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Commission Autopilot by Paul Ponna

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13 thoughts on “Commission Autopilot”

  1. I can not download the programs..can’t sign into the ‘activator’ as the form is all funky and no room to verify my delivery address. Tried it on another computer activator had funky screen too, but enough to get my delivery address in…got through all the videos..hours of work for me..and then the ‘multiplier’ button had no ‘send’ button on to send to seo engines..any one else having this problem???

  2. Overall, it does what it says so I will give it that, have I seen any income form following the steps… not yet. However I could just be picking the wrong markets. The program works just fine so regardless it was worth the money in my opinion. the video did show me how to use it; gave ideas on how to make money but probably could of done more on picking the right product or keyword but that is more of a seller’s choice anyway.

    In summary, the programs do what they say they do. it just comes down to how well you know what is trending.

    p.s. I haven’t had any issues that you have had DJ so sorry I can’t help ya :-/

  3. I think u should write in to them at the support page. They will respond. I do agree that we have to be good at selecting our products for posting,however i do not like the fact that many of the websites shown in commission multiplier are not working. Our products are actually not posted in the sites (I have already verified and they said that commission multiplier cannot link with their system). Felt cheated in a way. Furthermore, the ‘pixelpipe’ in the additional video has a problem too. Argghh…. I may ask for refund!

  4. Did anyone actually made some money using this Commission Autopilot software? I am tired of buying stuff and make nothing. Is it a one off payment or monthly membership fees?
    Thanks for your help

  5. I have tried to download it twice with no success..although Doc said it works for him…and I think a lot of other people are having a lot of luck with it….I have tried 2 computers…both with no luck..running Vista on one and XP on the other…and still getting absolutely NO support from Help Line 🙁

  6. I have had problems both with the Commission Multiplier and the new Speedy Ranker
    Commission Multiplier is part of the Paul Ponna suite of Commission Autopilot
    Like others I have had an issue with hte send button of Commission Multiplier although the Commission Activator did actually do what it was meant to all it is is a simple document search and edit program.
    The most challenging problems have been with the new Rapid Ranker software from Paul Ponna’s outfit
    This claimed to work quickly but I feel that as a paying user I have simply used as a free tester as Rapid Ranker crashes in 2 minutes with weird ‘Index Out of Bounds ‘ errors so it has the look and feel of software the is untested and it c#grabs 100% cpu and masses of memory on my windows XP pc.
    I have found the support staff at Commission Autopilot unsympathetic as they refuse even to discuss these issues over the telephone even for free on skype and fail to understand the problem depsite the many error logs I have sent.
    Someone tell Commission AutoPilot Support they are not working properly!
    Maybe Paul Ponna might even do something about this – who knows.


  7. I had no problems at first with this software. I downloaded and used both pieces of software and it worked without any problems AT FIRST! However after using the Commission Activator just three or four times, the search results now come back with nothing. The Commission Multiplier still works fine with most of the listed sites but it seems as though the Commission Activator has been blocked. Users of this software will have probably noticed that all of the content used in this system is pulled from EzineArticles and after having the problem with the software I tried to visit Ezinearticles via internet explorer only to find that I cannot access the site at all! I think that after so many have used this software the article site has blocked me and probably many others too, even though I only managed to use it a few times. Support did respond to my emails and said that they had fixed the error with a new version. After downloading and running the new version I was not too surprised to find that the exact same problems are still there. Refund time!

  8. Aha – although I got no support from the Commission Autopilot people to help me resolve my issues I managed to find solutions to the 2 serious problems I found :
    problem one : Commission Autopilot -commission activator failing to show the send button –
    solution – increase change the number of pixels on the screen display – although this made sometext so small as to be almost illegible it does actually force the software to work but it does show the setup to be unreliable as with professionally produced software normally the screen fit is well within the bounds of the detected screen and pixel setup – note this was on Windows XP.

    problem two – this was the index out bounds error that made the ‘Speedy Ranker’ software constantly fail with ‘Index Out of Bounds’ errors – well this was solved not by any of the suggestions from the less than helpful Commission Autopilot so-called support staff – they unhelpfully suggested java and .net upgrades but the real problem was none of that – the Speedy Ranker simply would always fail on Windows XP and worked first time and perfectly on a clean install of Windows 7.

    I have sent an email to Commission Autopilot trying to suggest ways they can improve their service in the future :
    1. Start a proper job ticketing system – this alone would stop them getting so confused about technical issues
    2.start a moderated knowledge base forum – this would show maturity on their part and help them grow out of their immature mode of communication right now
    3. listen to customers and act on their complaints . i.e stop blaming the customer
    4. They need to respect experienced customers – I have over 25 years IT experience most with Oracle ,Windows and Unix platforms

  9. thx for input Bill…I wouldn’t have a clue how to change the number of pixels…but now it seems that I dont have to if its been ranked as an ‘attack site’..I had asked my son (who is a high rated ITT) to look at this last month..and he just said that it was their problem and to ask for a refund…which I have done!!

  10. This has got to be the worst software ever, it just plan don’t work! I used it on two computers and both parts of the commissionautopilot software and it
    didn’t work at all !, paul ponna should be a shamed of this situation and refund everybody’s money back!
    I am so sick of these guys trying to take money for thses products that simply have no value I work hard for the money I make and I really don’t like to be taking advantage of , if anybody else feels the some way that I do then please tell us about!

  11. This software worked fine when I first purchased it but after a few months low use … I tried to use it and it did the first fetch ok but would not do another. I restarted the software and tried again but it would not even do one fetch of the articles for my keywords. I posted 2 or 3 support tickets and absolutely no response from tech support. Ripped off royally … no contact phone number either.

    Don’t know why I am writing this as the last post here is from November 2012 … nothing since. Guess Paul has made enough money and just dropped support for all of us … I will never purchase any products from him again. Shame on him and his company.


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