CB Fortune

CB Fortune is a business in a box based on promoting Clickbank products. But it’s not just another PLR product, it is very similar to Clickbank Pirate.

The idea is to provide Internet marketers (usually beginners) with all the promotional material needed to create attractive affiliate offers. In other words to do more than most vendors provide for their affiliates (especially beginners).

CB Fortune starts pretty much the same – you enter your Clickbank id and get a website spit out with a pre-loaded content. You can edit it, you can host a blog and post additional articles to it – all to make it unique. You can also add your ads – Adsense, other network ads or just custom banners.

My first concern about Clickbank Pirate (I inevitably compare the two) was about traffic. You need traffic and considering the package is geared towards beginners for the most part, it is a serious issue. So how does CB Fortune solve this issue (or tries to)? It has web 2.0 and social networking techniques built-in.

After examining one niche package from CB Fortune, I was impressed with the quality of the site you get and how easy it is to customize it. However, I was a little disappointed about the promotion part – I expected a little bit more. You get PLR articles, banners, sample Adwords ads, but the only automation is the friend inviter. But that’s only good if you already have a decent network of friends on one or more social networking sites (and preferably in the niche you’re promoting).

The other concern is the duplicate content issue (a.k.a. the army of clone websites). You will not climb the ladder of Google if you look like 1,000 other websites, just one of them will for each term. While you can’t edit the graphics (well technically you can, but let’s face it, very few can do that and if they can they probably don’t need the package at all), you can edit the content and add your own. CB Fortune encourages that with a built-in blog and that’s a great idea considering that beginners really need to be encouraged.

Lastly, even though “business in a box” sounds easy, it’s far from what you can imagine. There’s a lot of work to be done on your part, but the framework it provides does look pleasing.

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