Automated Income App

Automated Income App by Bryan Miller was first released on the 11th of November, 2013. It has generated a lot of buzz as it is promoted by many internet marketers to their mailing lists. And you’ve likely received such a promotion, hence you’re looking for a review to find out what’s it about.

Automated Income App is an online trading automation system set up with a binary options (stocks, commodities and currency) broker called GlobalTrader365. Once you set up your free account you will be directed to them to make a deposit in order to start trading. This is actually where the “free” aspect of the program ends – you have to invest money in order for it to start working.

Now, to those new to online trading, it works by allowing you to open trade positions on stocks, currencies or commodities online and make money if your trade goes in the desired direction. It is risky and requires a lot of financial knowledge to actually do this profitably on the long term basis. Binary options, as is in this particular case, take a simplified approach by allowing you to “bet” money on the market to take a certain direction.

There are also automated software advisors like Automated Income App that take a certain trading strategy and applies it to a user’s trading account automatically to open and close positions or tell you what positions to make, in order to make money. They can be profitable or they can waste your money as no trading strategy is fool-proof.

So is Automated Income App worth it? I would advice to do a little research of online trading, binary options and automated trading systems first, as there are a number of them out there. And don’t jump the gun just because some internet marketer has sent you an email saying it’s easy money.

As always, leave your comments about the product if you have experience below.

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