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Commission Crusher is a software to find advertising opportunities and swipe profitable campaigns by Steve Iser.

The purpose of this page is for the real users of Commission Crusher to provide their feedback and inform everyone interested about their experience with this product. If you have experience with Commission Crusher or other products by Steve Iser, please leave a comment with your feedback below. Your feedback can help someone else to decide.

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32 thoughts on “Commission Crusher”

  1. I have not purchased this product, I am interested in it thought but,I have been scammed before so I am a bit skeptical.
    however I did purchase AIM (autopilot income machine).
    I just purchased this product today so I am still becoming more famillar with it.

  2. Unfortunately there is little information about what will be required to implement the course. Will I have to build 100 blogs or websites or write 100’s of articles or spend a ton of money on a campaign. Who knows. The upgrade sounds good IF it does not require a big up front investment to run the campaigns. The promo pitch needs at least a little bit of detail instead of buying a pig in a poke. I guess I can but it and get my money back if it is not what I expected.

  3. i notice these internet marketing sales pages.. they always say it is 3 step..

    1) configure
    2) click the button
    3) collect money..

    only ignorant people will believe this kind of crap…

    people… BUILD your list… that is how you will make money online…

    i would say this product is crappy…

  4. I need this thing serious but am afraid of scam however am not sure whether i will be required to enter more other steps than the one stated. who knows?

  5. Just aviod this kind of product.Never believe some guru claim that they have a push-button software that will make tons of money with pushing one button!Build your real business,like website,list..Hope this can help.

  6. I bought it.
    Before i bought,the video on page gave me an impression that commission crusher is an one push button software.On the fact it is not.Basically this is not that scam.It have create a system which list out all the websites and their monthly traffic after you have type the keyword.And then you can choose from one of these sites and advertise on it. want to promote sports betting software from clickbank,then you key in ‘sports’ on commission crusher system.And few seconds later it will list out all the sporting websites and their traffic.And now you can choose which sites you wan to buy ads and contact the webmaster and negotiate with them about the ads price.

    It sounds crappy.Some people could even did that without using this system.It is all about advertising on websites.And it can be costly sometimes.No one can guarantee your sales will be boosted after place your ads.Commission crusher just help u generate or list out all the relevant website.The remaining works is on yours.

  7. If you want to place ads, then this is the product for you. He makes it simple to find the lucrative web sites that are pulling in the traffic, BUT, you are the one that has to shell out additional money to purchase ad space.
    You also have to create the ads… haggle with the site owner and try to oust somone else’s ads!
    If this sounds exciting to you, then this product would give you an edge over just throwing darts at sites and wondering if your ads would convert.
    BUT, if this sounds like it’s not exactly push-button… you’re right. This is still a LOT of work and you’d have to have advertising savvy and good haggling skills.
    Could you make money? Probably… but you are having to PUT OUT money in the meantime.
    This was not what I was looking for and I returned it.

  8. Hi guys, thanks for the reviews!
    I was looking to buy the software but from what i can tell there is not much difference between COMMISSION CRUSHER and AUTO MASS TRAFFIC. I have bought AUTO MASS TRAFFIC and the only difference is that the last one instead of given you the traffic rank gives you the buyer probability of one website-off course last site mentioned works on PPV traffic, i don’t now the other one.

  9. Thanks guys for the insight.. I almost fall for it, but my logic says that the sales page is always sounds too good to be true… is there a really worth programs ? more and more of this makes the internet marketing world looks like a world full of just to bad.

  10. Well, I gave him my e-mail address to get some promised software and got a link to download it. After unzipping and running the exe. file I got a desktop icon and clicked it. The program screen came up and I entered the same data he showed on the video and nothing happened. So I tried again with the same data and again nothing so I tried with a different url, still nothing. Not only that but the program wouldn’t close, I had to ctr-alt-del to get out.

    Six hours later I get another e-mail,

    This is your final notice
    to download your exclusive
    software that generated
    $198,016 in 30 days…

    So I click on that and it is a hoplink to “Instant Cash Empire” with weirdo Mike Harvey and we have seen the reviews for that here. And then he sent it again!

    Thank you all here for this site. I am so ticked off with all these phony review sites that say how great it is and then have a link for you to buy it through them. They crowd out the real reviewers like this one but then I guess that is the plan.

    Good luck to all and beware the links!

  11. @Jay If that is what he offers then that’s sad because you can get that all for free. Quantcast and Alexa are two sites that you can use together to gain quality information about keywords, demographics, and website analysis so that you can specifically target your ad campaigns. I’m willing to bet the whole video he made was FAKE!! Like they all are!!! It’s not that hard to make these software’s. THEY ARE ALL REBRANDED AND ARE ALL THE SAME!!! Take time and build your list. Write articles. Blog. The basics. Don’t try to get rich quick, unless your already rich……

  12. I liked the product, some good information inside. Of course finding success with any product like this will take some skills already learned, but it can be done. I did. I think the biggest issue is that people do so much research that they get nothing done…learn and apply is the key. I have found success, great success with multiple online businesses and opportunities and I am probably the least brightest guy out here…=)

  13. There is no such thing as something for nothing

    To succeed online, its gonna take work diligence and perseverence, there are no short-cuts (push button software’s) that gonna make you millions overnight, period.


  14. thanks guys, almost fell for that one, is there something out there that actually works. i am not afraid to put in the hard work, i just need to find something real. Everywhere i look, it is all scams and lies. That is such a pity.

  15. david j.boozer- you are so right my friend. i am one of those people spending most of my time on research, and cant seem to get something going. when people ask me about making money online, i realy have alot to say about it, but i am not doing it. i believe that this product will bring in money, but you need to do work yourself.

    i read here that people thank others because they believe its a do nothing push button system. the problem with these people is that they are actually looking for something of this kind. there isnt eny,BUT, commission crusher is a marketing tool for you to use in your EFFORT, ones you placed your ads in the websites(as Jay posted on comments} the ads basicly works for itself. SO , after YOUR EFFORDS, guided by COMMISSION CRUSHER, the advertising will “AUTOPILOT TRAFFIC”

  16. Attention fellow Affiliates! the products, like any and all softawre systems is not the be all of our hustle,

    it’s only part of thew whole.

    However it can add ammo to your arsenal of potential bolistics.

    Along with the commission crusher I also coped the commission worm (a plugin) that was by all rantings

    supposed to generate and update unique content on your websites.

    Geneate the content (Yes) update and replenish said content “H” to the (No).

    But For some reason, I see the value in Steve Isers’ Commission campaign.

    he took the “Super Affiliate” time out of his i-dex scheduale to impress upon us some of the way to snipe the

    system, and as sarcastic as I may sound, I respect all of his successes.

    And if you were in his shoes, you’d do you, to get what yours.

  17. I bought Commision Crusher under the pretence that, after listening to Steve Iser’s long and quite convincing sales pitch, I was getting some of his accounts! What a loser for believing this. When I clicked on the accounts link nothing happened (except a white screen with a line or two about Google). I’m not clued-up enough yet to go along with the Commission Crusher alone, although I do believe that it may help some people, as some others have said, as part of a bigger whole.

    That said, I do feel lied to regarding the accounts (which is primarily why I paid about 220 dollars) and that’s not cool with me. On those grounds I’m asking for my money back tomorrow and starting a magic mushroom bussiness instead.

    “Hard work is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration”

  18. I purchased this five days ago….and have yet to receive the instant download… I have emailed and called (which is no good) and can’t get a return phone call or email…I even emailed Plimus directly and still nothing…

  19. I think the profit he made shown on the sales page is the profit made with this tool! Try tweettwain, you can make huge profit on ClickBank with the autopilot mode.

  20. I dont want to sweat it out negotiating with advertising sites and it doesnt say that in the advert, it says 1 2 3 and the money rolls in, now anyone in there right mind wouldnt beleive that anyway, but its the deception of the advertising and the tactfull lack of information thats not given until you actually purchase the product and find out its not a piece of software, but a website and you put in the hard blood sweat and tears.
    Another con by the sounds of things, he is probably making bucket loads of money from people who dont ask for a refund or those who try and their refund time expires, if i did that i would be driving an Audi and living the same life style also, the only difference is i wouldnt be able to live with myself for scamming other people

    So thanks for all the pro’s and con’s i certainly wont be buying this product thanks to the info received.

  21. I think all these people that claims to have developed push button soft wares have just discovered a very smart dirty way of defrauding a lot of people their money! One sure way to notice that all of them are fraudsters is their so called customer support program once you fall victim by buying their p button, their support program will only function for a couple of days for you if you’re lucky after that no one replies to your mails!

    I mean all of them are the same no matter how sweet the sound of the pitch voice that sales you the push button they are the same! And never you think that just paying 47,37 or 27 dollars is the real price, that price is just to draw you into the system and once you are there they will let you know that it will be useless to depend just on that one to make money so you have to buy the rest,and by the time they are finished with you you must have dropped over hundred dollars after that you may get your mail replied for the next couple of days

    After that you are on your own while the p button turns out to be useless and rubbish! I have fallen victim to a number of them,ATM,Get Paid To Send Mail,AMT,APB,MTA though, the last two seem to to be a little more honest in terms of their products as a number of people have testified but yet their support program is rubbish! After one week or so nobody replies to your mails,So be aware before you get trapped!

  22. Thanks to all of you for your reviews which give a good insight of what the commission crusher is about. I would say that the first step ‘configure the system’ is the most tedious part which ruins your time and money. All those who want to purchase this product, better read all the comments again.

  23. Im still really green and have been doing alot of research due to being scammed myself, I am learning alot from checking reviews first. Thank You to the not so green people for posting reviews, I know it has been a big help to me. Good Luck to everyone who is working for there money!

  24. David J Boozer, DO you want to be friends, I am not technologically smart but am not afraid of hard work and time you sound like you know what your doing, I don’t but have bought into everything and am still trying to make it work .


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