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Chronic Commissions by Winter Valko and Corey Lewis is a make money online product.

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8 thoughts on “Chronic Commissions”

  1. Just launched July 11. Read 4 reviews, very positive. $49 start up there is also 2 upsells. I only thinking at the moment to buy it.

  2. I just bought this product yesterday. I attempted the log-in, but can’t get the upload. I put in m e-mail and password as they prompted. I tried it a million times! Is there a trick? Has anyone else had problems? Is there a phone number I can call. I tried their support system and issued a ticket, but have not hear a thing. Is this a scam? Help!

  3. Bought this about a week ago. This is a nice product, especially if you’re a newbie. It automates everything as to handling CB selected offers in the IM niche, up until promotion. There’s only one option included: solo ads. Great with an included rolodex with solo ad providers. The product includes two expensive upsells, including personal coaching. Hasn’t seen much of that, but they’ve only started, the first seminar is today. To do this you need to invest money, since the solo ads are not cheap… They’ve two options as regards offers, direct linking and squeeze page. You should use the latter to grow your own list in AWeber.

    There also some free downloads but that you can give away for an email address, and 36 older bonus campaigns. The product is as turn-key as it gets, no article marketing, no SEO, no blogs necessary. Ideal if you’ve got money but little time.

    Lastly, it has a built-in tracker, very important.

  4. Everything sounded great. And it’s true they have so many affiliate links attached. I understand how a person could get in good with this product. But there is no phone number to reach anyone and I’ve emailed and I have not received any replies to my specific questions. and I signed up yesterday. So I’m hoping someone will get in contact with me soon. I cannot rate something I not been able to activate and actually use.

  5. The ad says “5 clicks to set up and make money!” In the video, Abrams says it took him an hour to follow the instructions and get started. That after 15 minutes it was getting clicks and after one hour his first commission was posted. He also claims he was completely new to internet marketing. B S !!!

    I bought into the video message, (i guess the chronic ’70s chill factor resonated with me), bought the program, was forced into listening/watching another 15 minute or so upsell, and bought that too! Then there was ANOTHER upsell vid, which I passed on.

    So, an hour of videos and increase of credit card debt, and I got started. 1st thing you have to join Clickbank, which is free, just not all that intuitive as far as I’m concerned. Then you have to get an Aweber account, which is only $1 for the 1st month, then it’s $19/mo recurring! No big deal IF the Chronic program works. Then you can go ahead and set up your Chronic COmmissions account. ANd believe me, it’s WAY more than 5 clicks to do this!

    Then you get to start setting up your campaigns, which seems easy enough. There’s a vid to explain every step. Then you get to the Traffic sources, which are people who have large email lists…and they CHARGE around $300 for 1000 clicks!

    So far I have over 4 hours invested in this thing, and as far as I can tell, everything in the ad for it is BS! It’s NOT 5 clicks; it’s NOT super easy or simple; and while they provide supposedly great list providers for your traffic, the price for the traffic is NOT included in the program.

    The come-on is that the guy “sharing” this program, Abrams, is all about giving and sharing and would really like to give it away for free to help out his fellow humans who may be down on finances, he being a former “couch surfer” (homeless, chilled out, hippy dude). But wow! The buy in is just the beginning! Sure IF the rewards are an income of $300+ per day, it’s be worth it. But I’m not completely burned out, and I’m not completely ignorant of computers, and this program is NOT what it promises!

  6. I have been trying to get this thing working for about ten days now and I am still trying to figure things out. I bought the Chronic Commissios Fully loaded extreme 36 campaign Pack, the copy paste traffic, The Chronic commissions- Calibs billion dollar System, The Cash 1234 system, signed up for the aweber account and the clickbank account. There is just too much information for any average person to digest. Five clicks??? I bet I”ve made 5000 clicks and still am not up and running. I am going to ask my 21 year old daughter to try and help me but she lives out of state. If I don’t get somewhere soon I will be asking for a refund. Any more comments on this would be very much appreciated. Thanks


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