BloopioBloopio is an online sales automation software based on a deal-a-day model. It aims to give any online business an opportunity to increase their sales by making use of this model.

What is a deal-a-day model? It has recently become popular and sites like are seeing an enormous success. More and more people are looking for one time deals online. The model capitalizes on 3 marketing “tricks” that create a buying frenzy:

Scarcity – the deals are of limited stock. How many times have you bought something just because there was only one item left? How many IM or make money online products have you bought because they were to be “closed soon”? It’s a very powerful buying trigger.

Urgency – the deals are only available for a short period of time (usually a day). Similar to scarcity, it encourages buying. Urgency leaves little time for a person to decide and more often then not they are likely to buy just because it’s a bargain.

Interactivity – answering the questions of the potential buyers publicly not only helps them decide but also implies trust. People like buying from people they know and trust, so seeing questions answered and that there are other people buying makes them feel more comfortable.

Bloopio is a software that allows you to implement all this on your site easily. You can increase sales of your own products with this model, or sell one time deals as an affiliate (granted you can negotiate a deal with the vendor).

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  1. This business could be a the start of a sales revolution, that changes how stores, and websites do business. Have heard of something very similar in a pub that has special offers on for short periods, like 5 bottles for the price of three……………..

  2. The Bloopio product provides good value. It is a new method to drive traffic and works well. well worth an invest.


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