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Commission Overload by Tim Atkinson is an internet marketing course.

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3 thoughts on “Commission Overload”

  1. Ok Ive been fortunate to have purchased this course “commission overload” before its official clickbank launch and at a special price from warrior forum community where I use to hang out..

    No hype but if you purchase this course you will not purchase anything else again! This is not a product but an actual course and the support is great, which is done mainly by Tim himself and his partner,
    They actually listen and give updates throughout the course and its like a community which you can interact with other user.

    I can go on and on how this course is great but its the plain truth.

    These guys leave nothing out and they teach you how to build a business! Not a get rich quick BS like most of these other launches out there.

    Seriously, this one is a keeper

  2. I was so excited in writing about the course in my previous post I forgot to tell you the modules in Commission Overload.. Here they are:

    Module 1 – Introduction

    * Fool Proof Methods To Getting Approved To Any Network
    * An ‘Insider’ Look At The WRONG Ways To Promote Online And How Not To Fall Into The Trap
    * We Draw The Curtains Back And Give You A Look At How The Networks REALLY Work
    * The Right Mindset To Get You Started On The Right Track
    * And A Few Other Goodies

    Module 2 – Free Trial Arbitrage

    * The Master Plan To Ripping Killer Cash With Free Trials
    * Tens Of Thousands Of Places To Promote For FREE!
    * 2 Powerful Offline Methods That Get RESULTS Within Hours Of Taking Action!
    * Watch Me WORK And Do This Right In Front Of Your Eyes
    * And Tons More…

    Module 3 – Gravity Sniper

    * The Twist To Affiliate Marketing That Has Never Been Revealed Before
    * A Simple Method To Get Product Creators To BEG You For Favors
    * How To Spot ‘Distressed’ Sellers And Capitalize
    * Quickly Builds YOUR List Instead Of The Gurus List
    * Behind The Scenes Tips To JV Partnerships And How To Secure Them

    Module 4 – Squeeze Method

    * How To Get Other People To Push Your Offers
    * Use ‘Article Marketers’ Just Like The Big Dogs Do
    * How To Turn EzineArticles Into A Profit Pit Without Ever Submitting A Single Article
    * Watch Us Work

    Module 5 – Insurance Infusion

    * The ‘Underground’ Method To Making Serious Cash With Insurance Offers
    * The Closely Guarded Secret Method To Driving As Much Traffic As You Can Handle
    * Turn Your Clicks Into CASH With Our Secret ‘Conversion Crusher’ Techniques
    * Watch Us DO IT Right In Front Of Your Eyes

    Module 6 – Mortgage Madness

    * The Sneaky Tactic To Grabbing Traffic
    * The Source Of Traffic That Desperately Needs Your Offer
    * Why We Never Use Real Estate Agents Or Home Buyers As A Source Of Traffic
    * Watch Us DO IT Right In Front Of Your Eyes

    Module 7 – Seduction Cash

    * The ONLY Way To Convert Dating Offers
    * Tons Of FREE Traffic Sources
    * The Exact Offers We Use
    * The Exact Method We Use To Pull In Over $15,000 Per Month In Dating Conversions
    * Our Templates, Tactics, Landers, And Advertising Techniques
    * Watch Us DO IT Right In Front Of Your Eyes

    Module 8 – The Holy Grail

    * The Only Traffic Source You’ll Ever Need
    * Zero Competition
    * Generate Tens Of Thousands Of FREE Visitors Every DAY, Starting NOW
    * Watch Us DO IT Right In Front Of Your Eyes

    And there are bonuses also for just being in the course which are updated regularly.

    Ive been in the course for two months now and no complaints 🙂

  3. I’m a user and thanks to James above. He definitely summed up what’s in the course. As a newbie, I’ve definitely learned a lot inside and there is absolutely no reason why people should be broke in this economy. You literally can create a business around just one of the modules from above and make enough money every month to cover your mortgage. No joke.


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