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CB PredatorCB Predator is an automation software for Clickbank affiliates that creates an affiliate website and affiliate pages for Clickbank products 99% automatically (with just about 18 clicks). The result websites are search engine optimized to attract long tail traffic.

CB Predator is based on an idea to make it easy for beginners to start in affiliate marketing, but the tool can be used by advanced marketers to quickly build websites as well.

As the product’s name suggests, it is focused on Clickbank products. Clickbank makes it easy for anyone to start promoting and making money as well as it has thousands of products in its marketplace to choose from. With software like CB Predator, you will be able to promote as many products as you like, which increases your chances to actually make money doing so.

And because the process of creating websites is automated, it will save you days (or even months, depending on how many products you’d promote) of work to create affiliate pages that are also search engine optimized.

As far as the content, CB Predators have a team of writers behind the system which writes product reviews. So the content you get for your sites is fresh hand written and rewritten to spin unique copies. The reviews aren’t just for the popular products but also new reviews written regularly for product launches. It’s another aspect that this system capitalizes on by giving you a chance to promote product launches, which is a whole different affiliate marketing model.

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12 thoughts on “CB Predator”

  1. I just read that with 2hours per day you could have like 240 sites up in a month! All reviewing products .. all potentially paying you affiliate commissions. That’s a very, very lucractive activity!

    Sounds like the CB Predator is going to be big!

  2. Well i am promoting this myself now with several sites, and i must say that i am really eager to get this myself. My main income is in fact coming from a very few sites where i sell clickbank stuff, so i know how long it takes to make such sites, let alone to rank them in Google 🙂 They say you can make a site in 15 mins, and what this means in potential is really…well..crazy. Instead of getting a domain and then working weeks on a site, do the same thing in 15 mins, then move on to another product or niche,. Very, very nice. I am not saying this without meaning it (i know we all want to sell and get our commissions 🙂 )….but this just reads and sounds very, very interesting. Probably one the most interesting affiliate tools released in the last months/years. Looking forward to it. G.

  3. I got CBP 4-20-10 thinking what a great product, now 10 days later I am thinking I have thrown away £204.76.
    Thats £45.94 for CBP and the first month of service and ££158.82 for the Platinum Membership.

    To start with I am using subdomains from my main website (I run this with hostgator and word press)

    At first the program would not run as it should (I use windows 7) and do you know what that was the problem, the thing is now the program will not up load to my subdomains.

    I have attended all the webinars they have done and folowed all the diferent instructions, I have also submited requests for help to the suport centre But they will not respond.

    So I am sat here 10 days after purchase with no help no websites and £204.76 out of pocket wondering what my next move will be.

    And they say 18 clicks and 15 mins per website

  4. Trevor, SAME HERE!
    I have sent 6 support tickets. One was answered today, only to tell me to follow the directions on the webinars. HELLOOOO don’t you think I tried that already?!
    I’m very skeptical at this point as well.

  5. Just like Trevor and Amanda my support tickets have gone unanswered. I have tried everything I can think of to get up and running. I have a number of blogs completed so when I actually have a site I can publish. But their inability to respond to support is very bad for their rep. They requested that we stay calm and each of us would be answered, they turned off their comment line to avoid us unhappy clients. Our only option is to demand our money back. But damn…I want that software to work for me on the website I created just for it. That costs money too!

  6. I have now got all my £204.76 back via click bank. Its sad to say this but it should have been a great program the problem is that they do not seam to understand they have problems.
    Any way I am just geting on with my own wordpress sites.
    If you are doing the same and you want extra content just google SK plugins or articles and you will be up and runing in no time.

  7. For those of you having issues, it could be a browser problem. Try downloading Mozilla Firefox or Safari. This was my issue. Explorer wouldn’t even let me log in.

  8. I can’t believe in good faith you can be promoting this product. I have been in it since it launched. The site, the communication, the updates, everything has been stalled. NOTHING has been done in over two weeks. No new templates, no webinars. The list could go on and on. It disturbs me that this put out to be the answer to the struggling marketer and people aren’t getting anything.

  9. I’ve signed up four of my blogs with this service about three weeks ago… zero, zilch, nada… like Mark says, nothing is going on with this article site.

  10. This is a terrible program with very bad support. Don’t waste your time . I made about 20 site and not one made me any money…NOT A DIME… in fact all I got was a bunch of spam comments and I am sure Google penalized me …


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