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Commission Predators by Chris Fox is an affiliate marketing software.

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3 thoughts on “Commission Predators”

  1. Warning! steer well clear of this product! Why?

    OK, so I don’t normally go for these “Click your mouse for millions” type products, but I thought, seeing that it was a product from Chris Fox, it would be a quality product. I relly just wanted to see if one of these actually worked what so ever.

    So, despite the sales pitch which is quite common, it goes something like this. “This isn’t some click the magic button product by some guru they never work use your common sense. This is a really automated system where you can create a money sucking website in only 3 minutes. think how rich you’ll be if you only spend 15 minutes a day …” bla bla bla!

    Crap right? anyway I bought it. So let me tell you what you’re going to get.

    Your going to get no step by step training.
    You’re going to get a cobbled together package of OKish content that makes no reference to the system whatsoever
    If you’re unlucky enough to go platinum like I did. You’ll just get more of the same PLR crap!

    It’s only saving grace is that you do get access to 75000 articles in 15 different niches. I guess they’ll be well warn though and you don’t get an article rewriter nor are you warned about publishing duplicat content so good luck with those.

    Now you do get an automated website builder, but you don’t get complete instructions on how to use it. The video that you do get makes reference to other videos which don’t come with the system.

    So, if you’re a newbie, forget it and if you’re more experienced, be prepared to figure things out by yourself.

    Can you spell REFUND!!!

    Here’s a tip for the newbies out there. If you ever buy a product from Clickbank that you don’t get along with, Always, Always open the Email that you got from Clickbank Click on need support and get your refund through Clickbank. Never email the product vendor and hope for the best, especially if you’ve bought a 1 buck and pay 77 bucks in so many days. just save yourself the hear ache and go direct to Click bank.

    Finally, I did find a couple of products which I think are brilliant. they are Google Sniper and Rapid Profit Formula. You may also want to check out Deadbeat Superaffiliate. Don’t worry about the pitch, the product is Excellent imo.

    OK. hope this helped someone and wasn’t too long.

  2. Thanks to Guy above for his comments on the product, I was so nearly sucked into this one, YET AGAIN!!!
    The sales video is such a contradiction and its such a shame that people are allowed to peddle these products.

    Thanks to this review site I have saved myself a lot of time and money and come here whenever I want to find out about a new product. I just recently started using Sean Donohoes ‘Extreme Niche Empires’ system and although it is a lot of hard work (as an business building can be) I suspect it will be profitable in 3-6 months if you put the work in, but I’ll be sure to let the world know if it is!!

    Good luck to all in there search for FREEDOM…

  3. Almost bought this till I read your review.THANKS A LOT. You SAVED me and my precious limited money to buy it with. Will follow up on your 3 suggestions and, hopefully, one will get me started to make some needed moola. THANKS AGAIN-YOU ARE SUPER!! Dee


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