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Auto Traffic Xploit is traffic generation software by Steven Lee Jones and Ben S.

The purpose of this page is for the real users of Auto Traffic Xploit to provide their feedback and inform everyone interested about their experience with this product. If you have experience with Auto Traffic Xploit or other products by Steven Lee Jones and Ben S, please leave a comment with your feedback below. Your feedback can help someone else to decide.

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14 thoughts on “Auto Traffic Xploit”

  1. I thought the Auto Traffic Xploit sounded like a good product and therefore invested an initial £30.49 was then taken to another page where I was upsold for another £75 which could have been less if I clicked off which would then offer discounts. The thing is the autotrafficsupport absolutely sucks! For one week I have send emails galore and no one has bothered to contact me. The software did not run on my PC for some reason, so at the moment I am about £200 down and do not have any idea how to use the or get the software doing what it should . The 60 day money back guarantee, forget it, if you cant get hold of anyone, how are you going to get a REFUND. In my opinion so far, a total scam!!!

  2. I agree with Paul Squires. I also bought the same package, although the software downloaded OK it did not run as expected. The most important aspect eg. Google monthly figures does not work for any keyword. I also object to being pushed to an upsell of web site with no indication as to its usefulness to me or anyone else. To get this I would also have to pay!.
    The training video is of poor quality and incomplete. As a one time designer of online teaching programs, I would be embarrassed to send this out.
    I have sent three emails so far to the support with surprise, surprise, a deafening silence.
    I have no doubt that both Steven Lee Jones and Brian S are successful in their businesses but this time they have not got their act together. The old BMC company found to their eventual demise that testing their cars on their customers did not work, especially when all you got was a shrug when things fell off.

  3. Quite honestly it’s crap, it don’t work, customer support is none existent, I’m glad I didn’t fall for the upsell scam,stay clear of this one

  4. Well I am glad I am not the only one to have problems. I wish this stuff really worked but I too can’t get the software to work right. I have repeatedly e-mailed support with out success.

  5. This program sucks. The program did not work on my PC. Then emailed support and no answer. I went on clickbank for refund and they give me the run around. Everytime I open the case for refund they change it for Tech Support. This is a total SCAM. I have been trying for my refund for a few days. I will continue but I doubt that I will get it.

  6. It is a real joke… I read some reviews of that product before buying and some stupid ass said its good.
    Its a scam.. and added to that, the upsell is the same like normal product. why pay more when both are one and the same.. What kind of business practise is this.. and their support is pathetic just like the product… Product??? A wordpress theme and a plugin… U kiddin me??? A total scammer…

  7. Yes this is a piece of crap software. The keyword tool shows that it getting the search count from google and then the domains, but it doesn’t give you any search number, just a bunch of hypenated domain names. Tried getting support,but never got a reply. Asked for a refund and got it. Stay away from this crap.

  8. These dudes are not ready to process the refund. They keep sending me back and forth to try other software and are not ready to process the refund.. How cheap… Added to that, they do not read any reply I give them.. They have a standard reply and nothing more than that.. I am pretty sure, they’d would have got more than 90% refund for this piece of crap..

  9. Agree with all stated above. Totally dissatisfied with this product and very misleading. To my regret I purchased both upsells. I have tried to get a refund from clickbank but 5 times now my refund request has been changed to a tech support request by ATX. Each time I get an automated response that keeps offering a free piece of software if I stay. So far I’m out more than 200 bucks and having no success on getting a refund. Will call Clickbank customer support and see what happens.

  10. Update: Good news. Contacted Clickbank Customer Support by telephone and explained what was happening with Auto Traffic Xploit and they promptly issued a full refund within minutes. Pete, would recommend this approach if your still having issues getting a refund from ATX. All the best in your marketing.

  11. So grateful to those above who have taken the time to comment here in a true review site.
    I was in the process of asking for a refund and thought I’d better re-check another review site, as we had high hopes for this system. We have sent several queries to Auto traffic Xploit, Feb Mar and April, with no response back from them at all. Another reviewer stated they had no replies to 4 queries, and the new software offered requires writing articles and for PLR, and create your own accounts for the article accounts, and the software submits them.
    We will be requesting a refund now.
    For those who need to know; to get a refund from Clickbank- go to your ticket paid for –scroll to 1st customer Support -click – takes you to the ClkBk ticket,- top [L] click ‘Get Support’ –in drop-down box, scroll to ‘other options’- choose *’Refund’- click which, if any, of the list in next drop-down box, – got to large box, write your request plus reason if you need to – click ‘Send’.
    In the event of reluctance from the vendor-by them changing the ticket to ‘tech support’, Clickbank send a link where you can re-change it to a Refund, which Clickbank honours, or just repeat the 1st part of the process, and re-open the ticket for a Refund and ‘Send’.

  12. i to bought this product but i got my refund by calling clickbank the same day the number is 800-390-6035 with no problem clickbank will refund your money also you will still have that softwere for free on your pc try using mozilla firefox it seems to work alot better it’s not compatible with internet explorer so you can still use the softwere and still have ur refund at the same time. try it out and let me know how it works for you.


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