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Commission Maniac by Craig Kaye is a software for researching, creating and promoting niche websites.

The purpose of this page is for the real users of Commission Maniac to provide their feedback and inform everyone interested about their experience with this product. If you have experience with Commission Maniac or other products by Craig Kaye, please leave a comment with your feedback below. Your feedback can help someone else to decide.

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24 thoughts on “Commission Maniac”

  1. i have yet to see the program work
    bought it but it wont fire up. tried to contact support but they are not answering at the moment.
    i ll inform if i think this is just hype, once i get to check the software.

    if your thinking of buying take in to consideration that the support given doesny get back a.s.a.p

  2. Yep I bought it and while it does fire up, the software doesn’t do anything. There are so many bugs in it you might need an exterminator and I found the same thing with support – 2 emails now and still no response. Funnily enough my review page for Commission Maniac is ranked No.1 on Google at the moment so I think I will be posting some content on there about how well this product doesn’t work!

    I think it may be hype! And I only bought it so I could honestly review it for my readers…. don’t going to be real good!

  3. Hmmm….any of you thinking of returning such product? What’s your luck in getting “No questions asked” return policy (i.e.: their Money Back Guarantee)?….or is that just a statement that has no meaning at all? Main concern and question is, do these product owners actually honor thier words and give you a refund?

  4. Go back to click bank and get your money back use the link you got from them it has a refund selection and it is a no hassle money back it takes a couple of days sometimes less, but if the program does not work they will give your money back no questions I have had to do it twice for similar bad products I am glad this site is up.


  5. Bought it, but had no luck in setting up the first site. Once installed all I get is a blank page. Got support tickets open, which I logged on the 26th, but thus far no response. So I am considering getting a refund if I don’t hear from them soon.

  6. Ok I was able to get the software to work. I was finally able to make an entire website following the instructions in the instructional videos. You do have to know a little, enough to log into the cpanel portion of the site you create in order to upload pictures to your site or you end up with huge blank spots on your site. Other than that it is actually not a bad little mini website builder. For those considering buying this product, I would not unless you want to build mini sites and that is your main purpose. The software consists of different tabs that each have an instructional video…except for the last 3 tabs. They do not have instructional videos so you can’t use them properly! You find out once you buy commission maniac that at the very least you need hosting (they upsell you hostgator which I purchased) and domain names for each product or niche you are promoting. The software installs cpanel using the host gator info and then installs wordpress. If you bought the software and are having problems it may be because you have to wait at least a couple hours from the time you get your domain name and hosting linked together before you start using it to create your site. You need to access the domain name providers site and change the hosting settings and access the hosting site and add the domain name you purchased and then wait. Once that is finished it then searches for relevant articles to your topic and spins them to make them look like original content. Then it does do something pretty neat…it takes certain words in each article it spun and makes them clickable links to various clickbank products using your clickbank affiliate id. So if someone is on your site and sees a highlighted word and clicks on it, they are brought to a clickbank affiliate landing page. That is awesome. It also allows to you automate the process of adding so many spun articles per day making your site appear to be updated daily. However, made no money with the first site I created and could not create a second one with a different product. I kept getting error messages, deleted the software, downloaded it again…no fix. submitted a total of 7 tech support tickets with 0 being answered in 2 weeks and the only time they even acknowledged I existed was when I went to the clickbank site and requested tech support. They sent gave me a generic tech support answer that did not answer any of my previous 7 tickets. I have requested a refund, and I am waiting for that still. The concept was great…too many bugs and still not newbie friendly enough. Hope this helps.

  7. It just simple doesn’t work! Tried with hostgator and bluehost changing settings, domains, passwords … everything, negative! Gonna brig it back to the shop, will return this piece of useless garbage.

  8. Like others who have posted I have had no success in getting the program up and running. I think the concept is good. I liked the fact that you can post specific affiliate banners on the site however if it doesn’t work it really doesn’t matter. I agree with everyone that there support is the worst I’ve seen. I am giving this a couple more days and then if not resolved go to clickbank for a refund.

  9. The invite demo was pretty convincing,didn’t buy it though.If the junk software really worked, they would be charging a lot more. Wouldn’t you? ,Back to the grind Seo, back links and good advertising.

  10. Hello,

    I would like to tell you my experience with CM. I purchased the product and I attempted to use it for almost 3 weeks. The concept is a very good one. And it did do some of the things promised. But my experience was not a good one. When my blog was built the software did go to my hosting company (they recommend hostgator) and I already have hostgator. The software did indeed login to my cpanel and it looked as if it was registering my domain. When I went to view my site there was a generic site there with none of the information the software was suppose to provide. When I clicked on certain pages on the site I would end up at a site like or some other site that was ACTUALLY a page on the site the software built for me. I contacted hostgator and I asked them to take a look at the domain and they told me I needed to add-on the domain. This is something the software is suppose to do for you. So I did but with negative results. Hostgator investigated further and they told me a piece of code (I think that’s what they said) was missing. They told me the data looked as if it was some sort of demo and it would not work. I remember now, they told me my config file was not correct.

    My next adventure was contacting their technical support group. I submitted 5 tickets and one got answered. The answer I got from one of my tickets was pretty generic. They told me to do something I had already done. Then the other tickets were closed without having been responded to. I was shocked!!

    In all fairness they do tell the purchaser of the product to be patient concerning when the technical support group will respond to anyone who submits a ticket. The thing that probably disturbed me the most was while being patient I was getting clicks on my site and because the software did not have my site monetized I don’t know for sure but I could have lost possible sales. I was very disturbed. I attempted to login into WordPress to monetize the site myself (the software gives you a login and password to logon to WordPress) but the login and password provided did not work. I waited 4 days for a response to the last ticket I submitted before I finally gave up on the product since my 30 day guarantee was winding down.

    In conclusion I believe once the bugs are fixed with CM this product will be good for any IM marketer especially some one who is new at it. The software promises a bunch of very good things, when done, will eventually get you sales. The training material is excellent. The ideas given for niches is also excellent. I will probably wait a couple of weeks and actually purchase the product again. Hopefully they will have copies available and hopefully it will function as advertised. But in this game we all know time is money and when you move too slow you lose money. And that was my adventure with CM.

  11. I bought commission maniac and spent hours thinking perhaps I had done something wrong. Simply put, the software doesn’t work.
    I sent multiple emails to support and received an autoresponder several times only to be told to go back to the videos which do not address the bugs in the backend.
    The product seemed to have promise however it should have never been launched until the bugs were worked out. I would be interested in this type of software again if it actually work.
    Clear example of too much ambition not enough substance.
    Sorry Craig, you flunked the class with this one.

  12. Downloaded, unzipped the software console, watched the instruction videos. The clickbank setup fine. Was able to ad affiliate links.The problem is the build in spinner is worthless and you need to purchase the supposedly better Bestspinner software at a $77 per year subscription. I was very disappionted the the way the site looked and just set there. The build in backlink builder basically submits to various stat sites you can get freeware that does that.

    If you have to buy Bestspinner anyway you are better off setting up your own blogs a choosing how to set it up and spin articles you really want.

  13. I bought the “elite” version. They finally got an elite console, however, it only tells you how to up loade the niche provided. Still waiting on how to monetize, etc. I paid extra and got less. Support is non exsistent…they don’t have any. Instead of responding to email support tickets, they just spam you with new offers for other crap. I have yet to recieve one CM update from them in 4 weeks. As most interent offers over hyped, under deliver.

  14. I am glad I took the time to read this review site. Every comment I read sounds just like what I would write if there were no other comments. Commission Maniac doesn’t do what it was advertised to do. Support does not exist. I am out the cost of the software and three add ons. The only product that was delivered is the software for the console and the tutorial information in the member’s area. There are tabs for the “Elite Membership”, the “Protege Coaching” and the “Traffic Blaster”, but my login info won’t access them. Several tickest later to the support group and only an apathetic reply with no results. I finally wrote a Clickbank ticket today, and if I don’t get results from that in the next day or two, I will be getting a refund.

    I was just starting to see some results from my own Blogger sites with article submissions for backlinks when I bought this terrific sounding time saver, which it would be if it worked. Like one person said, they obviously didn’t get the bugs out of the software before launch with this product. I wish Clickbank had some kind of punitive recourse for scammers and con artists like this Craig guy.

  15. Like everyone else above, I bought CM, thinking it was a good idea, and it is, in theory. But like everyone else, I got stuck at various places using the various tabls, and finally couldn’t actually see a couple of windows on the Monetize table to insert the last two codes for ads. Nor, after looking up keywords, were there any instructions about inserting them into the software.

    I’ve submitted five email support tickets in the month I’ve owned the program, and got one email back, telling me to watch the videos, which I have a couple of times, just in case I missed something. What I miss is support, which does seem non-existant. I actually liked the website CM created, especially the option to create a slide show, separate from the Ad’s. I liked that CM goes out on the web and promotes the site, using blogs, RSS’s, etc. That’s the point of the software. Too bad it just doesn’t yet work.

    Likely, I’ll be one of the many who go back to Clickbank for a refund.

  16. I built 7 websites to date with CM and have not made a dime. The software functions as claimed, but I have receive zero traffic and no sales of any kind. I put in many hours in the WordPress ADMIN making additions of graphics, text, pages, adding SEO, and much more. The Commission Maniac tutorials mention nothing about site optimization. A very good example is the Home Page default title is Home Title. In order to change it, you have to go into the Administrative Dashboard (site url/wp-admin), click on Settings, click on All In One SEO). In the text entry box of Home Title, enter your home page title. There are many other examples. However, suffice it to say, that you have to have some knowledge of WordPress. I learned what little I know from days of groping around the Dashboard. I am getting better. However, I still have no income to show for my many hours of work.
    I wish you all the best of luck. I will continue to put up websites since it no longer costs very much since I already have CM.
    The Chemist

  17. A major problem cropped up today with Commission Maniac. During a website upload, Google stopped the program in its tracks with a big warning page explaining that an Automated Query had triggered an error causing Google to stop the program. Unless the programmers at Commission Maniac can come up with a fix, this software is Dead In The Water.
    Richard Feinberg

  18. Hi all.

    I have now done tree webbbloggs with CM, and I am happy that I did som HTML work ten years ago. As we have can see from the posts abowe when you get a hang of the CM soft were you get a ok Webbsite. Now to the probems, Google as made a Filter so you can not get articels from En Zine, I can only use GO-Article to get posts. The next problem is Traffic, I think I got 3-400 hits last month and I am looking at the same this month and I post every day. I have NOT in two moths made a single sale, NOT a dime in my click bank account. You can take a look att my webb sites with CM if you like the links are below. A qestion o you all, How do you change the color from orginal blue to red or yellow? I will not give up yet, I learnt a lot with CM and if someone can come up with goodtraffic tips I would be gratefull. And if someone did come up with a sell on clickbank please tell us how you did. Best Regards // Max

  19. What I want to know is how they managed to generate text on hundreds of web sites in the last two days that come up with a search for “scam” combined with the various names for the product. – Commission Autopilot and the other names they use, This link finally appeared in page umpteen in Google.

  20. As mentioned above the concept is great, I brought CM from Clickbank in May 2011. It had problems then so I downloaded the newer version in June 2011. It was performing better then, but I still did not make any commisions from it. So, the 60 day limit was coming up, I got my refund. There was none or little support available, very generic response. I might buy it again through Clickbank if they could show it was fixed (bugs).


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