Cash Machines 2.0

So you’ve received yet another email about a new program that is supposed to help you make money online, this time it’s Cash Machines 2.0 by Tim and Zak.

But can you trust it to be any better than hundreds of programs that came before? Well, I can’t tell you that but you’ve come to the right page. This is where people who have bought this product will hopefully leave their feedback and let us all know how good it is. Unlike the hundreds of spam and scam pages on Google that you’ve no doubt have seen when searching for reviews of Cash Machines 2.0, this site is one of the very few that actually provides real user reviews.

To keep things even more organized, each product is rated on the scale of 5 (5 being the highest score, 1 being the lowest) across four different aspects – features, support, value for the money and the overall rating. That means if you see a product that has a score of 1, it’s probably no good. You may also see what the product might lack – if, for instance, it has a good score for its features but a low score for its support, it might mean the product is not bad but the support is lacking (and if you’re a newbie that can be a serious problem.)

I would like to encourage you to bookmark this page and this site so that you can come back to see more reviews as they are added over time by real users.

2 thoughts on “Cash Machines 2.0”

  1. BEWARE!! I only bought into it because they dropped the $29.00 to $9.00 as I was backing out. EVERYTHING is an upsell. They want more money for every single feature before you can use it. You can easily drop over $1000 with these guys. They also spam you with emails. Lots of emails. Since it was sold to me with a 100% money back guarantee, I attempted to request a refund. The support address they supply when I paid with PayPal was useless. My email bounced right back to me. So I went to the site and opened a ticket to request they close my account and refund my money since I’m well within the 60 days. No response to that and no refund. Save your money and earn some more through your own hard work. These guys just want to raid your bank account.Those winebars they tout as “limited spaces to attend” lie. They are pre-recorded and run constantly. Just another scam and the only ones getting rich are the ones selling the product. I guess I’ll have to go the Better Business route to get my refund. I know it’s only $9.00 but if I am sold something stating it has a money back guarantee, I expect that. I got a bad feeling when the email I sent them bounced back to me as undeliverable. It screams SCAM!!!

  2. I bought this product at the full price of 49 dollars. I am a newie and i was assured that i would get help setting up. I left support 5 messages( opened ticket), i got an email back a week later. The phone number they give you no one ever answers. I tried to get a refund and they told me i was only on website for i few minutes thats because nobody helped me with setting up my site. I am extremely upset, im unemployed and didt have money to waste. What a scam.. PLEASE DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH CASHMACHIES 2.0.


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