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CB Cash Code by Mike Auton and Chris X is a make money online product.

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6 thoughts on “CB Cash Code”

  1. Anyone bought this and is doing exactly what that guy said in the video? Meaning just 3 clicks and you are done? Then see the cash roll in? cause this seems pretty hard to trust. Thanks for any replies.

  2. I do not think that with 3 clicks you ever make any success..it is to good to be truth…now when something is going to make you such tremendous profit,it do not cost 34 Dollars…so I think something is fake in all that story

  3. I bought this product and added the Elite software to it, but I have not seen any results. The Elite software does not produce links as the software claims. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Is this product genuine? Please clear my doubts.

  4. can anyone tell us what this program really is or how it is supposed to work.
    I once brought one of these software that promises just 3 clicks to set up, with no building websites etc.
    Well when i got it that was what the software did. if build 3 replicating websites for you but you had to copy some info into this software. it built terrible websites.
    I’m curious to know what this does?

  5. The support is awesome. I purchased the product and am using it as directed. I purchased it on 6/18/11 and I have not seen any results as of yet. I emailed support and Mike immediately responded with keep working the system as I was doing. It’s now 6/26/11 and still no results and when I put my sites in Alexa.com to rank them to see if I’m getting more traffic…the results are disappointing….still NO TRAFFIC.

    The concept sounds good and the software is easy to work…however, the results are ZERO….so far.

  6. I have the cb cash code, the regular software post links to different site-but I have not seen any results, they say it takes time for google to get your site on page 1 of google. the software says run the software every 3 days. I got the cb cash code ‘elite’ , it did not work like it said it would on goverment sites- I got a refund back asap!. no trouble. I might get a refund on cb cash code …if I dont see some results!…soon.


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