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So I’ve been skimming through this month’s upcoming IM product list. Same ol’, same ol’ mostly. I’m too lazy to even write about most of that. But Clickbank Pirate has caught my attention after all. And it’s because I think they have something really useful to offer. I have my concerns about it too though.

First of all, they have a great concept. They too have noticed what a poor job most Clickbank merchants do when it comes to providing resources for affiliates. You’re basically on your own 99% of the time out there. And that’s a pity, because they would make so much more money by supporting their affiliates properly.

So Soren Jordansen & Cindy Battye have taken this fact to create a product. They took a great marketing model that list building is and applied it to several Clickbank products to offer to affiliates what the merchants don’t. They have set up turn key systems, providing you even hosting and autoresponders so all you have to do is send traffic. And since everything else is done professionally, you have the best chances to convert that traffic that you could possibly get. Clickbank Pirate Video

Now as I said, I have my concerns about it too. First of all, there’s only very limited amount of these turnkey systems. They offer 5 on sign up and 1 every following month. That means, there will be a bunch of same sites competing with each other. To what extent that problem will grow depends on how active other members will be. But even having in mind that most people will do a sloppy job to compete, 5 + 1 a month is a small enough number to become a problem I think.

Another concern I have is that the great benefit of not having to lift a finger to maintain the sites and autoresponders may turn out to the worst. What if they experience technical difficulties, what if something else happens? I for one am all for as much control over my assets as possible, so I would rather maintain them myself.

There’s a sneaky solution to both problems, though. Who prevents you from copying the stuff and taking it over, modifying it to make it more unique? Well, I can’t confirm if Clickbank Pirate folks would be ok with that, but since we’re becoming ‘Pirates’… 😉

So to conclude, I gotta say I’m rather intrigued and interested in Clickbank Pirate service. I don’t recall other services that do this exact thing. There are some PLR services that partly cover it, but not consistently and with no such hands-off approach. It might very well add some to your income quite easily, so I think it’s worth checking out.

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  1. Hey!

    I just came across your site – and wanted to address the two concerns that you have.

    Oh- firstly, I am Cindy – the Aussie half of the pirate team.

    So… We have actually thought of both of those issues – so, here we go:

    1) The number of packages. We are aware of the fact that there could well be a problem if too many people are promoting the same product. That is why we have created a LOT, and we also limit it to 200 releases per product. So, members are given a random selection from our archives – it’s extremely rare that any one member will get all of the same packs as a different member. We are also adding in new packages each month, so you will keep getting fresh packages – fresh products – and, hopefully great conversions.

    2) The autoresponder stuff. We are running everything through aweber, so – unless they crash, burn and die (which… oh my gosh – pretty much every IM’er on the planet will flip out), we are all safe 😉 John Merrick (our secret other member of the clickbank pirate crew) is a programming genius – and takes care of all our backups etc – he is pretty OCD about it… which is good for all of us.

    Hope that answers your q’s!

    All the best!
    Cindy Battye

  2. I signed up for ClickBank Pirate and absolutely love it! I’ve been marketing online for 4 years now and never have I come across a package that is so well put together and easy to use – even for inexperienced marketers. The graphics and design are fun and unique and there is a ton of information including videos, training, pre-made splash pages, emails and free memberships to marketing sites where you can learn more about generating traffic. Cindy and Soren did a great job on this one and I could not be more pleased with my (very inexpensive) purchase of Clickbank Pirates

  3. Hi Jackie, mind me asking how long have you been using Clickbank Pirate and how is the result that you have gotten so far in terms of list building and sales earned? From CBengine, the product is “seen” from only July09 onwards. I’m not sure its that recent.

    Also, do you mind me asking if you have your own list which you send the email articles to your subscriber? Or you rely 100% on their promo tools and traffic channels to build your list.

    Pardon the long questions as I just bought the product myself after deciding to give it a try based on its’ more honest than usual salesletter. I have been on it for about a week now using blog, traffic exchange, safelist marketing to build the lists but so far the result left a lot to be desired. Optins conversion is almost non-existent let alone sales earned. I notice there is duplicate content on articles directories already, making it impossible to post their supplied articles on directories like ezine to promote the product. On this aspect, I share the same concern as admin.

    I’m starting to wonder if there is already saturation on this product considering the high gravity of the product (300+ as of last counting), making the promo tools and the 5 turnkeys supplied ‘ineffective’. I think I’m going to give it another month to try, before I request for refund.

    Come to think of it, Clickbank Pirate creators are smart fellows. Even if customers discontinue their memberships or request for refund, all the subscribers still stay with them and continue to be promoted upon.

    Well hope you can share with us your answer on my questions above. Appreciate it.


  4. Hi Alex,

    To answer some of your questions. Clickbank Pirate was officially released on August 4th, you can still see the announcement on It was likely added beforehand, but you can see the gravity suddenly jump on the launch day.

    To solve the duplicate content problem there’s only one solution – rewrite everything, especially the articles you submit to directories.

    And oh by the way, excuse the blatant pitch, but if you submit articles to directories, check out my free auto article submitter It’s completely auto, so the time you’d spend on submitting articles you can spend on rewriting them. And if you feel lazy, it has article spinning option that allows you to specify what percentage of article to return, removing random sentences. Leaving, say, 70% of an article it’s already somewhat different from original.

  5. Alex,

    You mean ezinearticles? It will have. The only reason it’s not there yet is because I’ve created the tool for my self before I started distributing it, and I treat EZA with extra care. Now I’m adding features and directories all the time, so it will there be very soon.

  6. Great review.

    @ Alex: Ezinearticles is the number article site to use, thus it takes more caution to work with. They also have like a bazillion categories.

    Plus they take extra caution in reviewing their articles before apporving them, more so than 99% of other article sites.

    My suggestion is to write a great article, and submit it to Ezinearticles. If it gets approved there, then it should get approved in most other places. They also check for duplicate content.

    So get an article approved there FIRST, then submit articles to the rest of the sites.

    – Coty Schwabe
    Guru Crusher

  7. Hi Admin,

    I recently purchased CBP after thinking it was the answer to my ‘lazy’ prayers. However i now feel that its not the case. I trust Cindy & Soren as they have relseased some good stuff previously and FREE too! But like what you are thinking, im guessing it wont be long until the arena becomes saturated with duplicate CBP marketing submissions. And just for the record i raised two support tickets weeks ago regarding two faulty squeeze pages and another query but heard nothing back. I definitely dont feel scammed as i already praised Cindy & Soren but the failure to answer my queries together with no sales depsite trying, is fast persuading me to call it a day and perhaps ask for refund.

    Keep up the nice blog mate!


  8. Hi there Guru Crusher, yeah agree with you. Ezinearticles is the best place to get our articles posted but its also one of the most crowded place on earth. Its’ really not going to be easy posting articles in there for any category unless its completely self-written.

    Which brings me to a question to Admin, hey Admin do let us know if you are updating your submission tool.


  9. Hey there Boon1, I’m one of the many who purchased CBP as well and I’ve requested and gotten my refund back a week ago.

    Like you said, there just isn’t enough turnkey supplied by them to be unique enough for us to promote. Saturation already set in less than 2 weeks the product was launched. Its’ a waste of time to put it blunt.

  10. Alex, well said! Its a shame about CBP as the concept seemed well to begin with, however in reality, as others got involved, the saturation issue was always going to be a big problem. Full marks to Cindy & Soren for trying to make things easier for the affiliate marketers but there would have to be perhaps hundreds of unique turnkey packages to give us a fighting chance

    Admin, i like the AShelper tool very much. Please keep us informed of the updates & changes as and when they happen.

    Many thanks,

  11. I haven’t actually tried CBP but I have recommended it as one of the products I promote because the sales page seems to be on point. I hope it works out

  12. guys good info from you all,i am very new to internet marketing,just finished reading cbp page,thought of reviews and thats how i got here. my question is,is it of any good to new comers like me that have not yet sold a pin online or have u got any advice to offer.pls feel free to do so all is welcome.

  13. Hi Victor,

    Sure, I think it’s made more with newcomers in mind. All you have to do is learn how to get traffic and you don’t have to worry how to create a good landing page and copy – that’s a good way to start learning. It’s not perfect, but doesn’t cost an arm and leg too.

  14. admin, thanks so much for ur advice.i think i will give it a go,just want to get my hands dirty and useful online thanks once more.

  15. I like your concept of CBP, but I am a little concerned though…that saturation might be an issue.
    What is your take on that? I am new to IM, just do not want to waste time and money on a program that will not work.

  16. The saturation will always be a concern, but now with over 2 months after the release I’m pretty happy to see the CB Pirate guys haven’t abandoned it and they keep adding new packages. There’s been a lot added and it will be going only for the better if they keep it up.

  17. Notice the one thing you do need to add is traffic. If we all had heaps of that, 98% of the battle would be won, which is why they are promoting this very system to get traffic for themselves. I paid nearly 2k for mentoring and “knowledge” to another company and guess what? I worked it all out without their dismal input. Use the money for advertising to get the traffic because all this other stuff is useless without it. Any fool can set up a website and go get affiliate links and banners and all that other stuff like autoresponders etc. Find me a pirate system to get megatons of traffic, that I will buy!

  18. You always need traffic, but Tim, not any fool can set up a website especially one that converts. I can say any fool can get traffic, because it comes trivial to me, but we all know it doesn’t come trivial to everyone.

  19. Hi,
    I have never done affiliate marketing but I have been looking around and trying to learn what I can.
    I have recently come across CB Pirate and it does look interesting, However I guess I agree to an extent with Tim.

    I don’t think that any fool can build a website because I built my own website, I am not a fool and it was hard work with lots of learning curves. So now I have a pretty cool website and but no traffic, that to me is the hard part, I have had to employ an SEO company to get the traffic for me. (my site is not an affiliate site).

    I have seen tonnes of hyped up affiliate programs and it all comes back to getting that traffic. I have spent several hundred dollars on tools and e-books in an attempt to get traffic to my website.

    Admin with all due respect if getting traffic is easy could you please enlighten me. Because if the getting traffic was easy I would be signing up for CB Pirate and a few other affiliate programs right now.

  20. Hi Twety,

    Please don’t get me wrong, I said it with a little sarcasm as an answer to Tim’s also sarcastic claim that any fool could build a website. Yes, getting traffic is relatively easy to me personally, because I know how to do it, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t take time, effort and money.

    The bottom line is, the site needs to be built, the traffic needs to be gotten. CB Pirate covers the former, you have to cover the latter. And it definitely doesn’t mean that there’s no value in getting a pre-built website and content just because you don’t get traffic along with it.

  21. Hi,
    On rereading I do get our sarcasm now. As I said building a web site is hard work especially if you are a nurse not a web designer.
    As I said I have spent a lot of money on tools etc… and all that did was confuse me.
    is there a system or education material that you would recommend that can help with generating traffic? I realize that what I wrote before sounded sarcastic also, it was not meant to be, I really do wish to be enlightened.

  22. I can recommend Ed Dale’s 30 day challenge – it’s free and it’s very well presented. A good place to start for sure.

    You have to understand one thing though, there are a lot of traffic generation methods and you can get traffic with most of them more or less. But that doesn’t automatically mean you will get sales. Everything must fit in, it should be an integral part of your marketing plan. You need to know very well what kind of people you want on your site, what places they are at, and how to attract them. In other words, if all those people walked by your store and your competitor’s next to you, what would make them buy from you and not form your competitor.

    When you have your unique selling proposition it all comes down to getting your message out in all places in your niche you can possibly can – forums, articles, social networks, ppc, ads on other sites, and so on. People aren’t blind folded on the Internet, and even if they come to your site they may not buy if your competitors have better deals. But if you have the best deals around, your customers will become your best affiliates.

    I’ve written an article about forums in particular –

    This comes from my experience of how important it is to have a strong USP and getting your message out in front of the right people (which isn’t that hard to find). Not as much to the volume of traffic, but the amount of conversions.

  23. I had a look a the 30 day challenge, and it looks quite promising,. I was comforted to hear someone with an Aussie Accent.
    Thanks for your help, I appreciate it..
    The rest of what you are saying is also very consistent with all the marketing information that I have read. So thanks for the very solid info.

  24. I have looked at many sites and not come across such a site as yours that tells everyone everything they need to know. I have added you to my bookmarks, can anyone else suggest other related topics that I can search for to find out more information?

  25. Hey guys,admin,it seems that people buy products without actually knowing what they buying,look,to make money you need to put in some effort,do not let scam sites tell you that you do not have to lift a finger. I have tried and tested lots of programs and one program stands out from the rest. The Profit Lance course is one of those programs that covers all about online marketing and not just study material but actually forces you at the end of the course to make money through projects. Ive been a student of the system for 9 weeks now and i thought i would share this info with you guys.

    Forex Robots,$10 000/day scams forget about those,this course teaches you longterm strategies which teaches you to make money online for the rest of your life.

  26. CBP is nothing different from any well made affiliate campaign. That means, for instance, if you use PPC to drive traffic, you can realistically expect an ROI of 100% – that is to make $1,000, you have to spend $1,000 (be prepared to make less or even lose some until you optimize the campaign).

    If you do SEO by yourself, it will take time more than money, unless you hire a professional SEO (which I wouldn’t recommend for an affiliate offer – they cost an arm and leg and the ROI will suck).

    Article marketing perhaps makes most sense in terms of ROI. You can outsource keyword optimized articles and post to the popular directories. You can play volume vs. targeting and SEO here too, which means you can either buy as many articles as you can without worrying about promoting them, or pick a few good keywords and promote those articles to push them up in search engines. The exact numbers are hard to predict, but as a general rule article marketing has a significantly better ROI in terms of money spent.

    I’m less familiar with other marketing methods (such as social media, buying banners a.k.a media buys, etc.), but the same principle applies.

  27. Thank you for your review of ClickBank Pirate. We appreciate you sharing your opinion and doing the research needed to fairly evaluate the affiliate marketing medium. We have seen fit to link to this article in our independent ClickBank Pirate Reviews section. Anyhow, keep up the good work spreading truth.

  28. almost 3 months with cbp still not sold any thing.what else to do.admin pls which article software would u recommend, easy to use and understand

  29. Hi All,

    I was looking around the web to learn more about a system I have been working on. I have discovered that I have built a ‘poor mans’ Clickbank Pirate. I dont have all the features mentioned and I don’t promise to keep your links in the autoresponder messages forever. But it might be worth a look. Oh Yea, I don’t charge anything either.

    I don’t supply any articles so you need to create your own.

    Admin- Hope I have not broken your rules here. Please place a link to my site if you approve.


  30. I tried cbp for 3 months. there were so many other people with the same ads that I was using that I had a lot of trouble getting sign-ups. I managed to get 1, that’s it. So needless to say I stopped cbp. I figured after 3 months of advertising as they suggested I should have more than 1 person!


  31. I bought CP last August of 2009 and although at this point have 98 conversions, I don’t have 1 single sale! I am considering quitting next month unless I start to see some sales.


  32. Hi, everybody in here!

    Firstly: this is about a very interesting and tuitional subject, the Clickbank Pirate program. I´ ve been considering go for this program, or at least give it a try for about 1-2 months, now – but when I am now reading the two – three last giving comments ( about making no SINGLE sale/ salecommission for a hold month ) I am becoming a bit uncertain and unsure what/ how to do now?

    Sounds as said a bit alarming and noticable that a few people doesn´t earn any money with it. Well, doesn´t sounds totally comfortable and worth the investment to me. So, I am still wondering: is it really good/ efficiant enough then? Well, certainly I am already now involved in a several possible moneymakingconcepts ( like using/ buying different affiliateprograms, being a member of different moneymakingcommissioncommunities, participating in moneytrading at, doing paidservices, participating paid panelgroups, completing entry inputing e.t.c – simply in order to try and get aquantant with as many moneymakingconcept as possible ). Well, to be totally honest and sincere: I AM EVERYWHERE WHERE IT´S ABLE MAKING MONEY – HONESTLY BOTH FOR FUN ( VERSATILITY ) AND NOT LEAST BECAUSE NEEDING THE ADDITIONAL MONEY I CAN EARN/ GAIN.

    Well, the only way to get to know about the potential in EVERYTHING is to try it/ them as said, even sometimes by taking the risk loosing money. Unfortunately you maybe have to take risks, and maybe even loose and jeopardy some money on the way on scammers in the beggining, in order to find out which concepts being the best FOR YOU ( your own taste, profitpotential and maybe even your own suitability for it ). Or, maybe more correctly: IT´S UP TO YOU/ ANYBODY HOW MUCH RISKS YOU WOULD LIKE TO AND ARE READY TO TAKE/ JEOPARDY DURING THIS WAY – however it takes investments, perseverance, patience and as said MAYBE even some financial risktaking, before you will find anything suitable for you ( your interests, abilities, talents or what ever ).

    But, as said again: if you are persevere, patient and disciplined enough it´s probably just a matter of a time before you both find anything suiting your policy and generating you the money continously/ resudialy. So, my advice is: be versatile, trying as many different moneymakingconcepts as possible, to find your nische/ nisches and NOT LEAST PATIENT. Don´ t always and emmidiately expect profits/ revenues over a night – it could take a while before the money starts generating. Anyway and however: this is MY OWN little way to find/ figure out ways earning money on the net – when we all are newbies in the beggining. I am anyway however sure that I will find some moneymakingconcept ( one or a few doesn´t matter ) wich I´ll be financially satisfied with. IF THERE IS ANYWHERE TIME IS A VIRTUE IS IN THIS BUSINESS.

  33. I think CB Pirate is a great turn key system. Like anything else, you have to work at it. Follow everything they set out for you and do some extra SEO yourself. You need to get good page rankings for your offers if you want to succeed. There is no money for nothing. Yes they are selling you on a system and profiting from it. They have put in lots of time and money to perfect CB Pirate. You need to put in the time too! You are already putting in the money to buy the program… not put in maximum effort! Do what they say and be patient. Results will come if you work at it.

    I would say good luck but I don’t believe in luck… Luck = Preparation + Opportunity

  34. Looks like a great product, if you like click bank. Its always ruff to jump on the band wagon and try to hope that you can ride the gravy train, but seems like this product will help!

  35. I have used CBPirate quite frequently over the past 8 months. I first bought it back when it first came out and then got frustrated with it and canceled it. What I really didn’t realize was that all the people that opted into the squeeze pages, are then sold to on autopilot by the CBPirate team. 3 weeks after I canceled the program, I was still averaging 3 sales a week. (about $75/week) I thought this was very cool as the people that opted in are still getting emails sent to them. I rejoined the program and started to promote the squeeze pages again and getting more opt ins. In a sense, I am building a list that I never see and never have to auto respond to or even send an email out to. The CBPirate system automatically does it. I currently have about 800 people who have opted into any one of the CBPirate squeeze pages and they still buy random products without me doing anything. I have about 17 people that are on a monthly program with Clickbank Pirate and I manage about $320/month in residual from them just being a member…and that continues to grow every month. Npt bad for doing zero? hey?

    The key to it is, stick with it. Every person that opts in to one of your turnkey squeeze pages will be marketed to forever. I fond it neat 🙂

  36. This looks like a very interesting system. I think I’m going to give it a try as I am new a having a rather hard time making sells. Thanks for the help you guys.

  37. Ive been messing with Clickbank for years and I completely agree. Great article and great product. It looks like something that would definitely help with your internet marketing game.

  38. I have been messing with clickbank for years and it seems that this product just might help me out with a lot of the issues I have been having. Great article and information to be shared here!

  39. I started the trial over the July 4th weekend.I really liked the concept and believed what was said on the sales page. No more depending on Articles, Safelists etc., but that is what I got.Training on all the things you would not have to do. Also, they tried to sell upgrades. With the trial you get fewer packages to start. The real problem I found was with the bonuses that were supposed to help you get traffic. It was a bunch of memberships to sign up for. Many of the websites were missing.

    The packages were nice, but without an “easy” way to get traffic, it was not worth my time to deal with safelists, banner exchanges, article spinning etc. It would be nice if you would get what you were sold on.

  40. I found this to be an excellent product. I am not sure where people were saying bad things about the support? I was given a personal email to have direct contact with one of the staff members. She has always been really helpful and encouraging.

  41. Clickbank Pirate is nothing more than yet another marketing concept con by Mike FillyWhatsisnamee!!!!!!!!!

    You will be bombarded by several or more sales emails daily, with Little or No Positive Support asking you for further details etc, You Have Been Warned, STEAR WELL CLEAR OF THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    ps, Not sure why I wrote this as I feel sure you will delete this comment?

    pps, May have got his name wrong, could have been, MIKE FILL,HE,SHAME,HE!!!!!!!!!!!

    ppps, The So called Marketing Guru, who no longer uses, Aweber & Paypal, etc,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    pppps, Or has he had his accounts frozen by the Nice Guys that many times that he has now emigrated to the North Pole to get his self acclimatised,

    ppppps, Not sure why I wrote this as I feel sure you will delete this comment?

    • Clickbank Pirate is not by Mike Filsaime. Looks like you hold a grudge against the guy but believe it or not, not all IM products are made by him.

  42. I have been considering CBP for a few weeks now.
    From reading the posts here, it is discouraging, I must say.
    However, most of the concerns talked about are not unique to CBP.

    I have been working on IM for about 2 months. I have spend over a thousand dollars during this process.
    I have bought maybe 40 offers.
    I have requested refunds on about 15 of those.

    OK, here’s my two cents worth. To me TRAFFIC is the big issue in internet marketing. The CBP offer is a good example of how you can buy the rest of what is needed, and it isn’t even all that expensive.
    I haven’t used the CBP system yet, but it would be nice if they added a way of putting your own choice of ClickBank offers on your sites, like some other plugins do. Perhaps CBP allows one to use some plugins that will do that? That would be great. If the CBP sites would allow you to have say, 5 CB offers of your own selection on the sites.

    I am currently evaluating and trying to learn some great traffic tools. There seem to be some good ones out there. They can cost some money, but unless you are only looking to make a few hundred dollars a month on a small sclae, one would hope you can “scale up” your efforts after you establish that your methods are working.

    Do you “own” your email list with CBP? Can you walk away with your list if necessary?

    So to summarize, I may give CBP a try. It would be great if they added the option to choose your own CB products, perhaps 5, to promote on a site. I understand this would take some tweaking of the web site to change the copy, etc..

    I think the CBP sort of thing is the wave of the future for many internet marketers to be.

    I think no matter what software you use, the real challenge will be driving quality traffic in large numbers to your sites. That is the bottom line.


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