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Chris Farrell Membership by Chris Farrell is an internet marketing training program.

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6 thoughts on “Chris Farrell Membership”

  1. Hello,
    I have been a member of Chris’s (CFM) for three months now and must say the training is wonderful!! It is geared towards the new marketer or somebody like me that needed to refresh. There is all kinds of different tools, forums and unlimited training. Also has free hosting for members for unlimited url’s. That alone makes the value of $37 per month a steel with my already 6 sites. Support is the best I have seen. Period! You submit a ticket to get you’re link cloaking software and Bam!! Its done. Or anything else you need support to do. If your new or need a refresher or simply want to take advantage of the unlimited hosting, it is hard to beat the $37 per month. Absolutely no complaints from me.

    Take Care,
    Jim Kennedy

  2. Hi All

    I have been a member of the Farrell membership now for 18months and over that time have learned a vast amount of information on the subject.
    I would recommend the Chris farrell membership to anyone who wishes to learn from a real Master without all the Hype. Chris is one of the few people in Internet Marketing who Truly wishes to help and he and his support staff are approachable and always helpfull.

  3. While i have no specific negative thing to say about the Chris Farrell Membership Program and yes I have been or am a member, I will say this. While Chris Farrell did start off as an internet marketer, the big money did not come until he started the membership site with it’s recurring billing.

    That makes one wonder if his success is actually from being an internet product entrepreneur or is mostly from his internet marketing information site. It also disturbs me a little that his main focus is to have his students market his site through his squeeze pages and subsequent Success Grenade program


  4. I’ve been an active and ongoing member of the Chris Farrell Membership since December of 2009, and I can attest to the fact that this is the ONLY marketer and the ONLY Membership site or website I’ve EVER found online which I know now that I can totally trust one hundred percent! (This guy Farrell is one individual online who knows how to teach you the proper PROCESS of how to make money online, and how to make that process WORK in ANY niche: Forget about ‘shiny objects’, or sales pages with big houses and fast-cars, (and lots of hypey promises and claims threaded throughout their content), and FORGET about all these ‘push-button easy’ “softwares” or “systems” (promising you almost immediate overnight riches on ‘autopilot’), because I’ve been there with all those things before – and I’ve tried them – after being gullibly taken in by them myself, and they DON’T work – because in every case people are just being sold a fantasy (while those that promote them are laughing all the way to the bank). I speak here from first-hand experience as a victim of these different types of online scams.

    I know know Chris Farrell personally (to a certain degree) having met and conversed at length with him on three different occasions (here in the UK) at different internet marketing/make money online events to date, and I can see that he his totally ethical and honest, and he has a real willingness to help people to succeed online – by teaching them (with incredible patience) step by baby-step (right down to the last tiniest detail with absolutely nothing left out) completely from scratch, exactly how to make money online.
    I have started to consistently grow subscriber lists and earn recurring income online by following his instructions and teachings and I can swear that this person is the real deal and that you won’t need to look any further than
    his membership site if you are wishing that you could start actually making money online, or even if you have already been online for some time – and are still TRYING to!

    The only ‘downside’ I have with his teaching-videos (of which there are hundreds – and they are all quite short and to the point, and very instructive and informative) is that he makes quite a few silly and inane comments and exclamations here and there as he steps you through how to do different things (which I personally find quite irritating and annoying), BUT he absolutely flat-out knows EVERYTHING worth knowing about making money online! And even more importantly, he knows how to TEACH it all to his members. But other than that, I can’t fault him in any other way. In short I can recommend Chris Farrell Membership as being the only solution you will ever need to making money online.

  5. has any one the guts to admit how much money they have made using chris farrells training?, or this this for me to spend my money then get the same response i have received from the other marketing gurus.
    i have spent so much time and money on a variety of make money methods click bank must be making a fortune from suckers like me.
    everyone wants and needs targetted traffic not even free traffic but if you spend $100 on buying leads you need to at least get a minimum of $200 in return.none of us are greedy, none of us are lazy,and anyone who has invested in any money making programme has the same frustrating result. yes we get bombarded by the next money making scheme from click bank and from someone who has made so much money they are now retiring at the age of 21. come on father chritmas time for you to show yourself.


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