Build A Fortress Of PR Around Your Website or Blog

Whether you own a website or a blog, there’s a method I’ve already tested and started implementing about 3 weeks ago that will help you harness the power of free blogging services, article directories, web 2.0 sites and video sites to get as many backlinks with page rank as you want. Yes I said literally as much as you want. This method does take some work and time, however, once you build these links they will last forever. And the method I’m about to explain can be implemented 100% free.

I’m not sure if there’s a fancy name for this method but I like to call this Fortress Marketing, because you will literally end up building a fortress of High PR Backlinks to your website. Basically how it works is you start by writing a long article 1000 words or longer. Yes you want a 100% unique content, juicy article for this page that isn’t posted anywhere else like this article is exclusive to Mad IM Marketing for example.

You will submit this long article you author to either an article directory, a web 2.0 site or a free blog service like Zimbio or Wetpaint. Just google these terms and you’ll find big lists of these types of web properties. When setting up this article, place a few preferred anchor text links where they will let you, preferably in-content links or in the case of an article directory just take advantage of your author biography feature.

What I do is put up 2 of these articles on 2 different websites, of course each one is unique. Then I write 6 more shorter articles that are about 500 words each. The funny thing about the shorter articles is that you are just using these to get links to your larger articles so the articles you write don’t even need to be in the same niche. In the author bio for these one anchor text link will point to the 1st larger article and the second anchor link will point to the 2nd large article. I then submit these 6 articles to the top 7 article directories which are Ezine Articles, Go Articles, Idea Marketers, Articles Base, Free Articles Zone, Article Alley and Article Snatch. After 1-2 weeks I check ol’ Noble Market Samurai and notice each article now has about 20-30 backlinks.

I originally tested this method last year on a Squidoo Page in the Skateboarding Niche, since when I was younger I was heavily involved in the scene being from Southern California. Anyway this Squidoo Lens I build only had 31 backlinks but after the next google update it was a PR2. The reason these pages get page rank with so few backlinks is because these sites all have a ton of built in authority already. This allows you to build any of these types of sites into a page that will eventually contain PR after the next google update with a minimum of effort. I do need to emphasize that this is the type of strategy you would use for your best Money Making Sites and I wouldn’t recommend it as a general rule for small sites or thin affiliate sites.

You can even get radical with these fortress pages and start randomly linking them to each other, but refrain from creating any specific pattern because you want your SEO efforts to remain natural to google. Also consider assigning one of these pages as your main fortress page and link a lot of your other main pages to this page. A Squidoo Lens is a great alternative for your main fortress page, because they make it easy for you to insert the Dynamic RSS Feed of your main blog, they actually have a plug-in for this.

Back in March 2010 we launched a health related blog. I hired someone to go out and get us 400 blog posts from different websites. Not the domain but the actual pages of these blog posts were all PR2 and higher, up to PR6. A few weeks after he made these posts we saw these links come through in Market Samurai, and we thought we died and arose to heaven. But fast forward 7 months later which was about one week ago when I checked these links again I noticed that there were only about 30 remaining.

My point is if you implement this method, assuming one day you write one large article and 3 small articles, and the next day you write your other 3 small articles, you can build one of these fortress pages with backlinks for free every other day. To pay for this much content for a large article would set you back about $15.00. And for the 6 smaller articles they would cost you about $6.00 to $10.00 each to hire ghost writers to write these for you. So every 2 days assuming you author this content yourself, you can build one PR2 link and save yourself over $50.00 every 2 days in content costs. This works out to $750.00 per month in free content you’d save.

In just 90 days, you could build a massive, permanent wall of 45 in-content links (which are the best kind) all which will have PR on the next google update, all with unique IP addresses, that point back to your website and even more importantly that you personally control. This means in the future you can “Borrow PR” when you need it. This is a very substantial accomplishment for any web property and this alone could bring any blog, internet retail store or website to a PR3 or 4, not including other linking strategies you choose to employ.

And by building hundreds or even thousands of links pointing to fortress pages verses sending them directly to your main site, you’re providing an extra layer of protection which is best especially if you have a newer domain. When it comes to using video sites to create fortress pages, they are approached a bit differently but using the same concept. All you do is write your 6 articles and link them to these pages. Your videos should have a link to your site in the description. And even though you won’t be ranking on any specific keyword, google still places more value on a website when they see your link on different video sites. This has to do with variety of links and is part of what google uses to decide how important your site is.

In conclusion, constructing a fortress of PR around your website isn’t a short term or instant sales tactic by any means. But I strongly feel it’s a great way to develop a stronger bond with google and build overall trust with the major search engines.

Authored by Brian Garvin & Jeff West of MLM Review Kings.

3 thoughts on “Build A Fortress Of PR Around Your Website or Blog”

  1. Wow, great information, long post but because it was so interesting and of great value, kept my attention to the end. I will now go and try out this method.

    Thanks once again.

  2. So you are suggesting building a network of articles linked to a site with your long article…then linking your long-article site to your main site?

    Whey not link your articles directly to your site?

  3. Eugene that’s a good question. Yes you have the main concept. The reason is new sites can get in trouble for getting too many links too quickly. Sending links to other pages that link directly to your domain helps protect your domain and build PR at the same time. Once enough PR is built, also given some time this will develop more credibility with google. Then you can throw all the links you want at the main site. This is mainly for creating your own PR which some types of sites need. Of course alternatively if you buy an aged domain or already have a site with good PR this technique is still good to implement, because it will have even more PR later. For example if you had a PR4 doing this could eventually make it a PR5.


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