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Coffee Shop Millionaire is a course on how to build a solid online business by Anthony Trister.

The purpose of this page is for the real users of Coffee Shop Millionaire to provide their feedback and inform everyone interested about their experience with this product. If you have experience with Coffee Shop Millionaire or other products by Anthony Trister, please leave a comment with your feedback below. Your feedback can help someone else to decide.

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32 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Millionaire”

  1. I took the leap and invested in his training site. It’s huge. 40+ videos in several formats, plus options to get personal coaching and have a website built for you on his dime. He’s really produced some incredible value overall. I wouldn’t say that affiliate marketing is for everyone, but being able to simply access this material – which isn’t offered anywhere else that I know of – is worth the low price he’s offering it for.

    It’s not just affiliate marketing, however, you can also learn how to write articles quickly and simply – and get paid for it. Or how to run newsletters for people. Or simple ways to make videos which can increase local businesses’ search engine positions.

    I’ve seen many possible business models from this as the ideas started flowing fast and furious.

    Of course, the site isn’t perfect and his “aggressive” marketing techniques are more obvious as you get through the material itself. Not everything he offers pans out – but the point is to invest in this now and get more education for yourself. Trister has a habit of shutting things down when he meets his quota – so it’s definitely a limited offer at this point. My advice: take him up on it.

  2. I wanted to check out this site because I have a cafe marketing and coffee shop marketing guide and thought it may be my competition.

    When I tried the link above and I also typed in the link I got a message from Trend Micro blocking the site stating in big red letters

    “Dangerous page” and ‘Trend Micro has confirmed this website can transmit malicious software and has been involved in online scams and fraud.’

    So please be very careful. I didn’t go there following that warning 🙁

    • I don’t get any warnings. It might be that your firewall picks it up as a potential scam due to its nature, i.e. “make money online” product – too many scams in this industry.

      But I can tell you one thing – it’s not about coffee shop marketing, it’s just a name. The author alludes to having the freedom to run an online business from coffee shops (with internet access) while traveling around the world.

  3. This is the “Warning Message!!!” to those who like me want to make a life change, to discover the beauty of the life on earth!

    “This Training Program is not as Great / Easy as Anthony Trister promised!”

    I just registered yesterday. On the top of first page, the first thing to “Start Your CSM Way” is that you are recommended to build your own website (as it is said: Anthony paied for you, but you need to buy the domain, if you didn’t have any project in mind before, then you may get lost!) Building a website for making money is not that simple. It’s easy to find a excellent design website template, but you need to put your business contents into it, there’s a lot of thing you should take into consideration … So at this stage, I didn’t found any briliant idea there.

    I don’t belive all those positive comments made by real users. Before my registration, I could found some comments on their page, people discussing on a page, like on the “Support Page”, there were some real users reviws with anxiety. Today, I went to every coner of their site, no where I could find these comments again. They might have been deleted. Why! Hope this was their Tech Issue.

    Another thing you should pay attention to, this programe is monthly subscription, once you clicking buy, make sure that your money will not automatically go to CSM each month in the future. This is not visibly mentioned in any of their presentation.

    My first impression, their website design is Quite Basic PHP site, when you first registered, you may encounter password invalid message. Even you logged in, but you need to have another set of password to entre Support Page (not reasonable design). With such website building level, how could I imagine that they can teach me the real tech to build an online business? It seems like that they were hurry in operation.

    Talking about the training program, I quickly went through all the videos, but I really didn’t find how to make this METHOD work without having your own product and your own website. They just give you some exemples, but very in general, no step by step details, or well-structured course.

    They even teach you how to be Home Writer for making money online. But that is not what attracted me to Anthony Trister’s CSM.

    They got some Website Building Tech Tutorial, such as How to add PapPal, make WordPress page (very poor audio quality) ,these kind of tutorials can be found everywhere in internet. This is not core objective of CSM, in my point of view.

    Anthony Trister is a scam or not is too early to say, I hope that his successful stories are True. Maybe he is not good to be a teacher, maybe he just wants to make Millions from us the subscribers. I hope he could soon prove himself. This is not only the question of money paied for this program, this is the question of the Dream and Trust people should keep in this world!

    I’ll be back here later to tell you guys if I found anything has Great Value in his training program.

    Stay tuned.

  4. Hi Nicki,

    I think your review is great.

    When I searched for reviews of this product and read some, I got the impression that all reviews that I read were from affiliates. That’s a big problem on the Internet. Most reviews are done by affiliates of any kind.

  5. l purchsed Coffee shop millionare a few days ago, l found it quite hard to read the content and wasn’t happy that l had to go through brainhost to get the deal and be hosted by them, when l searched reviews about them they where not very good, then wasn’t told anywhere about a monthly fee and just wrote to help centre and said there was, not happy:(

  6. After all the reviews & thank’s to all!
    But the last one was the clincher!, anything that has to do with Brainhost I run as fast as I can!
    I think they are the biggest ripoff on the web!, I think all these Guru’s have some kind of special deal with them!

  7. I bought CSM system this morning. It’s not bad but it’s not as half as the sales copy says.

    It’s about creating the info product, selling plr ebooks and affiliate stuff. Nothing new.

    If you want something extra you have to pay $275 additinally or take one-on-one personal coaching.

  8. To me, coffee shop millionaire is a hard way to make money online as has to set up website and your money from bank account will rolling out right before your eyes as the tools are not prepared… whoever wants to purchase has to think thousand times

  9. I, too, had a run-in with Brainhost-cost me $14.95 couldn’t get back.I won’t buy anything that uses Brainhost due to this. There are other good programs without having to do all this work Anthony proposes-look around for them, then go to ASK and Google-you’ll learn a lot. I am a newbie, but thanks to ASK and Google, am learning a lot that helps to make good choices. THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR BEING HERE!! DEE

  10. Why I distrust CSM is because you can’t get an answere to reasonable questions unless you are in and paid yoour $37. I’ve tried to get answers from them to the following questions.

    Is it fair to say that online packages need a substantial capital investment over and above package cost.?

    After the initial fee are there continued payments monthly that have to be met?

    Are there any monthly charges related to any part or all of the package/program?

    If this is covered by a 60day refund what conditions have to be met to obtain/claiim this refund.?

    If you supply the website does that mean the member has to purchase the domain paying any monthly fees?

    This is their reply to the above and others I’ve asked following their reply.


    We apologize for the inconvenience, please send the Clickbank order ID for the program purchased so we may locate your account. We tried to use this email address but there is no account located. Please send the order ID as soon as possible so we assist you accordingly.

    If you have any further questions, you may find the answers fastest by visiting our
    Frequently Asked Questions page found here:

    My guess is an auto send reply as my name not entered.

    Think on this:
    scenario: You are off to the local car lot, looking around find a car to suit. Off to the office to see the sales clerk:
    You: A Ford Mustang out their how much and what’s en……Sales Clerk cuts you short exuse me sir Name? you give your name and he does a paper shuffle and comes back saying……. Sorry sir can’t find any sales details on the Mustang when did you purchase it?…….You: Haven’t it on your car lot and I came in to ask questions on about it……….Sales Clerk: Oh Ok so we still have it…….you: Yes…….Sales Clerk Ah! sorry sir company policy you make the purchase first and we’ll answer your questions after…….You: Get up tell him what to painfull do with the Mustang and wall out.

    CSM have the same policy buy first and we’ll answer your questions after, seems they have things that they don’t want you to know about or you’re less likely to make a purchase, and the sign up on the contact us page, top right, is in my case crap, 7 failed word attempt ‘to prove you are human’ the first word is clear the other word is impossible to decipher, changed the 7th to audo word and that resulted in multiple voices and the home page video as background noise, impossible to understand the spoken word.

    I take all this as they have things they don’t want you to know about until you have made a package purchase.
    So which would you do business with CSM or the Car lot or neither.

  11. Me again just looked back on another question of why do i need to pay to get a question answered and this is what they replied.Hi,

    My queston: i put some question in and it seems from reply i have to make a purchase to get answers

    Thanks for your inquiry.

    In order for you to be assisted, you need to send us your Clickbank order ID which will help us locate your account and we shall be able to know whether you need to pay more to get your query answered or not.

    Seems you might even likely to be levied a fee for the audacity of asking a question what a good deterent and earner if you pay.
    I certainly wouldn’t recomend CSM.

  12. The 60 day guaranteed refund is a lie, the initial money is to drag your feet to spend more money and no information is provided to help you succeed in anyway. This reminded me of the author of “How to be A Millionaire” book, where he sold each copy for one Dollar, and he sold a million copies of it. He was the only one who became a millionaire.
    When you make a guarantee, you had better go through with it, when you say you are going to do something, then do it, if its free that means its free, it doesnt mean its free if you buy something else for hundreds of dollars.
    I want my refund

  13. Coffee Shop Millionaire – Customer ID: 1863778
    I would like my initial payment refunded. I am unemployed and can’t come up with continuous additional payments for things. I hit a stopping point with the additional $297.00 he wanted. I was expecting lessons of some sort but not more than I can follow.

    He makes it seem like he is making money on the enterprise, not on “selling” it to you. If I was actually making money on something, and it was as simple as he makes it out to be, I would be eager to tell people about it but straight forward about how much its gonna cost them outta pocket…… UNLESS ……….. the whole business is to sell just this. Is that the real reason for taking down websites and starting up new ones? If this IS a legitimate business opportunity, then why the intrigue ?

  14. Hoop after hoop of getting this product up and running. If you have nothing better to do….besides sit on your butt and dish out money to make this thing work….well then…this is for you. Dont offer free if its not free…the coke machine deal is not even there and you cant take his test drive to even see if it works. SCAM! Say bye bye and get as far away from this program quickly.

  15. I saw the video of this today and I wanted to purchase it so I came here to read about reviews first. Looks like as all others this is a scam. Please give me some more feedback onto proceed with this or not. I thank you so much…

  16. I am trying to see if anyone actually jumped through the hoops to get the thing fully functioning?

    It seems to me like a whole bunch of quitters on here griping that it costs more after signup.

    DID ANYONE actually continue past the $270 point?

    I’m interested to find out if it is in fact a valid expense…

  17. Bought CSM, Need help…..have a web site, not sure how to get banners and where the money goes, do I have to get clickbank? Help….To much to learn…not as easy as it sounds…..I do believe I can make money…Just would like to be able to generate some type of income…Rookie here, retired, slow..LOL
    Thank You

  18. Clear instructions are here. First you don’t need to buy the package. Not any package. Never.

    1. Firstly, you don’t need your own products.
    2. First, get a website, then do that first. Even if its near empty.
    3. Clickbank and commission junction are good places to get affiliate banners.
    4. When you sign up to be an affiliate with them, then they give you a code number which is then attached to every affiliate banner you want to put on your site.
    5. When someone goes on your site and is interested to click on one of those banners, and buys something from that banner, then you get a commission paid to you.
    6. That commission is then paid to you from the or Commission junction, companies. Either by a cheque e-mailed to you or direct deposit into your bank account.

    I had 1 website at first and made about 48$ at first. Then I heard of a guy who had 10 websites and was saying that he marketed his websites everyday for 3-4 hours a day. Or more if he wanted to. He also gave a lot of tips about how to learn internet marketing things for free. His advice was to just read a lot about it and learn as you go along.
    Anyway that was in 2003 when I started my 1 website and now I have 18 websites. They are all 1 page websites with some affiliate banners on them. All I do is make sure I market these websites. And I do it from anywhere I want. Yes even a coffee shop or when I go travel. Even from my little one room chalet I have just out of the city. My 18 websites that I work on since 9 years now pull in a monthly average of 26,000$. But thats working on them 9 years. I only started to make that amount after about the 4th-5th year. My advice – Never ever pay for no internet package or scam from the internet. Just read and do it and learn it as you go along. Once you set it up properly and learn the marketing, then it will happen, then happen more, then more and more. You will not get rich in a snap of a finger like those internet scams tell you. One final thing – for success, choose popular products.

  19. People hear internet marketing and think, that’s easy, I can do that but they don’t understand that it takes work, time and dedication to learning growing and implementing what you learn. Coffee Shop Millionaire is a good product, it has a whole lot information, It definitely takes time and commitment to go through all the videos. I like the way the skill set video section is laid out, it has videos for beginners, intermediate and advance users in this section, depending on your knowledge base and where you’re starting from.

    To me, this is good value, just be sure to act when you learn, so you don’t get overwhelm also if something isn’t clear when you learn go to other free sources on the web to learn more about that subject. There is alot to learn in internet marketing, it takes time, so pace yourself but act.

  20. Hello everyone,

    Hi Pelo,
    Wow, I really appreciate the vast and clear instructions- information that you displayed about not needing to buy the package especially the fakes or scams one. I’m pretty sure that there are a lot people outside there that will benefit from your posting as well as I did. Thanks a lot. Again, I really appreciated!!! Your comment made me think differently about buying the Coffee Shop Millionaire program. They almost got me! I need urgently to start making money online. However, like you said: “You will not get rich in a snap of a finger like those internet scams tell you.” I agree! It takes time, effort, and dedication! I’m new on this type of business. That is why I’m reading and trying to find the best way to start making money, even if it is $ 20.00 dollars a day, and the amount does not matter right now, what really matter to me is to start learning step by step. Although, it is unbelievable how these “internet Gurus” are making money from innocent people that are in need of help and good orientation. Pelo, if it is possible for you, please provide some places that you recommend where I (we), can get more information about to learn internet marketing things for free! Also, what do you think about these people/companies that are offering to boost a website with traffic/SEO service? Do you have any experience with them? Any advice? In fact, your information was FREE, educative, accurate, and extremely helpful.
    God bless!!!

  21. I actualy sat through this long winded sales pitch, it will cost about 37 bucks to to become a millioniare.this is a no brainer,he’s allegedly making millions, now he wants to sell his system to make coffee @ donut $(no pun intended) If it’s sounds too good to be true it is!

  22. It seems as if he wants to make money off of the people who buy his item rather than those who have purchased his system I have not gotten any help on my end I know now how he is a millionaire I guess I will open up a website and sell a no name product to the world and become a millionaire too!!

  23. First off I found the coffee millionaire site in my spam section so unsolicited mail is a flag for me and was please to find all of the above folks contributing to the only page not written by Anthony’s company and that includes about 5 pages of google obvious when they say click here to access coffee shop millionaire. It disturbs me when the focus is on something like I thought they were counting drinks and making reports or something they are offering nothing that can be had al a carte on the internet and with a product line you need to sell. thanks everyone for some truth I’m sure there will be minimal success from a business or two but AT is at the top of the pyramid what a tacky boat..

  24. Hi Pelo,

    I have paid my $37 but after reading all of this I know I will not continue. I am trying desperately to get some regular income coming in – but it is very hard. I would very much like to see some of the good websites that offer information on making a website of my own and how to post banners. CSM is calling me continuously but I cannot afford anything right now – probably a good thing as I don’t want to get in over my head financially or technically. Good for you that you made it!


  25. I only buy product or programs via Clickbank. Reason.? I have always gotten a refund if I didn’t like the program by going to Clickbank and finding the refund section ( you may have to search a little, but it is there.!). When they ask why you want a refund, you say…” The program was not what I expected”. or “Does not meet my expectations.” or, “Does not work for me.”…I have never been denied a refund….Clickbank is very ethical…..

  26. I have not purchased the product but wanted to do a little bit of research on it since I’ve heard quite a bit about these work from home “opportunities” and scams. So I decided to Google it and find out some more info, I found the video from the official website, which was really long and just seemed it was one of those talk in circles and never actually get to the point type deals, it wasn’t good enough for me to just go for it by the word of the creator. It wouldn’t make much sense if I did that, but anyway, then I found this site, and I’m glad I did. I noticed while trying to leave the page for the site that a little chat box would pop up and an agent “Heather” was there to answer my questions, supposedly. I read some of the reviews on this page about there being some monthly fees not mentioned in the video only to find out after you’ve already signed up that you have to purchase your own domain and also put some extra work into this so-called provided website, but also that if you haven’t purchased the program that you can’t really get any questions answered, so I tried it out. I asked the agent “Heather” who popped up a few questions since I was genuinely interested in finding out if this could work for me but the agent was actually a computer, virtual agent is the correct term, and though she stated that she could answer most of my questions, she didn’t actually answer even 1. All I got was a # for customer service and a support email once I had exhausted the pre-programmed responses of “I’m just a virtual agent” and “I’m authorized to give you an additional $10 off our already discounted price of $37, that’s a value of $197 for just $27” something like that anyway. Still don’t have the answer to the questions I needed answered to invest any type of money or submit personal information to this company, bu that’s ok, at least I got the right info from the people who posted the truth as they knew it to be on this site and that was enough. I will not be spending any money on this product but I will continue to do research and see if I can’t find a way to do it without having to pay someone else to show me, I heard there are a lot of this guy’s videos, and others on youtube. And honestly I think that if we invest the right amount of money and do the correct research we can do it without having to buy into someone else’s pyramid scheme.

  27. Hi, I’m a newby at trying to make money online. When I purchased the program, I waited to be taken to the member’s page, I was disconnected without any new information such as username, password or anything. If something as simple as making sure that your customers get started right is to hard to be made a priority, then what does that say about the rest of the product/company.i would like a refund please!

  28. I am reading the above comments and I am in disbelief. I now think the Coffee Shop Millionaire is a genius. I watched his intro video (well, a couple of minutes of it) and laughed because I have never seen anyone make earning money seem so easy.

    I built a business over a decade ago. I did it with a $500 investment and reinvested every penny for several years. I earned no income the first several years, instead I kept investing in the business’ future. I had to maintain a fulltime job all the while, just to keep up with my mortgage, insurance and other living expenses. In total I was working 80-100 hours per week.

    The pay off: I now earn over $500,000 per year and have become a millionaire, well before my 40th birthday.
    The lesson for the easily fooled: Making money isn’t easy. It takes a lot of work and a tremendous amount of discipline.

    I am shocked that people paid money to this person. Why? If he really has a secret way of making money, why in the world would he share it with you? That makes no sense.

    These must be the same people that join multi-level marketing businesses. I have known some 10 people/friends who have joined these MLM businesses and I am yet to know one that has ever made a penny. The common denominator between my friends who have fallen for these tricks is that none of them have had any business sense. The successful friends that I have who own businesses know how life works and would never fall for these things.

    I salute the Coffee Shop Millionaire, apparently he isn’t doing anything illegal, or I would hope he’d be in jail by now. He has however managed to make money off of people who think with their emotions and not their brains.

    Be smart…nothing in life that is worthwhile, comes so easily.

  29. Coffee Shop Millionaire is a total scam and I strongly suggest that nobody sign-up. The corporate office is based in Canada and the customer support is provided by people in the Philippines. If this company was in the U.S. I think they would have already been run out of town. Unfortunately I realized after I gave them $147 that they are a scam.

    Even though I disputed the charge with my bank JP Morgan Chase saying to them I wanted them to investigate the fraudulent charges since I didn’t get anything for my money, they were almost as bad as Coffee Shop Millionaire saying there wasn’t anything they could do about it and in fact during a conference call with Coffee Shop Millionaire, myself and Mary Lopez in the disputes department, Mary Lopez at JP Morgan Chase told Coffee Shop Millionaire why they agree with my not getting my money back.

    How embarrassing for JP Morgan Chase to back a scam company like this. Instead of being loyal to their customer they added more fuel to – or should I say caffeine to Coffee Shop Millionaire’s scam.

    However don’t count me out just yet. I will be contacting a few investigative reporting news companies to expose these thieves. Right it’s called Coffee Shop Millionaire for a reason. The people who put up the videos and links to their site are becoming millionaires by scamming people who think they can make money online when in actuality the course is so scatter brained nobody could even understand it anyway and they count on that.

    I am not going to salute Anthony Trister no far from that. There is a reason this company is based in Canada and not the U.S. believe me and as far as I am concerned he is a crook taking advantage of people who just want to make extra money on the Internet.

    By the way I do have a successful business on the Internet and have made as much as $1,600 per month. But I never had to put money out up front and so I have learned a valuable lesson. If someone asks you for money up front, don’t do it.

    Hope this comment helps someone else from being scammed by what I have to say is a cleverly designed scam to make people believe its real when its really nothing more than a hoax.

    Shame on you Anthony Trister. It’s just a matter of time before people like us all get together and form a class-action suit against you and end up being wealthier than you are now.


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