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Automated TrafficAutomated Traffic by Jeff Dedrick is a membership program that helps its members to automate their website traffic. The membership provides 4 scripts for your website to increase traffic automatically.

The first script is given away for free before even subscribing (to get a taste of the membership) and it’s a Clickbank banner rotator (Automated Ads). The rotator has several categories with pre-loaded banners for popular Clickbank products and is kept up to date as new products are published. You can choose a category and get a code to add to your site to display banners. Additionally, you can create your own campaigns with your custom banners.

The full membership has a few other more advanced scripts as well as extra bonuses that all help to increase and automate traffic.

There’s an important point I feel I have to clarify about automated traffic. Saying “automated” can mean different things, but when it comes to traffic automation it’s not a direct automation as in sending hits to your site (that would be a pretty much useless non-targeted traffic). What this software does is the automation of the tasks that help generate traffic, something that you otherwise do manually. The Automated Ads software is a good example of that.

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  1. admin Reply

    I don’t think anyone can guarantee you that. It’s just a tool, it might work for you or it might not. Don’t look for an easy way out, for guarantees, that’s the biggest mistake to make in this business.

  2. Well, automated is far different from automatic. So, don’t expect you’ll get automatic traffic once you enroll.

  3. A bit overrated, I placed it on one of my sites and it is nothing more than a rotator. God there is so much crap out here. I have made money with Jeff’s products in the past. I had a good run with the ebook Explosion.

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