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Auto Traffic Tycoon by Daniel Carter is a software program for generating traffic, creating affiliate websites, posting content and building links.

The purpose of this page is for the real users of Auto Traffic Tycoon to provide their feedback and inform everyone interested about their experience with this product. If you have experience with Auto Traffic Tycoon or other products by Daniel Carter, please leave a comment with your feedback below. Your feedback can help someone else to decide.

If there are no reviews below yet, keep in mind that they come from real users and it can take a little while for someone to post (especially if the product is new). If you want to see more Auto Traffic Tycoon reviews, bookmark this page and check back regularly.

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58 thoughts on “Auto Traffic Tycoon”

  1. Hi anybody bought Auto Traffic Tycoon ..i just need to know what is ATT is all about before I buy it..please only real user not from affiliate review.

    Thanks will much appreciated

  2. Can this be real? Really want to know if i should gamble and go for it or am i going to look like another daft mug getting ripped off again by the “GREEDY” ones, look forward to some feedback and not affiliates please,only real users,

    Be lucky everyone,peace

  3. I find it interesting that we are all commenting on the same day, must have received the same email. I also find it interesting that when you do a search of “Auto Traffic Tycoon” the first 4 pages of results, yes I went to page 4, contain affiliate “sales” pages whether disguised as a “review” or promise for an additional bonus.
    In my study of the affiliate marketing industry it appears that those who claim to be making the “BIG” money are selling e-books and software about making money with affiliate marketing. It would be nice to hear from an affiliate marketer selling paper products or cookbooks who could give us an idea of what works and what doesn’t; where should I spend my limited funds.

  4. I bought the course and at first glance it looks cool…however it also looks like they launched too early.

    There were videos missing in the members area and the downloaded programs are not recognizing my email to unlock them – so I am sitting on my thumbs for two days now.

    I am fine with that as I understand that shit happens in a launch BUT the communication ha been ZERO, non existent, so I am most likely returning it tomorrow.

    Maybe I am too much of a stickler for a response when a tram knows that have problems, but as a consumer, I know they know they have problems, so communicate,.

    Do I say communicate alot?

    Looks cool, but some serious buyers remorse afterward.

    I EVEN bought the upsells and guess what – they don;t work either – no access.

    I am sure they will fix it, but for me – POOP ZERO! rating.


  5. I bought the basic ATT package and have had similar access problems as Greg.
    Have only been able to access the “for beginners” page,and that had to be done via the clickbank email.
    Other pages want login info that had not been provided me at purchase time.
    Emails to support have yet to be responded to.
    I remain patient to get this sorted out,but we are not getting off to a good start.
    Thumbs down so far!


  6. I also got the basic package and found videos missing. Emailed tech support about the problem and got this response.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention we have informed the product vendor.

    Customer Support

    Customer support no provided by the vendor? l.o.l

  7. I ordered ATT also and have not gotten a password to access member area. I got to watch beginner section in member area and that was it. I can’t access the damn thing! Numerous emaials and requests for password and no response!

  8. I got the same problem but I got this e-mail today :


    This email is just an update..

    A few people have experience issues.

    First off there is a problem with our mail
    server so you won’t be receiving your username
    and password. We are getting it fixed and
    should have it sorted in the next few days.

    I will then mail everyone their login details.

    In the meantime please contact support.

    Some people are having problems installing
    the site builder.

    That will be fixed in the next 24 hours.

    An update will be applied automatically.

    For those who have encountered problems I apologize
    for any inconvenience caused.

    We also plan on releasing a couple more tools next month
    to all our members.

    And if you haven’t already done so be sure to register for
    our one off masterclass training session on March 22nd…


    Thanks and I will talk to you again shortly,

  9. Hey Yall…. Im sorry that you all have to had that experience, Bu thank you for sharing…. I was going to buy this system like 5 minutes ago….But after reading all of your reviews Im not going to do it… This is $47 That I dont have!!
    But again thank you so much for your reviews!!!
    Jesse N.

  10. I was lucky and got a quick response about having no password, and also for not being able to unlock the software with my email. All the training videos were there and I was looking forward to accessing the software but I can’t get beyond the first step as the software seems to get “stuck”. I have to contact ATT support again so I hope they are just as quick this time.

  11. I am always suspicious of sales videos that do not actually show you what it is they are asking you to pay for, just peddle you a bunch of sales script and hype to get you to buy. Like most people here, after watching the sales video that done an extremely bad job of explaining what it actually is or does.
    It seems to me like it must just be some kind of software for installing wordpress blogs with custom sales themes or something?? Who knows? Does anyone out there actually know what it is yet?

    Whatever it is, I think I am better off with the $47 in MY pocket, there are always much better opportunities out there.

  12. Thank you thank you thank you for all your reviews! Finally there’s a legit review, I think the scammers even scam the scammers reviews. Go figure.

    Thank you all for responding!

  13. Agree with Ben that the video is suspect because it gives no real description of what the software actually does. This smells of hype, just as the super slick production does. This software seems to promise the world. Still, the 60-day MBG makes it possibly worth looking into, because you never know ….. but then again you have to wonder how this “inner circle” of the super IM rich could bring a product to market that obviously was not totally finished [see comments of those who have already purchased (in all fairness, companies like Apple etc. do this also)] and sells for only $47. This is one thread that is worth staying tuned to.

  14. I’m interested too. i hate building wordpress sites to think i can automatily set everything up in 5 min’s sounds nice also i think they have a link builder software involed from my research. i will be back to this site to find out if people are getting results.

  15. The moment the sales page got to ”THERE IS ONLY 50 SPOTS AVAILABLE” I knew it was not as HONEST as they make it out to be.Do they really think we are that stupid to believe that if you are trying to make sales online and you have a list of thousands ,which i believe they probably have, that you will only limit it to the first 50 buyers?

    I know selling products online works.I have made $100 with click bank.I now the products that i am promoting woks cause i have tested them.Guess what not one of them are how to make money products but instead .BETTER SINGING PRODUCTS , DOG TRAINING PRODUCTS ,MUSCLE BUILDING , ETC .Now i believe there is an effective full proof way to market online i have just not found it yet ,so Ive decided to try offline marketing ,fliers ,postcards ,etc.Will see how that go’s


  16. I have just bought this, and I cannot get my password to access the members’ area. I also bought the ‘Platinum Edition’ – after I had refused its exorbitant price, I found it was a much more reasonable price after I refused to buy it at the first price it was offered at.

    I only buy products now that are sold through Clickbank, and I am going to them now to claim my money back for this non functioning product.

    It’s not a scam, because I have not lost any money on it, but it is infuriating to spend time reading all the hyped up sales nonsense and then to find the product doesn’t work! Who needs that frustration? I don’t!

  17. How disappointing! I know that none of y’all have ever purchased the latest end-all be-all
    product only to be disappointed further with all of the BS upsells. If a product or program is going to
    work no upsells should be needed. When I find THE product that works half as well as they claim,
    with no upsells I will be thrilled. My obvious point is that we are all looking for the GOOSE…
    It further frustrates me when you are trying to get one product to
    work as promised and you are getting emails from the same marketer telling you about his newest
    software widget. I have bought some good ones, well two to be exact and I am in the process of developing
    one. Simple product, no upsells nice price point. A proven summation of the best workable aspects
    from several products.

  18. Why is that, in the promo video the guy talks about Beta testings running completely normal from their computers and even making money within minutes and then we buy it and nothing works right?

  19. Well, I was all set to buy, but after reading the above reviews, looks likw this is just like all the other offers that promise you can make money today, tonight or even in an hour. Will just keep my $47.00 and keep looking for something that will work like it says. Clickbank has a lot of refunds I’ve gotten, cause when it don’t work, I get my money back. Now, Have learned to Google these offers before I buy. Thanks for your input. Dee Waldrep

  20. After watching the video marketing for this product again, for yet a 5th time…I did a search for the patent application number at the Intellectual Property Office. Nothing came up…regardless of what format I searched…based on the number as provided in his video. I call bulls**t. I’ll give him this tho: he’s one hell of a pitchman. Dude probably works the local fairs as a part-time gig pitching the latest and greatest knife set, tomato peeler or other quick fix gadgets.

    It seems to me, another writer above has it correct, that the only people to really make a killing are the ones representing this stuff to accumulated email lists they’ve managed to build over time.

    There is no golden goose.
    I for one am tired of these peeps taking money for stuff that doesn’t really work.

    Dream people. Find your products, build a strategy and work your asses off. Money is out there, opportunities abound…and you can make money, just not with wishful thinking.

    Good luck!

  21. Also…keep in mind that the US Justice department is cracking down hard on these ‘guru’s’ and other work from home, get rich schemes circulating around the net. Some helpful links are or or or just use your diligence and search like a mofo to find what you need.

    Better safe than sorry.

    Good luck!

  22. I absolutely understand everyone’s plight and after reading these real people reviews I shall not waste any of my limited funds on ATT until I get some solid positive results from here. However, I will state that the individual who sent me the email to check this out did a very good job of showing exactly how the software works in a video sent to me in the same email. If eveything pans out regarding passwords and video and content access then I will purchase it. It is designed to set up wordpress blogs as well as use all of the different types of free traffic methods including twitter and facebook and yes even ad words. This was a very good look at the ease of operation of his softwareand one that I was grateful for seeing. Otherwise I would be like the rest of us on here and would still be trying to make up my mind.

    The other day when I was on here after seeing the scam for the guy that everyone said was weird I read where someone said that they wanted someone to show them how the software worked and how it made money. After seeing it work this software does show some true validity, now I seriously doubt it lives up to its claims but if it gets you started making money consistently then I can expand on it from there.

    We all want the “Goose” but we all understand that it is not push button and demands hard work at first and some true understanding of the methodology.

    And Neal since you have purchased some “Good ones” I would be interested in knowing what they were if you wouldn’t mind sharing.
    Thanks folks for keeping this an honest review site,

  23. We are very DISSAPPOINTED. Reading the posts above after my husband and I have been trying to find someone on the net to talk to within the Auto Traffic Tycoon system has been very tiring, frustrating to say the least… I don’t like to talk with a auto-responder who continues to repeat itself. I had one live person Chris whom responded which I thought, great got a person to speak with and yet I again get a response to tell me you are talking with a auto-responder, how dam frustrating.

    Okay, here’s our story which is very very strange to say the least…. oh and we are in our 55-63 bracket taking care of our grandchildren and we took to the net to try and increase our financial position, so that we can one day have a well deserved holiday and hopefully they can take over from us working for themselves. We feel so RIPPED OFF!

    Here’s what happened to us;

    We reviewed their site and liked what we saw paid the $47….. of course in our currency thats $96.00 then it took us to another page we read that page… and again was so encouraged with what it presented of course by-passing the hype, we saw mainly that the automation part would make a little easier once we put in place the foundations etc …. again we upgraded to “Platinum Edition – ONLY 3 remaining. That was $297 in our currency thats $426.93.

    NOW wait for it………… this is the odd/strange part NOTE: without us realizing, why would we, we were still in clickbank (thank goodness I printed everything as I’m going through Clickbank) BUT, without noticing at the time the next page it took us to said…

    Upgrade and you will have full access for the sum of $67.00 per month = $96.31 in our currency

    What is strange with this last purchase…………. IT HAD NOTHING to do with Auto Traffic Tycoon, meaning we purchased some other program without even realizing it, it never said on the scrren so we took it as still related to Auto Traffic Tycoon…… well why would one think otherwise after all we were still in Clickbank when all this happend…??? Puzzled we certainly are. After one makes payment, check and hit the Complete Order it takes you to another page.

    Countless emails have been sent to support – NO real response to my delimma, keep getting your ticket will be dealt with etc……..this continues

    You know what that last payment relates to (the $67 per month) AFFILIATEX program… I emailed them and asked them about it, they said to go back to the vendor eventually after many emails. Late last night and early this morning I asked the owner for that AFFLIATEX program to Refund us, No Response, No communication has been had. They continue to send out their emails about the program, oh incidentally I get a welcome email one hour agon with my Log-In details. How strange is that.

    We as with Auto Traffic Tycoon program…. we get no email of welcome, we get no Log-In details we get Nothing at all…. and No answers to our emails. We are so glad to find you folks and this page. Last week we also bought into another program…….. same thing happend there (that program is called AUTO Traffic System, No answer, No replies this again is detering our kind thoughs,

    I do hope we all get to the bottom of this, as we too were taken by the Software automation and its (as they say) easy to use system, after all at our age, definately would make it easier for us. DISSAPPOINTED grand-parents from New Zealand.

  24. I was intrigued by this and bought it. Same issues as everyone else, no log in details and so far, no response to my emails asking for it. Over the past month I have purchased 4 products and returned the lot to clickbank. All looked good, but none worked properly, exceptionally poor support and basically they never did what the sellers tell you they would. I have noticed the new trend in the sales pitch: The sellers are slagging off so called Guru’s for ripping us all off, then saying they stole or managed to ‘spy’ on some super rich guru who had been in their bar etc and are going to sell you the real deal for little or no money. I think the best plan is; If they sell it cheap (And offer money off if you try to leave the website) it must be rubbish, otherwise they would never sell it to you in the first place!

  25. My, my, my. It makes me sad that so many place there hopes and dreams into these programs that are at best half- baked, boasting to be the next best thing since sliced bread, but in reality are just a broken shell of what they were purported to be. I’ve seen it time and again.

    I am a professional Internet marketer by trade marketing for companies and corporations, generating millions every year. For those that want to break into IM for real and are willing to put in the time & effort I can suggest someone who teaches a lot of the same as I do in practice, except he’s into affiliate marketing.

    Google up a fellow named Daniel Tan and review his offerings. He gives away an awesome introductory manual (.pdf) and the programs he sells seem to be on target with what those of us that have been doing this for a living a while also subscribe to. In fact, he has a plug-in that I actually use on one of my multi-million dollar sites.

    I would tend to stay away from the magic button programs out there. The job these type programs are supposed to do will pale in comparison to doing the job right anyway. Good luck to everyone here in their search for wealth. For me it wasn’t instant, but well worth while in the long term.

  26. All through the Auto Traffic Tycoon… kinda make ya laugh with the introduction and all, the words said don’t match the process – this is real funny when you continue to replay it. Still have not received any response to the many emails sent to supprt of this program. This is terrible when folks are searching for a better way and are prepared to do the work/mileage. Words don’t match the process in the Video!

  27. I have the same problem…Bought the system, got through setting up my websites, then NOTHING! Does anyone have an email address to contact them? I can’t even find that! Overall, the system looks good and automatic, but I can’t log in!

    Anyone had success contacting them? Please point me in the right direction…


  28. I have the same problem with logging in, and accessing the site builder. If you want to access the products you have to use the link in your receipt to get to it. You will have to go through all the up sells, but you eventually get to the sign-up page. That will take you back to the membership site. I received a user name and password today but still having trouble bring the member site up in my browser; It opens up at a site called Net Assistant.

    The funny thing is that as I was scrambling around trying to get this working I was introduced to another program called Commission Siphon. I purchased it and to my surprise it so far is one of best programs I have purchased in the last three years. it is especially helpful for those of us that my have trouble focusing. The software always brings you back to where you left off. The negative so far has been the price,1,000 dollars, and the fact that they only sold 15 copies and before the presentation was over I had found two domains for the software. Hopefully, he will offer this in the future, because I feel it certainly could help a lot of people here that have been making comments. One more thing there were no up sells.

  29. Bought this almost a week now. Cant download the Sitebuilder software. Customer support is non-existent.
    They launched too early, much too early.

    Is the system as good as the sales page promised? Dont think so, a lot of hype of course. Can the concept work? Yes, but I dont know for how many people as the bottom line is you still have to depend on search engine traffic which can be the breaker for a lot of people.

    I am going to wait until the 22nd when they have a webinar then I decide if I should even bother going forward with this.

  30. Hi,

    I must have received several emails re Auto Traffic Tycoon offers. Like you all, I have bought countless softwares tools to increase traffic and sales. This time though I have learnt a very important lesson and that is I now “IGNORE” the email launches and the “HYPE” salesletter I received and take note of the Product info.

    Then I wait for ten days at least and search for reviews on the product like this one. You see, we buy on emotions and impulse and put logic aside because of the “SLICK” salesletters. Believe me, it will save you time,money and frustrations and choose the ones that has good reviews by end users should you decided to buy. You read a lot of reviews after ten days or so. If we can ALL wait for 10 days after product launch to read reviews before considering buying a product then software creators will think twice.

    After all, these product launchers are directed at us,right? If no one is buying they need to change their approach. and Let this be a warning to product creators, launchers, JV partners that they should get their act in oreder in terms of providing logins, email n tech supports, etc.

    The reality of it all is that no matter what products or softwares we choose to buy they are merely just ” tools” like any other. Anyone needs to apply and work on it. There are NO quick fixes-GET REAL!!

    Another thing, if you have already bought some softwares in the past you need to think of how to use and intergrated them with other softwares. If you can spare some time to think believe me you’ll have a “Aahha” moment.

    As for refunds, I find it quicker to send email to clickbank directly.

    Good Luck!

  31. Here’s my issue:

    Some of their software won’t work w/o downloading and installing one or two .net frame’s AND and update from Microsoft. They should tell you that up front but they don’t. Also, their Auto Blog software won’t work for me w/o a Microsoft Update, but the update in question won’t install w/o a specific software for it to point to… what kind of crap is that?

    Also, I’ve emailed them three times about this and have yet to receive a response. Communication is everything and without it credibility is suspect.

    Does anyone know what the UK equivalent is of the U.S. Attorney General’s office?

  32. I purchased this as well, emailed them to get my username and password and that was fine but then the main software in the system – the ATT Site builder – which looks impressive ont he video – doesn’t work, can’t download, just comes up with html code and nothing else. It’s been like that ever since I bought it. I keep logging in in the hope it will, miraculously, be there and be workign but it’s not. I am now asking for a refund and will definitely not be buying any more of there products.

  33. Hi!
    I purchased the Platinum upgrade last Friday—had most of same problems others described—when my emails didn’t get the NEEDED “login” so I could get back in, I called Click Bank—they sent request thru their connection—they got me the login I needed—HE did explain to someone in “previous post” that they were having MAIL SERVER ISSUES—which in all fairness COULD explain WHY none of us get answers (if they aren’t RECEIVING our emails they CAN’T RESPOND—right? BUT I have THIS problem that I haven’t seen anyone else post:
    My issue now:
    I already had a domain and Hostgator hosting wiith a WordPress Blog installed—since I already HAD it and Like hostgator, I sent emails ASKING can I USE THE ONE I HAVE, for this software—NO ANSWER! So I thought it SHOULD be ok—wanting to start ASAP—so proceeded (at first videos after the ” intro” one WEREN’T there)—but after several attempts they were—just have to scroll–go to each STEP on the right—then click the step–read some then if you scroll its video will load! (in case that helps somebody else!) BUT MY PROBLEM IS NOW THIS—in the video they tell you once you HAVE a domain YOU have to have the NS1 and NS2 SERVERS POINTED at — AFFILIATETAKEOVER.COM—so I called my Hostgator support and asked them to do that for me—–after that I could not ACCESS my blog site—not there—not anywhere! in Google search it shows only “cache” and wierd format of my previous nice blog (theme was nice—just was not in use, but was LIVE and ONLINE till I did this change!) I of course was so upset that its NO WHERE. I emailed the only contact email within the members area and asked IF they ACTIVATE it on THEIR END or WHAT? That was yesterday—also called Hostgator again–he said right now (after changing this from Hostgator servers —which is how it was)—my site isn’t going anywhere—said it would seem I need a diferent HOSTING–since it no longer can point to Hostgator who is my hosting now–or was! (that was not in my plan–I like Hostgator–they always help and the cost is reasonable!—he said I can reverse it back but THEN that will probly prevent USE of THIS software—if it EVEN works!! UGH! But I can’t even TRY the “web site builder software” (so don’t know if it would work or not)—cuz I can’t find/access my domain site anymore! Last night the CALL was just another diferent promotion—$ 997 BUCKS for IT!! BUT he DID go thru some important “set-up” steps we all would need to know how to do to INSTALL our new WP sites for making money from our own affiliate acounts (as in Click Bank, Amozon, Ebay, etc–so thats a PLUS! I just am LOST here—after no way to find my site, –I then did a google search on this “nameserver” they want us to POINT our domains to—THAT was very concerning to say the least! The results DEFINATELY make it seem like a BAD DEAL TO BE PART OF—so far at least! I even just put the name in my brouser—all it says at the site is “Test” —anybody here had any of this namesever/missing site issue?? ALL helpful comments truly appreciated–I hate being “duped”—I get so excited thinking I finally can earn the extra money I desperately need and can do it no matter what the job market—only to find out its JUST MORE SAME OLD BS! I’m hurting here—I bet a lot of YOU are in same fix I’m in—-its a damn shame—promises of “money in minutes from right now!”—BS—took longer than that just to get past the INTRO video–had to close browser and lost two damn days before I ever got any “login” info–CB got that for me! Thankfully I thought to do that! Or I’d still have no way to get back in!
    Thanks every one! Hope some of this helps some one else–and hope someone can shed light on the NAMESERVER/MISSING SITE isssue for ME!

    Also regarding refunds everybody: ITS short and quick—for ANY “useless” product–if you purchased it thru Click Bank—when you don’t get successful responses to issues via vendors support system–don’t bother with the vendor anymore—go straight to CB—tell em WHY you want the refund—they process it—notify you its being done, and tell you how long it will take to show up in your account! They don’t quibble–they do the refund—end of story—we all lost way too much money over the years—-wish I’d known long time ago to just go directly to CB for refund issues! Lost tons in past because I DIDN’T know that—or waited past the 60 days to give up on something.

  34. Dear All

    I very nearly bought into this but I found this site and these reviews so I think I,ll save my money.
    Like the man before me said if you have ANY problems Go straight back to clickbank they are duty bound to help you sort it out . Whether you just want working software or full refund of all moneys.

    Good luyck to you all.


  35. Thanks to everyone here that left their honest reviews and experiences. I was really considering it and now I will not. I think I may even unsubscribe from the list of the guy who sent it to me. I am so tired of these guys who try to scam people all the time.

    Thanks again to everyone,


  36. Hi Guys
    I was chomping at the bit and raring to go but then…….ISSUES! yah, no login details, geez how basic is that, and then when I got them, for a few days the whole ATT site was down I think, as all I got was error page when I wanted to login. They sent out email that they were upgrading sitebuilder. Ok that’s GOOD.

    When it finally was up again, I accidentally erased my hosting details and could not proceed or sign up again as it said account already in use. 8 days later I got a response to this totally fixable problem: “Vendor has been informed of the problem.” All they had to be doing was automatically emailing us a backup copy of hosting details, which I fully expected and freaked that they had not. Now I’m thinking I’ll get a refund AND REPURCHASE with a different email and start over.

    I’m willing to give this a better chance as most of their issues seem to be caused by their apparent disorganization…or…maybe they just went on vacation for a while with all our dough! I do feel it’s crass and rudely annoying that he keeps trying to get us to buy a nonrelated $997 product when we can’t get any answers for what we just paid for. You know his commission for that is bound to be huge by the way he’s ramming it down our throats. Think of it, even a small 25% commission is big money for a high-end product like that.

    OK Claud this is for you. My advice is go back to hostgator and reverse everything n get your old site back up the way you had it. Just keep that separate from ATT. Hang on to hostgator as a backup, I do, after all you have more control there. Domain names are pretty cheap and if you go to you can get up to 35% off godaddy domains coupon codes. With new software, I feel it’s best to start fresh with a new domain name and start a new site. That way you’re not jeopardizing what you’ve already got or putting all your eggs in one basket. I’ve heard moving a site can be really tricky and risky, not an ATT problem. It’s happened to me before. Once it’s up there, best stay put. By the way, thanks A LOT for your tip of getting CB involved to get the login details! Brilliant!

    The nameservers belong to the free hosting in our ATT software, whatever it’s called I don’t know. It’s actually REALLY GREAT that he’s giving it to us free. Plenty other products I’ve gotten insist you BUY their hosting for a year at a time in order to use their software which is disgusting.

    As for the .net frame problem, I know a lot of these IM guys are so deep in their field it never crosses their mind that we just might not know some basic and essential detail. As a species, they tend to be poor communicators, clueless about OUR species and often leave out some pretty important steps just cuz it never occurs to them we wouldn’t know.

    Even though I’m seriously annoyed with how the humans are running this show, I’ve heard enough good things about this software, and that people ARE making money, to make me want to keep at it until I can at least get past the people involved. I think the robot may actually know what it’s doing here.

  37. Hi Lara Marie!
    Thanks for your reply to MY issue and my Lost web site! I appreciate your input and plan to do as you suggested—ESPECIALLY since all these days later, I still have NOT heard a PEEP from ANY ONE in ATT—regarding ANY of my questions—ever! Also glad I could help regarding Click Bank for Login details and other stuff!
    Thanks and have an awesome day!

  38. Hey Claud!

    I hope you get everything restored! I got another idea from you and clicked on the ClickBank link on my receipt where I saw you can either get a refund OR put in a support request so i decided to see if CB could nail him down for us (or nail him).

    By the way,so far I have found three emails for ATT:, Daniel Carter ,
    I have blasted them all and nothing. But maybe I just keeping getting rolled back down to the bottom!

    My Clickbank support request is also unanswered, going on 2 days now. This is so unbelievable I just want to hang on and see if they EVER answer or if somebody died or what!! It’s the most frustrating thing cuz the product sounds so amazing and I WAS so excited about it. I’ll keep you all posted if I ever get through with all MY questions!! Or if I find a way to make it all work…Thank you everyone

  39. no we didn’t get scammed. The guy is good. I got 4 answers yesterday!!! He’s working on the software to get rid of the problems. Stick around. This is an amazing tool.

  40. He should’ve tried it out on more than just 100 people before launching. It just wasn’t ready for thousands of people and they had unforeseen problems. I’m sure he’s going to work them out though. This is a huge moneymaker for him, his baby.

  41. Hi LaraMarie!
    Glad I thought to come back to this site right now—I see your comment that he finally responded to you and IS working on these issues! I (like you) believe it will be an awesome tool IF we can EVER get to resolve all these issues so we can TRY it!

  42. I purchased the product it tool more than 5days to get into the site because the password issued wasn’t working. Finally the password problem was corrected and I read the training. Now it was time to build a site and I downloaded the software site builder. I thought everything was okay until I reached the final step, in which the software froze. I contacted support and received an answer about a week later stating the developer was working on an upgrade. Until now the day of this post it is not working. I think they launched an unfinished product.

  43. I purchased Auto Traffic Tycoon March 28th (along with upsells). I am 90% on mobile so just went through members area and trainings. Finally got to laptop to install and try to use. Couldn’t get past first step to install WordPress. Just clicks and clicks and clicks and goes and goes and goes. I’ve waited up to an hour later. Most of us know it don’t take that long to install WordPress. I was so excited to start off with and wasn’t too worried about issues figuring it would be resolved. However, I see that comments are from as far back as March 11th!!!! So I am guessing this is not getting fixed and my hopes have been dashed. Maybe I should wait any longer to request a refund. Maybe that is what I get for thinking could get the functionality of what I currently know to be a $997 software WITH support in a product under $300.

    I’m not angry, just discouraged. With all the time I waste looking for tools to automate, I probably could have got something going manually by now. Sigh…. I’ll eventually get this done.

    Fun & Smiles, CC Heart Cindy 🙂

  44. Yes, I fell for the hype too. After sending a suport request to Clickbank, I finally got my sign on info and installed the site builder. That worked up to the last step, then it “submitted” to 37 of 164 or something. Like others above, I got the message they were aware of the problem and the software developer was fixing it. My own opinion is they are waiting until at least 60 days after the “launch” so people will hang around and not ask for refunds until too late. Today, after another request to their “support desk” I got the message that

    “Please be aware that we are merely an independent support team hired to deal with general and billing queries and have no input into the creation, availability or functionality of the software or product you have purchased”

    So, so much for their customer service! After lots of thought, and trying, and trying, I’m asking for my money back…LaraMarie, I wish you luck with purchasing using a different email address. By the way, I purchased on March 11, and the site builder is still not working right. And I cannot customize my site acccording to step 4; the “theme” they tell you is so awesome isn’t even available on WP…This MAY be an awesome tool, but at present, it’s just not what it’s claimed to be. I say, save your money, folks!

  45. I dont want to say anything negative but i want to ask yourself,
    You are asking if auto traffic tycoon worth its price ,
    first answer this -> Is any clickbank product worth its price? or worth anything at all?
    If you are smart you know the answer.

    • >Is any clickbank product worth its price? or worth anything at all? If you are smart you know the answer.

      Yes, there are at least 3 great products I’ve bought from Clickbank that are worth their price and then some. Coincidentally, all products I’ve bought from Clickbank were worth the price even if some of them weren’t exactly stellar.

      “If you are smart” you know you can’t judge all products from a few bad individual cases. “If you are smart” you know how to tell a good product from bad from its “cover”. “If you are smart” you know to do due diligence whatever product you’re buying, Clickbank or not. 🙂

  46. Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences after the initial launch.
    I’m interested in this product to help automate promotion of my business. Can anyone give an update on the comments so far? As it’s now end of May, I’m wondering if the initial issues have been resolved and if anyone who has stuck with the product can report back ? Is it now working OK or are people still experiencing the issues reported above?


  47. In response to allretainingwalls

    I bought it awhile back during launch and had the same issues back in march as I do this week. Because I have not been able to use the site builder to complete a site and post it up. Its unfortunate because its going on 3 months and its still some of the same issues and the guy Daniel Carter has no communication with us whatsoever but he is still finding time to email us about other products. Its disappointing and makes me wonder what’s going on. I just requested my refund for one of the upsells and will be seeing about the refund for the software itself.

  48. Dear All,

    I am so glad that I found this site and many thanks for your genuine feedback. After going through this guy’s slick presentation, I was almost about to buy and something inside told me that I must check before I pay. And I am so glad that I googled and found this site.

    One thing that became very clear to me after I read your review – there are no shortcuts to success. Find out what your passion is, focus on it, understand what your strengths and weaknesses are, trust in yourself (and in GOD, if you like!), keep working no matter what the challenges are, you will find your answers.

    Good luck

  49. It is September 11 and I would like to know if there has been any success with this product.

    On August 31 ClickBank had started applying its “no over hype” rules.

    It seems that most “gurus” are not applying them.

    Most presentations are being kept as before the rules were setup.

    I guess we honest online marketers must take action and hassle clickbank with those “dishonest gurus”.

    We must take them out of CB.

    I had a CB account closed because I had a negative because I was promoting as an affiliate some of those products and had several refund requests. That produce a negative.

    I promoted them because they were recommended and promoted by most known “online gurus”.

    I consider that we can’t have confidence and cannot rely on those “honest” gurus anymore.

    They, too, will promote anything that produces money even if it is worthless.

    Deception for their subscribers.

    I have unsubscribed from several of their mailing lis.

    Can’t have confidence on someone that whats to lies to me.

    They even promote products that they have not used themselves.

    How can they say in their mailings that they recommend the product if they don’t have used it?

    That’s a lie!

    At present, like someone Claud said: we have to learn to use the “Refund my money because this is a Sh-t product” button.

    This way CB will hear us buyers and don’t keep permitting rip off sellers.

    These sellers “vendors” play the no refund request attitude of most buyers, even if what they are buying is crap.

    And the other game they play is that 90% of buyers won’t even try to use the product or will try to use it after the refund date is over.

    Playing these games you see their “famous screenshots” of making millions. What they don’t tell you is that those screenshots, if not fake, are made by selling that same crap to people like you and me: the dreamers of something magical and instant cash producers.




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