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Cash Siphon by Andrew X is an automated software that generates a network of sites to drive traffic.

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5 thoughts on “Cash Siphon”

  1. Looks like a chain letter scheme to me. Set up a bunch of internet sites selling this same stuff. Try to get info on internet and all take you to video asking you to buy it. Sites saying customer reviews are lies and are really just trying to sell this “Siphon App” and have no real customer reviews. Just a bunch of crap just like all the other internet “Guru’s”. Steer clear of this crap.

  2. Tried to download all the websites and had problems downloading anything. Have asked for support and so far no response! Just anothe guru, I thionk scamming on the rest of the Gurus! Have you noticed lately that all the stories are the same with different names!!!! And they are all saying the same thing that bassically all the programs are crap “but this one is the real deal. I am so tilred of all of this. I have been trying to make a buck online for 6 months with different programs and promises!!!! and am sick of all of this. I have sites with homewebsite center and many visitors but 0 in my clickbank accounts!!!! yep a big fat “0” Anyone else have the same thing going on? I am definitely about to give up on all of this internet business. If I see one more “false”
    click bank account with thousands of dollars every day- I jlust want to SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. OK…I sat through the 20 minutes Siphon App video from Andrew X and like others said….it’s the same old “Guru” story where he went from zero to hero making big bucks and now he wants to “share it” with us poor schmoos trying to make a living on the Internet. My question is always the same, if this app were truly making him $500k +/- like he says, WHY would he want to share it with others for a measly $47 bucks. I know I wouldn’t…..I wouldn’t even tell my F or F about how I’m doing it much less sell it for $47 bucks. I too am tired of buying these lame money making software promises (I’ve spent thousands) and they never make any money. I now only buy “productivity software” that will help me make a “real” living and I recommend the same for others.

  4. I really thought about this one. Then I realized that maybe all the money he is showing that he made wasn’t really from cash siphon but from selling the product to someone like me. Please someone, if you have success on this let me know. I have seen so many of these things.

  5. I purchased Cash Siphon on 09/01/2011. I read the instructions and started using it on my first project. I entered all the necessary data and clicked play. All seemed to work fine. All the articles were properly gathered. After the play button reappeared, I clicked on the post button and the articles began to post. Several times during the process, captcha windows appeared and I entered the displayed text. The first posting attempt performed just as it was supposed to work. However, the second project was not as successful. The gathering went perfectly. Then the glitch occurred. Halfway through the posting process, the following message appeared, a black window with yellow text from Squidoo:
    Squidoo access from your IP range has been blocked, due to an unmistakable trend of spam or automated lensbuilding or other Terms of Service violations coming from the area. Our Squidoo engineers work hard to keep the platform safe and valuable for the hundreds of thousands of people who use it to publish useful, unique, curated, authentic content. Unfortunately we’re unable to provide services to your IP range at this time. Thanks for your interest in using Squidoo, and good luck with whichever other service you use to build your webpages.

    From this point on, I could no longer post to Squidoo from my IP address. The only option was to use Cash Siphon from a different IP address, which will be my next step. I don’t know if it will help, but I suggest using Cash Siphon only in the 15 article mode and use it only for one project each day….no more than that. In the meantime, if I am unable to resolve this issue, I will request a refund. This is an unfortunate glitch because I really like the software. I still have six more weeks to use the software. If a the problem is resolved within that time, I will keep the software…if not, a refund will be requested.
    Good Luck,
    The Chemist


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