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CB Traffic Warrior

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This is an entry for CB Traffic Warrior, a traffic generation software and course by Andrew X.

If (or when) you have experience with this product or other products by this author, please leave a comment with your feedback below. Your feedback can help someone else to decide. Thanks!

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  1. I just bought CB traffic warrior and all I can say is – AVOID AVOID AVOID – Complete scam. It’s just an article directory submitter and that’s it. I can’t believe people are still hyping up products like this when article submitters have been around for years. Absolute garbage. Also, if anyone bought the course ‘Traffic Siphon’ which came out about 10-12 weeks ago, the layout and the wording are exactly the same so they’ve basically just copied that site and incorporated their own bit of article submission software. The difference being that traffic siphon was actually a very good course and one I can definitely recommend but CB traffic warrior is a complete sham and I can’t believe Andrew X has got the cheek to release something like this.

    It doesn’t even come with any instructions on how to use it. All you get is the download link and a few other things and that’s it. It looks like this could be even worse than the now infamous ‘auto traffic monopoly’ scam from last week. I have an article spinner and distributor and anyone else with access to those things should completely avoid this course.

  2. Minerva Garza Reply

    Thanks for the info. I am trying to find online work and this seemed like a good place to start. I’m glad I have not gone ahead with the purchase. It sounds kind of disapointing for a first timer. They sure do a lot of e-mail promotion though.

  3. Thank you for the info and warning, Chris. You’ve saved me a lot of time and trouble.

  4. Thanks for letting us know. I almost fell for this. Mark Barnard (who’s products are generally really good) should be ashamed of himself for promoting crap like this with all the hype put into that sales page. Just be honest!

  5. Thanks a ton to Chris. The copy sounded good but was very light on the details so, thank Heaven, I did check here before shelling out the dough. Thanks for telling it like it is, Chris!

  6. Man I am bloody sick to death of all these mongrels lying through their teeth, All I want is the thruth..not keeop getting ripped off..When will these people be honest…Thanks heaps Chris

  7. Thank you very much Chris. The hype was big, and I almost went for it, then decided to do a search and found this comment
    You just saved me 47 bucks and a lot of wasted time.

  8. Thanks a lot chris i nearly bought this i have been done over so many times in the past i do not want to go down that road again…………..

  9. No worries guys. Glad my little review has saved you all some money. These ‘blind sale’ type products are always best avoided and though I’ve been involved in internet marketing for a while I was honestly shocked that someone had the cheek to sell an article spinner after such a silly amount of hype. Anyone looking to get honest reviews about the latest guru products should either come here or check out the warrior forum (

  10. Thank you Chris for this review. As a neophyte to affiliate marketing, the advertisement sounded like a panacea of affiliate marketing success. I think what is more bothersome is that a respected “Guru” actually promoted this to me. Don’t these people even check out a product before they attempt to profit from it? Guess who will get deleted? Why would I ever trust anything else he would promote to me in the future?

  11. steve smithy Reply

    I totally agree Chris, this is very poor..just 3 videos, installation, regioster and submit..this is a total insult and crock of crap. There are actually 3 softwares, an article rewriter, directory submitter and a blog software… I couldn’t get any of these softwares to work..kept getting an message saying that the software had stopped working so I haven’t had chance to actually try it. Contacted support but as to be expected, poor after response…stay well clear of this scam..

    the other point I would like to make if you are promoting this is that I did some testing with around 20 different emails from different Ip’s and subscribed through my own link with each email.. Anrew stated that signups would be cookied yet on launch day when I got the go email to these email addresses, I clicked through to buy and my affiliate ID was no where to be found..So scammed from both sides…

  12. Glad I found you site when I did google search and added review.
    Gees…… i had my finger on the pay now button, then noticed it has a monthly billing deal for $47.
    Also as I clicked the close window, the pop up screens started coming up.
    First on $10 off, Second one more discount, and the Third window offer for only 1 BUCK.
    What a way to try to milk the cow 😉

  13. I agree with the above review. Although it installed ok it will not run. Since it looks like it is just an over hyped article submitter I have requested a refund via clickbank.

  14. thanks a lot. As always, the firs guess is a right one – I hesitated to buy CBTW last night, and at that time search came out only with plausible comments – from distributors. This morning I have repeated and have found what I was suspecting.

    Alej, Vancouver

  15. Thank you Chris I won’t even consider getting it after your comments. Now does anyone know anything about facebook cash pump system that came out in July? by Rash & Ash UK this is the first one. Not the one out now. Unable to contact these people since Sept..

  16. Hi Darlene. I really wouldn’t bother buying any facebook marketing guide as they’re all useless. Facebook adverts are notoriously difficult to convert and the other option is to try and build up fan pages that ultimately don’t convert either because the people on them don’t like the idea of being sold to. Facebook advertising is good for mainly offline businesses but for affiliate marketers it’s a no go.

  17. Hey you guys, Thanks for the Heads up I’ve been trying to find information about this product to actually consider promoting it but i wont promote somthing if it won’t help anybody, and this is the first place I found honesty Instead of sales hype claiming to be an honest review. I cant believe Andrew X though He has a good rep, the sales page , as usual, doesn’t tell you how the product works it just shows screenshots of his clickbank Paypal accounts. There are alot of good traffic software products out there though but before i buy one i gonna ask you guys first. If anyone knows, which is best? And thanks again I have been pretty lucky lately finding a few honest marketers still remaining.
    Ps, What and where are you doing -going for backlinks thats somthing anyone rarely speaks of in discussion. Why- Whynot?

  18. There is no “Golden Goose” way to riches on the Internet or anywhere.
    If you HAD such a thing, would you sell it??
    Anything that sounds a little too good to be true is almost certainly that.

  19. I found myself looking at this product today. Not tempted, but terribly curious as someone fairly new to all of this, and sometimes a little impatient for my own good. It’s all just about article submissions? As one reader already commented, that’s been available for sometime. Even I know that much.

    Thank you for the comments/reviews posted here; extremely helpful, good lessons and warnings for the newbies.

  20. Thanks for all the solid information guys and gals. I had heard bad things about this product, but you always want a few opinions.

  21. Mujeeb Ahmed Reply

    Can anyone tell me that Auto Traffic Hijacker by Jason Johnson was really a good software for online money making. Now is there any source from which we can buy this software.

    I saw a video of Instant Cash Empire and according to them we can make money by just 7 clicks. I paid $ 37 through click bank, but I did not receive any software, however they have given access to their website where I saw some training videos that how we can make some sites automatically for getting the traffic, but for these sites we have to buy domain name and web hosting through hostjest.

    Can we really make money through Instant Cash Empire.

    I have also downloaded the trial version of CB Traffic warrior, but I did not find any training video for how to use this software.

  22. Thanks for the comments from you guys – I was thinking of purchasing this software – don’t you just hate this hidden marketing crap, it sounds good until you purchase it.
    I bet you most people who have left a comments in this blog have lost a fortune on trash products, Clickbank should ban this sort of advertising!

  23. admin Reply

    Clickbank is actually going the right way and is tightening their rules a lot. That’s why you see a lot less new products being launched on Clickbank lately. Of course there are still a lot of old ones in there.

  24. I did !

    Don’t do It!

    this and anything with Andrew X related to it is bad mojo! Just stay away and let everyone know!

    Also the hosting company ( shut down that I got the supposed $97 free web site 3 days after I bought it! now no website, now refunds, and no support from CB Traffic Warrior!

    BlaaH on people like that!

    Thank You!


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