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Cash Renegade by Andrew X is a software designed to generate affiliate websites.

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22 thoughts on “Cash Renegade”

  1. So tell me Folks, is this Affiliate Marketing Software another scam that so many of us have heard of, or is it
    genuinely the real deal?

  2. Hi David.

    Well, affiliate marketing is not a skam, but like any business, it requires hard work, determination, and yes a bit of luck. Now go on to the Cash Renegade site and watch the video. here’s the well-warn pitch.

    The gurus are lying to you and want to rip you off.
    2. Forget things like list building and ppc they’re no good – that’s a complete lie by the way
    3. Just buy this software, press the play button and watch the money roll!

    Well David, does that sound like a Skam to you or an honest way to show pwople how to make money from the Internet? If that’s not the ultimate get rich quick pitch then I don’t know what is. Press one button and stuff your bank account with cash? Really?

    David, it’s all the rage right now, but don’t fall for it. Things like SEO PPC and list building do work but they’re hard to do well. These people who sell software like this are really saying. “you can quickly build a pritty website with my software with a few clicks of your mouse or even just 1 click”

    The trouble is, That website then needs to rank in Google for something that a lot of people are looking to buy or there needs to be some way of bringing lots of people to the site who want to buy what you’re selling and that’s the bit you don’t normally get or you may get some rehashed old ebook telling you that you need to write thousands of articles and submit them to hundreds of article directories and then people will come to your site and that’s the part that isn’t just 1 click.

    OK, nuf said. I’m not saying that his particular system is a skam. I’m simply saying if it looks too good to be true, it’s probably going to require you to do more than just “Press the play button”. Anyone else got any thoughts or have you bought it and it’s making you floods of cash?

  3. Hi

    I have been coming to this site a lot and has been of great value to me, therefore i like to contribute something as well.

    I have bought the cash renegate software last week, and have been using it everyday now.
    I can really say, that it is a marvel!.

    Finally a piece of software that delivers the work, it ought too.

    I have bought, Go click cash, push button cash sites, and other fake bs software tools,

    this one though is worth the bucks.

    What it does is, it automaticly searches for content, spin it, and put it in your niche blog, you are able to randomize everything as you please, easy to set up, took me only 5 minutes.

    Great informing vids as well.

    Like just now, i gave in some info on what i wanted, the software found articles and are now in my dashboard to approve and publish, add some tags and that’s it!

    great stuff!


  4. I’ve had success online for a while now. This looks just like the easy click commissions video. I think it’s all the same. The automation comes from you doing the hard work at the beginning to get ranked on page #1 of Google in the organic (free) search placements. Once you get up there you stay forever, pretty much, and that’s when the automation comes in. You can keep making money every month without doing anything. But fist it does take a lot of work to get to that point.

  5. Hey Steffer,

    Sup, If this thing will find content for your websi-ok WP Blog, and it has been a spun unique article, then I got that already, in fact I have about four different types of software that can do that.

    You put in your keywords or phrase and click go, and the thing goes and finds a bunch of articles and then recreates them. You can then put them in you WordPress dashboard post area and even use the auto blog feeder plug in. The truth is, no matter how much you add relevant content the site may or may not every bring a sale. I have a site that is raking in an average of 90 visits a day because I can spin content and have it posted and still I have very few sales ever. People wont buy just because you have a site there.

    Auto spinner of content is not a money maker but it can build a well working site, you will need to learn how to make a convincing call to action.

    Getting on Google in page one to automate traffic wont make a sale either, see I have done that too and get a trample of traffic daily….but!!! the people don’t click and buy, not that often…truth spoken, things are changing from what yesterday was.

  6. I can’t really rate everything since I haven’t fully implemented the program. #1 Problem, I have a Mac and the software can’t seem to download since it’s a Windows program, no disclosure on the video, hoping that it will work with Mac OS. #2 Problem – I sent an email to support earlier today but still waiting to hear back, hoping I’ll get a response, obviously it isn’t prompt. The training modules are pretty good if you’re new to affiliate marketing, but I agree with the previous comments, hard work, persistence is key. Learned things I didn’t think of, but then again, I’m new to affiliate marketing.

    Will come back to this site to continue my review of the product once my concerns have been addressed and actually get to use the program.

  7. Hi everyone.

    if i may just summarized everything [literally everything] of what is happening with this software called “Cash Renegade”. From Start to End. Please tell me if i am right or wrong.


    So to put it simply: i need to own a website, say, or perhaps even a blog like, and help a company, say NaturalFace, sell their facial products, by placing their ads on my website. so whoever click on these ads on my website and make a purchase, i get commission [earn $] and NaturalFace Company pays me through Paypal or through some others.

    so the problem is, i am not getting traffic [people] into my website. no traffic = no commission. low traffic = low ***chance*** of commission. high traffic = high ***chance*** of commission. Well…its only logical not every visitor will come and click on the ads and make a purchase. some may just check out and leave. Understandable enough.

    So, to get high traffic, usually this is achieved by creating/getting contents that will attract people to come to such as writing 1 or many articles and posting them to many article directories, like, www.ezinearticles, etc…maybe even including any other websites and not just article directories. some use Youtube to do this, like maybe creating a Youtube account and Channel called “MyCatCharles” and upload tons of videos about this particular Cat called Charles, which will attract a lot of viewers if its good and then at the Youtube Channel’s Description Box…it says stuff like “For more interesting videos, visit —” and BINGO. tons of traffic flood into creating an account for many social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Friendster…yes..i know there are 100s out there…doing all these to get traffic [people] to come to yes…many many ways to get traffic. even sending out emails to a list of email contacts…etc.

    and then the problem with high traffic is – not everyone is looking to buy facial products on so now, needs ONLY people who are looking to buy facial products – Niche [Targeted] Traffic. so that the **chances** of earning commission is even higher.


    SO…………From [START] to [END] …….”Cash Renegade”

    1] helps to achieve all the desired results
    2] by **LITERALLY** doing some things automatically 24/7 by itself without any human being [create tons of attractive professional/pretty looking websites, search out contents like articles and videos that will bring in High Traffic and publish them to article directories, etc]

  8. continuing… sorry if its long…but i really do want to get this doubts cleared out from my mind.

    what “Cash Renegade” does is like what this website had said?

    ALL the Hard Work done by a Software instead of by a human being

    1] to create, not 1 [] but many of it [, etc ] very quickly without much of the usual/standard hassle when creating 1 professional attractive website at Blogspot or WordPress. so ‘Cash Renegade’ somehow…shorten the process by a lot.

    2] key in keywords into “Cash Renegade” to search for all the popular contents like articles and videos that will help to bring in high traffic OR find niche contents to bring in niche traffic

    3] 24/7 AUTOMATICALLY send/direct tons of targeted traffic to my generated websites [,, etc] according to the niche to which each website belong. so this sounds like i probably need to be affiliated to more than 1 company, not just NaturalFace.

    i believe 1] and 2] still needs a human being to do some work, am i right? the only AUTOMATION is at 3] ?

    have i understood everything clearly so far? am i right?

  9. yes…i am a fool going round and round in circles, even triple posting. sorry…wish i could edit. but yes…im pathetic. but i just want to know if i am right about understanding all these so far.

    and so…what Internet Marketers want is

    1] super quick way to create tons of websites to market out products
    2] super quickly get tons of traffic everyday 24/7 into these websites, without doing any social networking, youtubing and article typing stuff

    and there are many softwares that claim to be able to do all these and Internet Marketers are afraid of Fake Softwares or Softwares that aren’t as good as it is claim to be.

    in short, Cash Renegade is TRUE and IT WORKS [does it?] and gets 1] and 2] done? basically to help Internet Marketers market those products and people to buy them so that they earn tons of commissions?

  10. Hi Steffer,
    You said you bought the Cash Renegade right and you said it worked like a marvel, however what I need to know is: Did it make you money? Also is it good to only have an affiliate site and not your personal site?

  11. Hey I was wondering if anyone who has thios software can help me out? I recently purchased this software and was eager to use it however when I downloaded it it came up in this program called 7-zip file manager. None of the videos give any instructions on what to do and I am stuck!!!! does anyone who purchased this have any advice on what I am supposed to do now???

  12. There are no software and push button to make money online. It won’t take you anywhere in the long run. You need to establish trust and confidence from your readers/visitors. Only then you can make money.

  13. I purchased CashRenegade, and the software download is DESTROYED by my Norton EVERY time I download it to save or to Run, it states that it is unstable and suspicious and REMOVES it before my eyes. I wrote support and have yet to hear back. Then, there is this problem with the “free” website, meaning you have to purchase from Host Jester–if you read about their suspicious behavior you won’t want to go down that road–and, I did get a support reply from that area (websites only) that they have a “deal” with HostJester, and since you have to use a website name that has “review” and/or “bonus” in the title, you have to get a new domain + the year up front payment for hosting–which is just a small bandwith, at a price not listed on HostJester’s to the public (meaning you pay $167 to them in order to get the prepared webpage–and then they will bill you automatically every year since you paid for the domain from them. You only are allowed to have a transfer of a domain, but we’re informed if it doesn’t have the right title it’s worthless for the search engine. SO FAR, this is a bust!

  14. P.S. I’m speaking of the “CashRenegade.exe” file which is what is supposed to download the actual software. And, the training videos mentioned, suck, they are small, and they don’t say ANYTHING about how to download and put together and use the system.

  15. I was scammed out of $30,000 through an internet web business and yes, I am very scared to try this. After the initial cost of $39.95 for the 60 day trial, then how much will I be charged? The video does not tell you this but I want to know up front exactly how much total I will spend

  16. I have just watched the video, got the link from an “income opportunities” newsletter I subscribe to.
    First, it just isn’t exactly clear, what the guy is selling.
    Second, according to his presentation, he started his own business by basically ripping off his employer.
    Hmmm … way to build the trust …
    I would have to be an IDIOT to invest ONE DIME in this “opportunity” …

  17. When I signed up I thought paid extra for 4 cash renegade sites that already where making money. How do I see or access those sites? Also how can I tell if Cash Renegade is working or not? Its says my launch was successful but then I dont see anything happening with my site. What should I look for first?

    Thank you,

  18. I purchased the cash renegade about a couple of weeks ago and watched the first 2 training videos and all the upsells one of which I paid for which would be giving me10 niches highly rated for their income producing ability.

    Unfortunately, another surprise was I could get a free website through and cash renegade would build a website for me which included 3 reviews. Paying a higher monthly fee for the website has delayed my decision in accepting their offer. I might accept their offer and use it for a temporary period of time or get my own webhost. I was told that they will not build build a web site for me if I choose another host.

    I think that stinks. I have not activated the cash renegade system yet since I have no website.

    Any suggestions?

  19. Just watched the video.. It looks fake.. Doesn’t look like he is where he says he is.. A bit of video editing I’m thinkin..
    And usually when they act all angry at the scams, they are usually scammers themselves..
    Nothing new with this product..

  20. I bought this produ ct several months ago and dhave yet to get it going. I took me forever after I purchased it to even get anything to download. It kept giving me a message sayine I already downloaded but all I got was a page with one sentance at the top and it said it was done. I kept e-mailing their supplort site and they kept saying to try again but of course it would not let me since it kept saying I already did. FInally I got a note from clickbank asking it everything was alright with the product I purchased. That was when I said NO and the next day I fnally got a e-mail from csupport and another link to download the software. Well that one downloaded but the files were all ziped and when I upziped them I got individdual files that were supposed to be a program. I could open them but they were individual parts of the program nothing that would link them them together to run as a whole program. Finally I got frustrated and I still have not done anything with it. I went to to tutorials on how to use it but how can you use it if you can’t get the program to run as a program. I keep getting e-mails from them daily to get new products but why would I want ot do that when I can’g get thje original program to run. Does anyone out there have any suggestion or have you encountered the same problems and can help????

  21. Hi, I’m personally test the product. All I can say is nothing is really special about this product. The only thing I amazed is the automatic process from choosing articles, spinning, and posting to our blog.
    But, from 4 article directory and 1 video directory, only 1 article directory & 1 video directory that works.
    the others is having problems posting to my blog.
    When I asked to support team, TWICE…. they still don’t reply to my question…. really sucks.
    I don’t even know where to take my refund !

    Finally, it doesn’t worth it.

  22. Hey there, I haven’t purchased this cash renegade yet.It seems similar to a lot I have though,I usually only buy at $17, !9, 23, I usually avoid upsells like the plague.I got commission hack, that I may eventually get going,I’ve only just found out from PowWeb hosters that weebly conflicts with wordpress, so that may make the difference.I don’t know how to make a wp site up, but I’ve downloaded two pics on it so far.I also, finally downloaded and installed viral traffic optimizer, which looks like I may get it going.Both of these you download into wordpress as a zip file, you first have to place unzipped files into my docs or recent docs. don’t unzip them, when you click on the browse window in dashboard of wp and have clicked on plugins, add new,.You carry out the previous mentioned downlod or upload, the software automatically instals, then click on activate.A word of advice, never expect miracles in support with any of these guys.So called hold your hand personally, means webinars, which half work, half out of screen, sound staccatto, blurry text, cursor dancing too fast, half blacked out due to a storm.None of them seem to have telephone contact.Adrian Morrison seems ok.Cash code commissions seem good, as far as wanting you to succeed, can use own hosting, both with them and commission hack.One click with any of these is bs!!, they don’t even mention setting up clickbank accounts and how to link to your site to be paid commissions or if you want to sell any of your own real products, in conjunction with these affiliate internet marketing systens.I hope this helps, as for the crappy videos in that guy spouting abt his daughter making her first sale, that bs I didn’t even try after I got it.The forex and binary options guys are much the same, no service, if so, very very slow ems.They do ring on phone though trying to get you on an upsell.Remember, there is nothing FREE on the INTERNET.!!!


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