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CB Doctor by Mark Jones

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1 thought on “CB Doctor”

  1. Among all the program that I’ve bought and tested, I reckon this one is the most and biggest B.S. of them all. At least the others do give you a lesser heartache than this one. I tell you what you’ll get after purchasing this program.
    1) After payment for your purchase you’ll be ask to wait for 48 hours before they’ll give you your login details.
    2) once log on you’ll see your so called dashboard where you’ll be asked to input you clickbank account and API key and developer key.
    3) once all details have been input, you’ll be asked to wait again for 48 hours (I don’t see any reason for this) before you’ll get your recommendations.
    4) After the 48 hrs wait you’ll be asked to log on again to view your recommendations and roughly work yourself around it. (If you can and if you know what is going on)

    Until now I’m still trying to figure out what I’m suppose to do with the program. Yes of coz you got all the training videos and pdf to refer to (forget it! better go watch sponge bob cartoon. at least you’ll be entertain by it). What you see in the video is totally different from what you get in your dashboard. The training video will bore you to death. There are heaps of videos. All the videos are almost the same. All the videos will teach you how to log on, see the reports and finally tell you to contact support for any problems (even my little nephew knows that). None of the video will show you how to get around using the program and how to market the products that you want to market.

    Well that’s how much I can tell you what CB Doctor is all about. Don’t believe me? Go spent your $47 buck and see for yourself.


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