got an e-mail via a so called ‘guru’ and they were sponsoring the later program. I already signed up for the CSF (Eddy Croft), and still am wandering my way through this, but it did not cost too much, only $37.00 just to tell me that I can make money promoting the latest ‘guru’ launches… duh.

    Commission Siphon is a well produced video. I sounds NOTHING like Commission Siphon Formula. Commission Siphon is alleged to do ‘everything’… helps you search a niche, dive down, find a great keyword, then find every site promoting that great keyword and then ‘mysteriously’ grabs (steals) the traffic from that site and you make $100,000 per month! LOL…. well it only costs $997.00. Per ‘Simon’ the actor, it sounds like it has never been released before and I only have 1-2 more chances before they stop marketing.

    So if 1000 people fall for this program, they make 1,000,000? That’s crazy! HOWEVER, if you read their Terms and Conditions, they offer ZERO refunds! None, Nadda…. that is total BS, even the $37 program offere a 60 day trial.

    Is Commission Siphon operated by Eddy Croft and his team? I don’t think so, but I would love to hear other people’s thoughts. I really would consider the investment, but I need to know that it really works and has support. PLUS, exactly how are they magically getting this traffic? Makes me really worry that somehow they have figured out a scheme to ‘grab’ traffic that belongs to some other marketer. This does not sound ethical. Also, what happens if Google changes something, again, and they are no longer able to magically grab this traffic? What type of ongoing support do they offer.

    I really would love to hear from anyone who is using this system!

    Peace & be careful…. scammers are alive and living well off of us.

  8. Hi everyone,

    I almost bought this commission siphon license last night on a replay webinar for $997 he said, it was not open to the public only close friends and family it was at commission hack iv only just joined there .


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