Commission Breakthrough

Commission Breakthrough by Reid Schoffelen

So you’ve received another yet another email about a new program that is supposed to help you make money, this time it’s Commission Breakthrough. But can you trust it to be any better than hundreds of programs that came before? Well, I can’t tell you that but you’ve come to the right page. This is where people who have bought this product will hopefully leave their feedback and let us all know what good it is. Unlike the hundreds of spam and scam pages on Google that you’ve no doubt have seen when searching for reviews of Commission Breakthrough, this site is one of the very few that actually provides real user reviews.

To keep things even more organized, each product is rated on the scale of 5 (5 being the highest score, 1 being the lowest) across four different aspects – features, support, value for the money and the overall rating. That means if you see a product that has a score of 1, it’s probably no good. You may also see what the product might lack if, for instance, it has a good score for its features but a low score for its support – it might mean the product is not bad but the support is lacking and if you’re a newbie that can be a serious problem.

I would like to encourage you to bookmark this page and this site so that you can come back to see more reviews as they are added over time by real users.

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8 thoughts on “Commission Breakthrough”

  1. If the product is as good as they claim, they should not be swamped with help requests For a 24/7 support team not to respond promptly in a few hours to an email is unreasonable. It is now 6:40 PM EST and I am still waiting for an answer. My email is time stamped yesterday 10:10PM EST In my view this is not acceptable service particularly when the problem is inability to get beyond step 1 when they say step 2 is the most important. Here is what I wrote

    ;I am on Windows XP.
    I have downloaded the software but cannot run it.
    Each and every time I try, instead of the software
    running I am returned to the download page .

    The problem gets worse when you try to put a ticket through their suggested ticket system.
    You are led to a Q&A page which answers only 2 questions and I could not find any way to send my help request on that page. .I had to scrounge around for my welcome email to get the email address I finally used,
    Since it didn’t bounce I have to assume it got to the right place .

    Consequently, I cannot render any opinion on the factors indicated nor on the product.

  2. yes very sadly this is just another of click banks offers of push button software that unfortunately does not do the fantastic sales page any justice.
    when will future internet marketers ever realise that there is no such thing as push button revenue or sales. continue on with seo and all the other ways that so called merketing gurus keep trying to persuade you not to do.
    research and traffic finding will never be easy, if it was you would not be reading this article.
    you would be making money. and then the big boys such as google will change that for you.

  3. I purchased this product about 2 weeks ago and since then have requested & recieved a Refund through Clickbank.
    The sales page is very misleading & sucked ME right in and I’m a cautious person.

    After purchasing the program I followed the instuctional videos precisely from 1) choosing my Domain name they suggested (which was a stupid idea – you had to include your Town/Suburb then a number between 1 to 100 then facts, eg: like I said, stupid idea but I followed the instuctions anyway.

    2) You then had to sign up for hosting through Brainhost and use the Website builder supplied (the builder itself was alright and pretty straight forward) but the Templates ‘Commission Breakthrough’ provided were absolute crap, they were bland and boring and were not even in english.
    But the biggest problem for me was the so called Secret & untapped method used for Traffic, I’m not going to mention what it is in case I get myself into trouble, BUT I will say it is VERY sneaky and I don’t think it’s allowed.

    Either way I didn’t feel comfortable using the methods they suggested in this program, and the website design you are supplied with – more like a really BASIC looking Blog wasn’t that good.

    So I would suggest people to stay away from this product and look else where, but it’s entirely up to you.

  4. I bought Commission Breakthrough and, still Is using It. I have not made no money yet! But, the problem Is everyone buys A program and, If It doesn’t work for them overnight they quit and, post A bad review. I have bought many programs In the past. I was Just like that but, I realize they are all the same, Website, Product, Traffic. I didn’t use hostgator, I did my all manually, was not hard to do at all. Step by step direction on this too. Very easy for beginners! What ever they want you to use for traffic, “don’t mean you have to use that way”. There Is all kinds out there. It’s your own Business now. Commission Breakthrough Is really showing you how to do all that. So I would recommend to people, “don’t Just quit,” It may take 6mnths – 12mnths. or even early as that, for you to realize you are in the right place with Commission Breakthrough. You have to work hard at first but, I believe It will work for me and, hopefully you will see for yourself too. Why am I giving this review If I haven’t made any money with this yet because, I feel this time I found the one for me that Is making since over all the other programs I tried. I have not contacted Customer Support Yet because, I haven’t had no problems at all. It’s that easy for me to understand. I never went to College Just High School. The video training Is great. Good Luck with anyone who chooses Commission Breakthrough. If need any help, contact me on facebook and, leave me a message pertaining for help so, I allow you as friends. Only serious messages please. My time Is Important. I really do feel good about this one. Once I start making money, I will write another review. Best Wishes In Your Business Choice. Sorry with above post my name was wrong,I feel So stupid but, this one Is correct. THANK YOU!
    *I’m really not this careless on posting reviews. I’m sorry somethings kept happening, where my site wasn’t right. Didn’t want people to think I was someone, I wasn’t and, get people mad. Thanks for understanding.

  5. I purchased this whole set up to be a very easy to install software to make a lot of income online…

    Here are the facts and I still have the complaint to the IC3 of the FBI in my back office file as a back up to this total scam…

    I was cohered into buying a domain and in connection free website set up which after I looked it over immediately started ringing my alarm bell since I realized this was a separate money set up were I ultimately had to pay over $80 dollars for the set up including the domain cost which was much higher than expected…

    Ad this to this 34 dollar and you are out of a bundle before you even get this all going . The wiz kit which apparently advertized this from Las Vegas is in my eyes a front and complete fraud….

    So I continued to pursue this to get my money back… I had no problems with the 34 dollars but boy did Brainhost give me the run around…

    I was so mad and fustrated that I ultimately went to the IC3 unit of the FBI and reported the whole thing as a scam and fraud, this whole fraudulent software deal should be removed from the internet which I even requested from the IC3….

    Since Brainhost has their headquarters in Ohio , IC3 suggested and forwarded all my correspondence to the Attorney General to be reviewed and only after the Attorney General contacted the Brainhost company did they finally refunded the whole amount of over $80 dollars which is not the end of the world but at least I got them exposed….

    I am really flabbergasted that this Brainhost Company is still allowed to do business after I send all my e-mail correspondence and received nothing but fraudulent responses, I would like to see that the FC3 of the FBI regarding Internet fraud is reconsidering this case and close them down since I was directly forced to participate in this scam of a “FREE” website being set up by them which was a lie since the costs were passed on to me…

    How can this be a “FREE” Website if you have to pay for it 🙂 no this is all down the line a big scam and Click Bank is in the middle of it to sell their not always so honest video and other marketing tapes…

    Boy if the IC3 would do their job right those frauds would eventually be a thing of the past , but with this slack reinforcement I was lucky to even get my money back through the Attorney General of Ohio involvement…

    Before all this was initiated , they kept playing games as to what they would return and not , they said that the domain money would not be returned and the website set up only a fractional cost was offered by them, boy what a cheap crooked outfit this is , do never get in to this trap like I did with crooks like that which work together originator of the click bank software and the Brainhost folks to set it up with this free website offer…

    I hope you by now are cured from dubious stupid stories of great money making success and easy contacts from millions of users world wide all a huge scam, there is not such a thing all a dream in the sky without the pie and “Wau” to set this up alone is crazy and will drive the average person with moderate computer knowledge crazy even though they stated it is a easy to do in 5, 7 step set up…

  6. I purchased the software and have some problems. First, it was advertised for $24 but when I checked my credit card I was billed $68. I can’t find a way to contact the company and get an explanation. Second, I was sent my domain name at Brain Host but I was never sent the software.

    Can anyone tell me how to contact the company. I need some help here. I want to try the program but I am at a serious loss here with no software to download, a bill for $68 and no product, and no way to talk to anyone

  7. so i lead to believe that all i needed to have was 25.50 to get started. yeah just to start then theres a website to purchase well thats where i stopped. not to mention the three upgrades of the system after the frist initial payment. if this is so good and the right program than let me make some money than ill pay for the program. would acually pay more if it worked. all fees and extras should be diplayed or explained before any billing has taken placed. so with that comission breakthrough is with the rest of the scam sites. money money spend more money!

  8. For Oscar

    About commission Breakthrought

    Go to your CLICKBANK Order Confirmation message ( that you received by mail )
    at the VENDOR TECHNICAL SUPPORT, you can read ( at the bottom of the e-mail)

    «If this was a digital product and you were not able to access to the product after payment, please try again by clicking this link to access your purchase:» Click the link the receive the program.

    Otherwise you can ask a refund to clickbank

    I am personnaly still working to make commission breakthrought works. I will give a feedback in the months to come…I said months because there is NO free game anywhere and ALL these compagnies used marketing technics…be smart use what does interested you and throw away the rest…. !!


    All the best JF


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