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Automated TrafficAutomated Traffic by Jeff Dedrick is a membership program that helps its members to automate their website traffic. The membership provides 4 scripts for your website to increase traffic automatically.

The first script is given away for free before even subscribing (to get a taste of the membership) and it’s a Clickbank banner rotator (Automated Ads). The rotator has several categories with pre-loaded banners for popular Clickbank products and is kept up to date as new products are published. You can choose a category and get a code to add to your site to display banners. Additionally, you can create your own campaigns with your custom banners.

The full membership has a few other more advanced scripts as well as extra bonuses that all help to increase and automate traffic.

There’s an important point I feel I have to clarify about automated traffic. Saying “automated” can mean different things, but when it comes to traffic automation it’s not a direct automation as in sending hits to your site (that would be a pretty much useless non-targeted traffic). What this software does is the automation of the tasks that help generate traffic, something that you otherwise do manually. The Automated Ads software is a good example of that.

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5 thoughts on “Automated Traffic”

  1. I don’t think anyone can guarantee you that. It’s just a tool, it might work for you or it might not. Don’t look for an easy way out, for guarantees, that’s the biggest mistake to make in this business.

  2. A bit overrated, I placed it on one of my sites and it is nothing more than a rotator. God there is so much crap out here. I have made money with Jeff’s products in the past. I had a good run with the ebook Explosion.


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