Cell Phone Cash

Cell Phone Cash VideoCell Phone Cash by Mack Michaels is a very unique Internet marketing program that gives you a system of how to tap into the huge market of mobile communication. In simple words, with this system you will be able to send messages with your offers to billions of cell phones out there.

Cell Phone Cash is a membership program that gives you access to the community of people who are already making money with it. It includes step-by-step videos on how to start, how to build your business, and personal coaching to guide you through.

Why buy?

If you want to take your online business to the next level and reach out to billions of cell phone owners with your marketing message.

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2 thoughts on “Cell Phone Cash”

  1. I like Mack, but this product just doesn’t work – the training I mean. Many of us (in a forum of about 100, many giving stats/results being negative) experience IM people have not been able to make it work. It certainly is not for newbies. I think you (the website owner here) should buy it yourself and try to make it work as Mack points out – lets us know the results and show us the stats. I have shared opening all my stats, URLs, results to everyone – to date no profit!

  2. I am a newbie to the internet, and I have been dodging scams since I came on the net. Here is the deal, I want to start my own business I just got redundant, and I am waiting for the next few weeks to collect. I would like to have a means of making money until I find anew job and I heard about cell phone cash. It seems to be attractive but it seems plastered with scam.

    I read the testimonials where two persons with the same names living in two separate places having word for word the same thing. In both testimonials both had a nephew in marketing college that they are going to give the program.

    I need to know if by some reason this is a real deal, I need a reply.


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