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Commission Domination by Andrew X and Anik Signal is an affiliate website building software.

Here you will find the feedback from real users of Commission Domination, their experience with this product as well as how they rate it. If you have used Commission Domination or other products by Andrew X and Anik Signal, please leave a review below. Your feedback can help someone else decide, so it’s very much appreciated.

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Product Description

At the core of Commission Domination is a website creation software and training. The software creates affiliate websites with a thoroughly tested and converting layouts for maximum profit, so that the user is sure their website will convert when they send traffic their way. The websites are also highly customizable to user’s needs.

The software also includes research tools and streamlines the website building process from researching keywords to launching it, and additionally helps with getting backlinks, submitting articles and so on.

To sum up, it’s a product that offers help to those who have never created a website before or are bad at it but want to do it the right way.

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34 thoughts on “Commission Domination”

  1. I have personally purchased the product “Commission Domination” by Anik Singal, Jimmy Kim and possibly Andrew X, even though he is never seen or heard in the training videos.
    My intention of the purchase was purely for testing the product before deciding if I should recommend it to my precious subscriber list.

    The Basic Package – “Launch Pad”
    This sells for $47 but can be obtained at a $10 discount if you try and leave.
    The basic package fill-in the blank software called “Launch Pad” by Anik is fill in the blanks – starting by finding your ideal domain name through your keywords using Google keyword tool, inserting your CB affiliate id, Adsense code, etc to launching the WordPress template site. You still have to install the basic WordPress from your hosting c-panel though.

    Step 1 fill in the blanks is to find your ideal keyword as a domain. This is a comfortable feature as you do not have to navigate to an external site, just to find if the domain is available. There is also a suggestion domain list included if your primary keyword is not available.
    Unfortunately I found the suggestions vary considerably from my targeted keywords on various different testing occasions, meaning that ultimately you can nearly always ignore the suggested domains.

    There are various expensive upsells which can be achieved at discounted prices by pretending to close the window. I only can comment on one software which I purchased – “Traffic Domination.” It was a high end upsell of $297 but got it at $197 by this trick. You still get all the same full “Traffic Domination Software.”
    This consists of an article spinner and many submission services like blog, RSS, directory, PDF and Podcast submissions to name a few.
    Unfortunately six days after the launch the training videos are still unavailable as part of the training. You will have to go in lengthy manuals for every type of service the software offers before understanding how the functions work.

    My Final Conclusions:
    The “Launch Pad” fill-in-the-blanks software is not bad for beginners or someone who would like easy theme customizations of WordPress and specific Landing Pages. The price-point is acceptable, even without the $10 discount.

    “Traffic Domination” is expensive even at a $100 discount (sells for $297 without discount) and is a half backed attempt as no promised video tutorials are available after six days from launch. Using this software without any real proven guidance can easily land your hard earned work into de-indexing your site.
    You can find these tools online for much less.

    Taking the full package at full price (including all the upsells) can easily leave you with around $500 less in your account.
    From an INC500 fortune online company, I pretended a much more sophisticated and user-friendly interface from the upsell software and to have at least done the video trainings before launch. This proves that the team probably hadn’t even really tested how effective the software is!

    I will not be promoting this product to my list, even in its basic form “Launch Pad,” as I highly value my subscriber’s money and respect their intelligence.

    Kevin Aquilina

  2. please explain as i am confused, why say that push button software is no good that other guus are selling then low and behold you then try to sell push button marketing logic=0 common sense=0 generally overall this system of putting competition down then selling the same stuff that you can get for free really sounds to me like sharp practice.if any one honestly does make anything out of this please give hard proof so we can all see.

  3. I have tried my best to use this without any upgrade and now getting errors on the fill in blanks portion which say’s “could not connect to (site uRL)” I tried to email support but no response yet as of 24 hours already… I can’t figure out what is lacking as i followed the instructions carefully. Hope I could get some answers soon

  4. Software does not work! I have followed videos carefully and input all the CORRECT data and get “SUCCESSFUL INSTALLATION” and it still does not upload to Word Press site? I keep getting all kinds of excuses from support. Have even send them ALL of my information that I am entering in their required fields and they can’t get it to work?? Said they were sending to programmer. GOOD STORY! I will give it a few days and then go through Clickbank for full refund.

  5. I have purchasd this product but 2 weeks later even as an experienced user still do not have a single working site despite numerous emails to support which are largely ignored BUT bizarrely answered anyway!! I am using a standrad Hostagtor account which has a full Cpanel so there should be no issues

    The basics of the product LOOK good but the execution is shocking and way below anything I would expect from Anik and team.

    Clickbank is about to be crwquested for a full refund – damned aggravating given the amount of tiemn I have spent trying to get this right.

    A letter from Anik received this morning just lightly referred to a ‘few problems’ they were having although the letter also mentions a 48 hour backlog in support – NO surprise really.

    Good luck if you still want to go ahead with a purchase

  6. i have to say aniks video was really good but i guess thats to be expected from a heavy weight; and although you know you have to take things with a grain of salt my main interest in purchasing was primarily to have a framework setup in wordpress and then tweak it to suit.

    right out of the gate the keyword domain search function didnt work. no problem, research was done anyhow and i just wanted to get up and running.

    its really straight forward but dude doing the video goes really fast and for those who are new, i feel sorry for them. anyhow, the only problem is the energize site function didnt work for me.

    my basic install was fine but after a refresh it kept kicking me to i got an install wordpress screen!! if i put in creds i got a funky wp install but not the one i was suppose to get.

    i tried it several times and even changed permissions just in case. no luck, error log showed error in script line 3.

    i was aghast at the lack of a help forum or something and my emails have gone unanswered; but then again its only been 4 hrs. should i hold my breath?

    the upsells are all over the place too. not that it bothers me but for the newbie whos excited, watch out. but for 37 bucks the basic is a good deal.

    one thing i have to say though is that i did glean a few tidbits from the training files. but again, for anyone brand new who gets this just understand its a bulk of information and you have to “do some work”. and, if you dont know keyword research it will take you a little time to even get through step one.

    please dont just enter a keyword and get a domain just because you can! do your research. keyword research is the most important thing and i dont think he places enough emphasis on it. i think this product is more for those with a little experience who, once they get in, can change it up to suit their needs.

    ill give it a day or so to hear back from “support” since im sure theyre swamped (thanks for the info dax) but right now im not feelin it….

    courtney brazley


  7. Received same e-mail about problems!!! Your not kidding! What amazes me is how people don’t value their reputation. In this business that is worth more than money. One big screw up like this one can cost you tons of money. Anik you should just take your 16.2 million and go away. Make sure it works before you sell it!!!!!!!! Clickbank will be over run with REFUNDS if you don’t fix this FAST.

  8. I share in the experience it seems most people are having. The software does not work. Customer support seems to be almost non-existent. They replied to me at first, but when I continued to have the same problem, they simply stopped responding. I support Wayne’s comment about reputation. It can take a long time to develop a good reputation in the marketplace, but that reputation can be destroyed quickly. Hope they get it resolved and know how to execute smart damage control.

  9. I have purchased the product but of no use .. I am getting the same error as brazley is getting. After energizing it, it takes me to wp install page. I have written 3-4 mails to support but no answer so far .. I don’t think it will work.. so will go for refund ..

  10. Well, I’m at least glad to know I’m not the only one having this problem. I got this package on the 6th and have been having the same problem trying to energize the site. After you fill in the blanks and click on energize your web page reverts back to a install wordpress page. I even added a sub domain and tried to energize it and got the saame result. On top of that, the free web page which he suposedly made lots of money with has not had any traffic in 10 days.

    Of course, support is non existant. When you do get an answer (which has the look of being written by a non English speaker) you’re told to follow the training closely. Or if you get that WordPress page just go ahead & enter the details & continue to the next step.

    The “Traffic Domination” package is just total confusion & has no training. So, I’ll be getting my money back on that. I haven’t decided about the Niche Domination software, of course if I can’t get any pages built I won’t need any of this.

    I hope they can get it working before Oct 6th, because I think it has promise.

  11. Bought only the basic module without the upsells. The instruction video’s are very speedy and need reruns.
    The domain name advisor is nice and handy. The module is a many step procedure. Select clickbank product niche –> Keyword search –> domain name selection –> buy domain –> install WP –> fill in all your info –> comdom generates/fills site –> modify site –> site is promoted to many services by comdom
    For me the step “comdom generates site” does not work. Mailed comdom twice, 1 and 2 days ago, but alas no answer. I might prepare for a refund.

  12. To top it off this guy (Anik) has a webinar Aug. 16th built up as a webinar for Commission Domination. Not only does he almost not even mention CD, he tries to sell you $1,000 worth of more garbage! Never addresses problems with software for CD. Like I said it was like CD didn’t exist!!! Then he tells you this new program is the REAL SECRET to how he makes money on line. He says he has never told any one before? So I guess this means the rest of his stuff is dis honest JUNK by his own words. Now you absolutely can’t get through to support. I personally went to Clickbank for a full refund last night after Webinar. I think I still recognize “BS” when I see and hear it. I am a newbie at this but I can tell you a product called Extreme Niche Empire is a way to go. I have no interest in promoting this product other than I am tired of the Garbage out there. Takes some work but it is an honest program with a great forum for help. Better than dealing with people like Anik Singal who I can’t believe any one listens too. Again reputation is everything.

  13. I put my hands up I fell for the empowering sales video by Anik, there is absolutely no questioning his sales capability. Similar to comments above once the Step 3 (energize site step) is completed it takes me too which shows the wordpress 5 minute install. Have been waiting 9 days, yep 9 days for a reply from the non existent customer support. So I thought I would take a look at the traffic domination upsell that I purchased and guess what!! no license details have been supplied so cannot access that information, another email to non existent customer support. This is bloody frustrating.

  14. See my comment on 17-th of august.
    – On 18-th of august I got a reply from customer service on not working : “We have forwarded the details to programmer as they will investigate the issue and resolve it ASAP” so Customer Service does exist !!!!!
    Warning :
    – Overviewed my paypal account and discover an upsell of Commission Domination Elite Software two days later than the basic module, but ….. I did not order this ! Send an email to the customer services to annulate this. After two day I will ask a refund via PP. Did not receive any login details or whatsoever,
    Hope :
    – The sales ad is so convincing ! If it would work it would be a fantastic software. Anik, please make it work as promised.

  15. I have been trying to energize my site for 2 weeks now and no matter what info I put in i get the ERROR! please try again! and again and again and again! What a farce. I can’t get any support and i am about to go to clickbank and get a refund. I agree with most of the concerns i have read here, Anik is not very honest and should be shut down, band from internet marketing.

  16. Dont works for you? It is not a bug, it is a future. Aniks software predicates future. You can see here his incomes at the end of 2011. Good business. 😀

  17. I would love to give Comm Dom a great rating but at the moment I can’t get my site to energize. I have a great domain name and think that I have the possibility of getting good traffic. Only thing is if I can’t get past step 3 the whole thing is useless. I just purchased this software about 3 days ago and I have only been submitting help tickets for 24 hrs or so. No response as of yet but I’m trying to be optimistic. Just figure they are getting a lot more support tickets than they were prepared for. Hopefully they get this figured out soon because I would love to use it.

  18. I’ve had the same problems at the Energize stage and the same problems with Support.

    And the same inundation of emails about the up-sells.

    It’s very frustrating when you can’t even get the basic package to work.

    Can anyone tell me the steps to obtain a refund from Clickbank?

    Much appreciated.

  19. Malcolm,
    1-Go to Clickbank and click help.
    2-On left side you will see Order Lookup. Click that.
    3-You have to enter 2 of the 4 things it requests, usually e-mail address and clickbank order number
    4-It will default to support. To the right of that you will see refund. CLICK
    5-It will ask reason. I usally put not satisfied with product
    6- Make sure you checked REFUND!
    7- send
    8-In a day or two you will get an e-mail confirming refund.
    9-About two days later you will receive refund.

  20. Oh great.

    Thank you.

    I’ll give it a try.

    One more question though.

    How does obtaining a refund work with a Credit Card purchase?

  21. I really wanted to like this product and give it a good rating, but I am having the same problems as the people who have commented. Can’t get past the energize step. I think it has potential, but really I have been trying for a week and a half. Customer support is just hit or miss. They actually told me that they had never seen the problem before (now I know they had) and sent it to the programmers. Never heard back from the programmers…

  22. I purchased this product on August 2nd and although I have followed the instructions I cannot get the software to work. It states that the site is energize but it actually de-installs WordPress. Tried contacting Customer Service, useless. It seemed as though it was an automated response sending me the same instructions on the site. I have replied and f/up several times and have received absolutely no response. I was eager to install the program but now will be getting a refund.

  23. I’m a newbie to affiliate marketing, and purchased Comm Dom because it boasted simplicity. My experience is the same as many of the above, though. After following the instructions to the letter, I can not get my site to “energize” as it is supposed to. Though the software indicates that all files have transferred successfully, when I go to my site I am directed to the WordPress install page, and am being asked to create a username and password rather than being allowed to login with the username and password provided by Comm Dom. I sent email to support, but no response as of yet. And based on the fact that some of the above comments were posted several weeks ago, and yet the same problems exist, I am not too confident that the problem will be resolved.

    Being new to internet marketing, though, I did find value, at least, in learning something about keyword generation, cpanel and add-on domains, and I did download the niche materials for the five niches provided, so I do have some articles that I can spin as needed. But the fact is, I will still be asking for a refund because the program did not deliver what was promised in the promo. Also, is it just me, or does it seem like the five niches they provide are ones that are not too likely to succeed? I checked out some of the Clickbank products for some of those niches, and aside from the Intenet Marketing niche, the products all seem to have very low gravity. It’s almost as if Anik and company either don’t want the competition, or they just want their own materials promoted.

  24. I have tried this product and I am not satisfied with the performance above. I have run into problem after problem with this system and I would just like my money back. Does anyone know how I can get a refund?

  25. Bought the program. Even bought one of the upsell items. I pay money when I think there is value of getting it back. It sounded great and there was value. However, their code is broke. Step 3. Energize… Just like everyone else in this thread. I get the default word press install that isn’t what shows up in the video. Just google commission domination support and that will tell it all. Support has been canned and totally unresponsive. Getting my money back.

  26. I can’t rate it. I just stay away from stuff that has an up-sale. I believe if a person get’s into keyword research it can be fun. Like Brad Callen’s Niche finder is my favorite. I also believe that $300+ could be invested in getting links to a site. That is how to gain momentum in the serps. He might get traffic faster than you and I because he is linking his new sites to his old sites. Of course you will move faster towards the first Google page.
    Making websites is a fun thing to do, but it takes time, research and some creative thought. To get a good profitable website to the top of google.

    Here is a realistic way to look at it. Make a website that is in a niche that you can rank easily for a few keywords. I would recommend a software like nichefinder. It is best to find a domain that targets your main keyword (for faster results to get to the top.)
    Be realistic about it, it takes time and patience along with persistence. Focus on making that site better and keep it updated. Make noise about it, but gentle noise. Invest in building natural links such as other people posting reviews about your site. It is important that you get links from other websites with different IP addresses. You can brag about your site all day and send articles out as links to your site etc… but it is all your ip address and Google doesn’t recognize it after a while. A person needs a group of friends that have some good pr sites or they need to invest in some kind of link building that is as natural as can be. Other than that, just offer good content.

  27. HI as I am very new to affiliate marketing, I spent months researching the best way to get started and had bought the CD basic package without the upsells over a month ago. After initially being very excited about the prospect of what may be achieved using this software and learning many things about this type of online work I quickly became very disappointed as the energise step has been a festering sore for me for over three weeks. I have to say the support at coolhandle web hosting have been superb. I do wish however that the support at CD was of the same calibre. I am not a quitter and don’t want to give up my dream, so if any of you have any other credible advice on an easy way to get started I am all ears. thanks

  28. I purchased the $47 dollar and the $97 products of Commission Domination,
    can’t find anyplace to login or contact them to finish getting my web site up.
    What do I do from here without registering all over again.

  29. After reading Anik’s sales presentation I decided to purchase the basic package. All I have so far is sales pitch from other company to purchase their product. I contacted Anik asking what I have paid for. He replied that he is being paid to advertise other people’s pruduct. I do not want to listen to advertisement. I want value for money which I have failed to get so far. I listen to a whole lot of talking from anik and his associate but no website and no sales. I want my money back

  30. I’m a newbie at this stuff and I must have played each video 5 times before grasping what was happening. Like everyone else I cannot energize my page. This totally sucks. Are all programs like this
    on the Internet?

  31. I have the commission Domination for about 3 weeks
    never ever worked
    the support keep say they send to a programmer which now i see in this forum they say that for over a year lol

    this is a suck not working software and i am going to ask for my refund


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