Blogging To The Bank

This is an entry for Blogging To The Bank 2011, a step-by-step blogging blueprint by Rob Benwell.

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11 thoughts on “Blogging To The Bank”

  1. I am also waiting to hear from them.
    I purchased from their sales page and have
    sent 3 emails over the past week – no replies.
    I haven’t received the blog package I paid for.
    I think their sales system is a con.

  2. Actually the delivery should be automated and you should get access instantly. Go here to open a ticket about non-delivery:

    Normally there’s also a download link after you enter your receipt number on that page.

  3. They did not set up my pro-web I paid for…
    Never reply to my email …I sent to , just ticket only,
    and nobody read it.

    The system will suction your money
    on every step -they were created.

  4. I have canceled my blogging to the bank,and have not got a single penny back.And I cant se where I can send them a Email.

  5. Thanks for the short concise answer to my question.
    I have read several reviews but I discovered the positive
    ones were those who were marketing the product. I
    found your review very balanced not saying it is good nor
    bad but brought to my attention of there being other ways
    to make money. I like a person with an unbiased approach.
    I was considering the purchase but after reading what
    you had to say along with the other Marketers who
    replied I am not going a head with it.
    Thanks everyone your input was great.

  6. I am relatively new to internet marketing and have come across this product through someone else’s list. If the people that read your blog are having problems with the product, I will research it further to see if there are other posts positive or negative. Thanks for your comments and review.

  7. I too bought the product , but didnt get any link to download, I sent several email with no response..
    Why do people do this? If he wants to keep his credibility why doesnt he take some action… or dont they care..


  8. Beatrice, these people probably don’t care about their reputation because they’re not r en a real person. It’s all a sad, shame really.

    I was about to purchase this after being sent the link via email but I definitely won’t be now.

  9. Great website warning people of BLOGGING TO THE BANK. To bad I ran into it too late and bought the worthless info. I guess I can add to all the worthless scams I bought.

  10. I bought the product about six weeks ago and, like several others, I didn’t see any activity. I wrote and got no reply. Just before I was able to take further action I was notified by ClickBank that they were automatically sending refunds and I got mine a few days later. If you bought through ClickBank or Paypal you might want to contact them for a refund.


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