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This is an entry for Click N Bank, a software to create high converting websites by Tim Bekker and Jesse Regan.

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16 thoughts on “Click N Bank”

  1. The script is a website which is used in 3 different ways to make money but the promotion of the website has to be done by you and they teach how to do the same excellently.

  2. i bought this product thought it was gonna be something worth trying but as soon as i purchased it took me somewhere totally different from the product didnt understand how to set it up i wish they would just make a product thats easy to use and understand for beginner internet marketers

  3. This opportunity is like others in that you do have to work to succeed. However, a very well thought out an comprehensive training program. I suggest partnering with someone who can assist you with the program if you are a newbie, otherwise follow the guidelines, get creative and learn as you go. Success comes with knowledge, surrounding yourself with great mentors, commitment, focus and a desire to succeed without worrying about failure.

  4. I got this and the upgrades and yes it is confusing to say the least.
    yes he provides very good instructions but you still have to know a little of what your doing. I tried and dont have nothing to show for it at the moment, didnt work.
    I am dissappointed that this is just building a website, it was hyped up that you didnt have to do all the normal stuff and then you find out its no different than the next piece of building a website. just do WP and add the plugins to get going and your on your way

  5. I signed up for this also, disappointed to say the least, typically after the initial purchase there was all the upgrades that you must have, my main concern is that it was promoted as a secret script, be damned, I already know how to create my own webpages and any advertising methods that they try to teach are just common knowledge.

    I agree with you Rob, you only need wordpress or some other blogger and you can go it alone without the so called secret that is not! however, it maybe helpfull to some

  6. I got a few products from Timmi and they all seem to show you the basics of building a web site. I have to say that he does give some really useful bonuses…

    I loves the domain flipping stuff and the PLR stuff … I buy from him just because he keeps feeding me good bonuses…. It takes time to learn but it’s better than getting ripped

  7. Why don’t the newbies just use the normal wordpress platform to setup the website, I use it all the time and never have any problem.

    I like WordPress better because you don’t need to know much about coding just install from your hosting account automatic..

    Check my site out for your self

  8. I had trouble right from the get go!
    First of all, I requested the license to a sub-domain; and the license showed that it was licensed to my main domain. I contacted the help desk for help numerous times, but I’m not getting any useful information. I asked about the license being invalid; and they simply responded, telling me what my domain was!?! Every installation keeps coming back with an error: “Invalid License Key; please contact administrator”. I logged onto my account last night; and found that the license now points to my sub-domain; like I originally requested. But it still will not install. I’ve totally removed the files from the server numerous times, and then tried to do a fresh install; and it will not go beyond the screen where it requests the license key; and gives me the error!!

    I’m sure many are having successful installations; but it absolutely will not work for me. I’m fed up; and planning to ask for a refund.

  9. I haven’t tried this product yet. I always check Alexa when considering buying a new product. The current rating on Alexa =785. I’ve never seen a product with this high of rating, and I been scourring the internet for 3 yrs. trying to find the best products.

    After reading the comments here, I don’t see any point in buying the product. They acted like they had software that was worth $25,000. Now, I find out this is bs. The video script is excellent, especially for newbies who aren’t aware of how this cat and mouse game between marketers and people works. They sympathize with you and the frustrations you have encountered dealing with the gurus. They make an important point which is, the screen shots that the gurus show on their websites isn’t what they have earned from the product you are considering buying, BUT the money they have earned by selling products to people they have on their massive
    list. They make you think you can make a fortune just by pressing a button on their software.

    I digress here. But, I don’t see how marketers are making any money with these sorry products. I have probably gotten refunds from about 20 products I have bought from ClickBank. They have never denied me a refund. I’m sure I’m not the only one getting a refund either. So, it just seems like that would severely impact the profits they make.

    Anyway, another product bites the dust, and I won’t be buying it after reading these reviews.

  10. Well thanks for all the great comments. I was really thinking about getting this product. But I will save my money now. You know it’s really ashame, why can’t someone make a product that will really work for us newbies. It is really upsetting that people would take advantage of people who are just trying to make a better live for themselves. Well I guess I’ll just keep on looking, there has got to be something out there.

  11. I’m a friggin idiot. I bought this line of crap…..hook, line and sinker. Now I want a refund. Can anyone advise me as to how I go about getting a refund? I’ve already put in two “tickets” because I have nothing….nada. I’ve paid $68 to date…..but I didn’t go for the $1.98 Website Builder, which will eventually cost me $29.95 a month.

    I believed this clown…..he actually said, you enter your information, then you enter MORE information….blah, blah, blah. Are you kidding me? Each time you are entering information, you are whipping out your credit card and paying another fee for nothing. Do I not have a site from them yet because I didn’t go for the Website deal? I am also a newbie-ish. It’s not new that I’ve gotten ripped off before, new in the fact that I haven’t made one dime yet. Why do I keep doing this stupid crap?

    Can anyone suggest how I get my money back? Thanks.

  12. Don… I just requested my refund through my receipt from ClickBank. The “Customer Service” link will take you to ClickBank product purchase details. From there, you select “Get Support”, “Other”, and you will see a selection for refund. I was told it would be 2 days for a response, but the confirmation email said 1 business day for cancellations and refunds. Good luck!

  13. Thank you to you all !
    -I think that the first thing a newbie have to learn, is to search first for the review of the offered product.
    -Maybe it go appear an current of attitude, to put to general embargo, those foggy offers “buy first see later how it works”.
    -Are a lot of real good tools and tips that appears, but one can not see them because this jungle of hips.
    -Worse I have see a new good effective product that is presented in the same manner.
    -One can no more have the courage to propose in a simple clear manner a product, with out this 5$ cost for testimony and Click Bank accounts.
    -This hip system is so generalized, that one may wonder if he look unprofessional and make any sales, if he don’t applied.
    Hope some day to be done an ” free clear current to make offers” online;
    so to may cut this competition with the good looking crap and loosing time, and to may use all this energy to make real business online.

  14. Though i highly doubted, after reading these reviews, anyone will purchase the product. If you are still considering it, when you go to the website, try to exit the page. You will then be prompted with the usual scam-box-thing of “wait, before you go…”. The page that opens will have the initial product listed for 27$, 10$ cheaper than the main page.

  15. This is just another get rich quick scam. The thing is, the promotion for this Click N Bank thing is basically a sales webpage that goes on and on about how this the only thing that really shows you how to make money online, and that everybody else’s make money scam are rip off and that everybody else is just lying to you.

    This is one of the most popular promotional strategies and now almost every crooked internet guru is saying that they are the only ones who are telling you the truth. Yeah, right. Don’t for one minute, believe all this crap. I would stay clear of this product if I were you.


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