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Commission Black OPS by Craig Kaye is an affiliate marketing software.

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11 thoughts on “Commission Black OPS”

  1. I bought the Commission Black Ops (CBO) because its predecessor, Commission Maniac, stopped working because of a Google Automated Query violation. Superficially, CBO seems to work. The software builds an attractive website with Clickbank link ads. Unfortunately, many of the link ads bear no relationship to the webpage topic. Furthermore, the most important feature, cashlinks, is deactivated in CBO, so none of the posted articles are monetized, i.e., no hyperlinks to Clickbank products. CBO’s predecessor, Commission Maniac, has cashlinks activated and all the posted articles are monetized. This is a major flaw in CBO and I may end up getting a refund.
    Richard Feinberg

  2. i have first hand experience of knowing about desert storm ,
    it started in august 1990 and ended in february 1991 so poor old rob must have been last in and first out,

    my associates are involved in celeb securities and all i can say is that rob must be so secret he is invisible as none of my compatriots have seen or heard of him?
    as far as this product is concerned does any one have to get real actors any more to promote a product, when you have enough goons in the high street that believe and act like the pc fairy any way?
    lets face it a guaranteed 8 weeks refund if it don’t work, you will soon know if it is going to work if all of a sudden you start getting told about seo,key words etc etc.

  3. I just bought Commission Black Ops a week ago( 04/08/2011). I was looking for a way to make some extra money as I wasn’t making enough at my already low paying job lately. I had first consider trying out Chronic Commission but I read alot of negative reviews about it. I also checked out some “testimonials” on YouTube which they seem more positive and favorable. I went to the website to make my purchase. My first mistake!

    What they don’t tell you in the long boring video that you need a host site which they direct to your I had to pay another $23 to make a domain name for my own personal website after I purchased Commission Black Ops. I had problems from the very beginning with trying to access the page with my passwords. They didn’t seem to work at all. I made a few attempts to contact their tech support which I didn’t receive a quick response after two days of sending emails. I was ready to give up until I got a 1-800 # for the purchasing company to Commission Black Ops.

    One thing, I would suggest to anyone, who still wants to buy this product. You should buy it thru Paypal. If you have any problems then they can help with you getting a refund. After I explain my problem to the operator. They pass the information along to Commisssion Black Ops. Within a day, I got the proper access passwords to my account so I could begin building my website account. It wasn’t easy to follow either. I had to keep stopping and re-starting to watch the instructional videos.

    I still don’t know how I am suppose to make money off from this system except, if somebody is interested in purchasing a product or service from a link connecting off from my website to a company then I get some money from the purchaser’s sale. I still haven’t figured out yet how to make the connection to my Paypal account as the videos are long and boring to listen to after awhile then it becomes confusing. The tech support is not much helpful with my inquiries to how to use the system. I am seriously considering to quit it and demand back a full refund from Commission Black Ops.

    I truly believe now that there’s no easy way to make money except the old fashioned way that you got to get up and work to earn it. Good luck to everyone in their future endeavors!

    Beware of Commission Black Ops or anyone else, who offers easy money making schemes.

  4. I bought Commission Black Ops 26/7/2011. Before i purchased it i checked out the reviews/scams. There was a lot of positive feedback. So i thought why not. The downside of it is that you have to purchase the domain to set it up. After downloading the software and the websites, which i got to admit they are very attractive. However, I input the cpanel login details in the software, there was a lot of technical issues. It was not uploading, error messages came up each time. I contacted support waited over 2 days before i got a response. when i did get a reply it was a wast of time it was something like ‘ contact your host provider if the problem persist please let us know. I contacted the host provider who looked into the issue, then i was told that i need to refer back the the software developer. This was ongoing for over 3 weeks. I Contacted support regarding the same still no response until this day. Anyway what i did eventually out of desperation, was experiment to try and make it work. My efforts paid off without commission blackops none existant support. Here is one of the websites for reference only ( i am still working on it.

    The video training are misleading . They make it sound so easy to set up and if you have no technical background, your in big trouble you are totally on your own.

    For those who are considering to purchase according to the long labourious video by ‘just clicking run ‘ the aka commission Blackops . Learn from the these comments

    From dissatifed customer.

  5. @Elaine followed your link, very nice site. I am trying the affiliate marketing thing for the first time, and am still
    unsure about purchasing this software. I have already purchased 2 programs, but just for training purposes before
    I get my feet wet. Good luck with your site.

  6. Just purchased CBO. Gone through most of the videos and of course it seems easy as pie. If it works, it could be beneficial. Again, if it works.

    However, as stated above, their support is non-existent. I’ve researched a niche domain name, purchased it, and even routed it to Hostgator to test out the product on a real domain. Thus far, I can’t even get it to create the initial WordPress Blog. I’m sure there’s a simple fix (yes, all of the log-ins and pwords are correct) but very disappointed that I can’t get any help.

    If I can’t get this working better in the next couple of days it’s audios for CBO.

  7. Has anyone had problems extracting the files? After I unzip the initial download, when I click on 7-zip to “extract files” from CBO, just like they do in the video, I get an error message and it says it can’t extract them.

    Since their support is not responsive who can help me? Thank you!

  8. I have to agree with the comments above. I found that their sales video was misleading. The training video’s confusing – one cannot find a clear process map to explain how everyting fits together. I tried for longer than the 60 days trial to “make it happen” – with no luck!

    The very sad deal is that I cannot afford to loose this money and they do not tell you about the other costs you have to incur once you have bought the software.

    If these guys are for real I hope they come accross these reviews and do the right thing by getting back to the people that trusted them and fix their mistake.

    Unsatisfied customer from South Africa

  9. Commission Black Ops was functioning okay since last September 2011 through April 2012. Then over the past month, features started to fail. The Backlink F16 no longer works because Yopmail has instituted a Captcha window in the automated email verification step. Also, the Video Post function on Content Launcher stopped working, probably because YouTube was getting too many automatic queries for video downloads and video has been diabled on all CBOPS downloads. It seems that these robot programs all have a very limited lifespan due to tight restrictions being continually imposed by content providers. And rather than fixing the problems on existing products, new replacement products are introduced that must be repurchased…built in obsolescence.
    Furthermore, Commission Black Ops successor, Commission Killer, is suffering the same fate as its predecessor. I purchased Commission Killer two days ago, and have not been able to get it to work. In addition, Support is non-existent, not even an email link on the members website. Feel free to contact me for further details on Commission Killer via my website link. Commission Killer is a Good concept, but bad execution.


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