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This is an entry for Auto Traffic Monopoly, a course on traffic generation and making money online by Andrew Wallace.

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  1. ATM is nothing but a scam. All promises are highly over exargerated as you would think. Its all about blogging through one blog site , one I say can you believe another scam to deal with . If blogging is your thing than maybe this is your program but I did not see any automation that was descibed in the ads. The program looks like a real beginner designed it. Thumbs down all the way for this product just another rip off

  2. Auto Traffic Monopoly has nothing to do with the usual methods of income like;
    I copied this ad from one of the advetisers. See where it says blogging , thats all the program is is blogging. A complete lie and I’m sick of being ripped off on the Internet. This crap is why it’s so hard to make money on the Internet. Buy at your own dissapointment

  3. I listened to the info on this program last night and was really excited. I don’t know what to think now.
    Hopefully, this isn’t another disappointing program.

  4. I just read the sales copy of autotraffic monopoly and had feeling that something stinks out there. It is weird that in the Clickbank screenshots where he gives a “comparison” of traffic with and without his software, are BOTH from the current week – that would give sense only if he tested it from the separate accounts..Thank you, guys for the valuable comments here.

  5. I get the same feeling. There’s a complete lack of sincerity in his long and boring video pitch. At one point in the sales letter he says his system is so good he’d be a jerk not to share it! If it’s so good why does he only ask $37?
    If I wanted to help people with all the money I made I’d help the homeless get back on their feet instead of stupidly inviting competition in my business. That’s why internet marketing is a scam. Forget it.

  6. Thanks for the tip Chris; I hope you got your money back, you should have no problem as it is a CB product.
    Also, thank you to Mad IM Marketing for making this site available for comment.
    The obvious signs were there in Wallace’s video where he said “the Gurus are lying to you and ripping you off”; when someone says that, that is a sure sign that the person saying it is ripping you off because IM professionals (so called Gurus) actually have respect for one another even though they are in competition to each other.
    The methods Wallace said he doesn’t use and “you don’t have to use” are the very methods that actually work.
    Even Blogs or Blogging Networks, they do work but they do take some time to set up; even with automation.
    If you look at all the reviews; every reviewer is trying to sell the product but not one of them has bought it.
    It’s a ClickBank product meaning forget the “urgency message”, “only 157 left”. ClickBank does not list an information product that has limited supply. Further if you check the affiliate program there are $650 in up-sells plus a continuity program; if this doesn’t say scam and BS what does?
    Finally, check the Warrior Forum; you’ll find honest reviews there.

  7. Guys, thanks for the comments but let’s not start bashing the product based on what we feel. When this happens with reviews on the Warrior Forum, the thread is usually closed – I’d hate to do that here.

    So far only Chris has posted from his experience. Let this be a note to future commenters, if all you want to say is “yeah I thought so”, please don’t bother.

  8. Did any of you download it? or see if you were doing anything wrong? No you just get on here and complain!
    Think of it this way imagine you have one Mcdonalds and you make ok money. If you have 50 of them you can make more money because you have more place for people to buy sandwiches. The point is a blog is just a point of sale location. Blogs are franchises. Facebook is a a blog franchise because it has so many entry points each individual facebook profile is a blog where they can place advertisements and make money. Same thing with this software. You have to know who to import it into a blog like Word Press as a plugin. I bought a similar program and it works just fine! blogging is the whole point…what do you think youtube is nothing but a huge blog with millions of pages that is what a software like this gives you the power to do on a smaller scale. The ability to make 100s of pages so you can reach as many different people under as many different searches as possible!


  9. HI Guys
    Well let me tell you I’m a JV for many Clickbank and other vendors and i thought nice this sales page and info was nice. Dont get me wrong i have just as we speak set up my links for this same product. How ever i always buy / use or are given from most Guru’s their product as how can you review something if you dont try it?

    So guess what i did i bought it also and guy this normally goes against my nature but dont bother.
    It is just an article submittor software it took my 2 mins to download after 5 oto’s and I have the plr to this similar software ……

    So within 5 mins im asking for a refund and im pulliing my review site ( promoting off) I actually did my own seo blog page and got to #9 page 1 on thats how quick i am. What a waste
    Clickbank refund on its way

  10. Hello everyone,I’m relatively new to internet marketing(8 months or so) & in the process of building my new business.That being said , I have recently purchased Auto Traffic Monopoly and I think it will be a useful tool that will help in getting traffic to my offers & websites.

    I am in the process of getting my first campaigns up & running with this software so I do not have any results to share yet. but I will share them as soon as I can gather enough data.I can say this though, if you are looking a “magic button” type of software that will instantly generate traffic for you your just setting yourself up for disappointment every time.

    The truth of the matter is, getting that free traffic does take some work.This software & others like it are designed to help streamline some of the tasks involved & save us some time, in this case the task is building back links.I agree with the admin of this site when he addresses the negative comments.The only way that you are going to get traffic without learning seo, creating some content ,back links etc. is to pay for it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have purchased my share of junk out there as well & what I have learned is this.. Before you begin to invest money in your business educate yourself first.There are some experienced & reputable marketers out there that share their insights on the basics of internet marketing for free.Use the free resources as much as possible to get a better understanding of what it is you want to accomplish.

  11. Hi everyone, iv been trying to make an online buisines for some time and have to agree that you have to educate yourself to stop dissapointment over and over, there’s no easy route to riches and those who says there are well do I have to say it, these same people who stakes there claim that there system will make you rich is rubbish, but with any system such as this also takes work on your behalf.

  12. I’m not here to knock anyone. Thank you Chris! I feel this is deceptive advertising. I found your article after clicking through 9, so called reviews as I was about to call it quits.
    I’m so tired of this, first all the people that review products, that they, have not used the product in question. I have learned, to go over the reviews before buying any “make money system” that claims will make money faster.
    I do not expect to get rich overnight. But I expect the truth from the actual creator of the software. But as, “Andrew claims” “Forget writing boring articles with no result’s” “Forget about setting up pointless blogs” “Never stress over creating content again”
    What does that lead you to believe? Or another claim “Does not require a Web site” “Any previous knowledge” “or any manual work on your part” I consider a blog, a web site.
    These are not may words, just look at Andrews sales page.
    I patiently waded through his sale pitch (perhaps longer than I cared too) and the message I got was set up, submit your sales page and “Presto” The traffic will come!
    Sound to good to be true? That is why I went right to the review sites and as usual, I had a difficult time finding exactly how the system worked.
    I have seen this to many times. When I do my reviews, I avoid this at all costs. I like to go through the whole program and tell you what is in the package. That is the only way I will ever go about it.
    Nothing against Andrew and he had me hooked with his down to earth pitch. Please don’t base your decision on my words because I have not seen this system yet and it seems Chris has, and if he is true to his words, I thank you and I will not see this any time soon.
    I’m not afraid to work and would love a short cut like this. There are plenty article distributors out there you can use for free.
    I’m not in the position to be throwing money around on any new software that hits the market. There are many who are and this would be a great product for that individual.

  13. Don’t waste your money and time – You’re required join review sites and write reviews to upload to these sites.

    Once you purchase, you have to go through page after page of “So called” upgrades which are products that the vender doesn’t own, but are affiliate sales for him.

    Bonuses are also sales pages for additional affiliate products

    Complete waste!!!

  14. I bought ATM as it is a ClickBank product and very easy to get a refund. People, this is a complete and total scam! In fact it is one of the worst I have seen in a while. How Andrew Wallace sleeps at night I do not know. This product is an amateur keyword blogging program. Basically what the “software” does is log in to 7 free blogging platforms such as Tumblr and Live Journal and upload your content. Of course you have to create and enter all the content in the first place and you have to enter all your usernames and passwords. The software then links all the blogs together and places a link back to your site at the bottom of each of the 7 free blogs. OR you can save yourself the hassle of ATM and just log in to your 7 free blogging accounts and enter the content one by one. You had to write the content anyway so it shouldn’t be a big deal to go and paste it in to each place. You can link the blogs together yourself and place the links at the bottom yourself. The software is ridiculous and saves you about 5 minutes over what you could do on your own anyway. It does not in any way help you build more traffic than you can build on your own. It does not “build” you any backlinks. Google the term “link wheel”, learn what it is and don’t waste your time with this piece of garbage. I am astonished how Andrew Wallace can look at the camera and speak so sincerely. He is a complete con artist. I knew the software could never live up to the claims, but you always hope there will be a little piece of info that will help give you an edge. There is not even a speck of info in this one. I could create the two eBooks included with the program in a day, call a programmer friend of mine and have this software made in another day, put it on CB the next and be scamming you all out of your money in no time. Unfortunately I like to face myself in the mirror each day…unlike Andrew Wallace. I predict this product will have a record refund rate for CB. Do not buy ATM. You’ve been warned!

  15. I would like to say a big thumbs up to the person who has created this review site.
    It is refreshing to see someone letting the feedback/comments be seen. I personally have not seen this done anywhere else and it has helped many people decide in what direction they should go.
    I know in the future I will come back to this persons site if they review other products and make sure I purchase through your link .
    Thank you and goodluck

  16. I have to agree with everyone who said this is a complete waste of time. I downloaded the product the 1st day and was very dissapointed in the product itself and the manuals that went along with it. The instructions were very vague and there is no way the initial product can deliver, even in months, what he is saying. And for once it would be nice to try out a product and not be hit up with $300+ in upsells after you buy it. For someone just getting into affiliate marketing, this product would be a waste because he doesn’t walk you through setting any of it up..unless you want to pay $97 per month to get into his personal coaching group.
    Very annoyed that this guy bashes the “guru’s” but is doing the exact same thing he said he’s against.
    This product over promises and majorly under delivers.

  17. I don’t agree with the comments sofar. The thing I’m not happy with is the fact that some people already give a thumb down to the software before having tried it first. They don’t understand that what they are doing here is creating a ‘black’ salespage about this product and almost every scam searcher is buying this immediatly.

    Why not give it the benefit of the doubt? Or follow someone who bought it and wants to try it out and is willing to give you the opportunity to see if it’ s worth the money…

    I bought it on the 23th and was also angry with the upsells. But when reading them in detail I started to see some potential in it. Just overlook the marketing BS and pickup the most interesting parts of it.

    I bought A.T.M. for $37, the website membership for $46 per month and the 16 winning campaigns for another $46 (first one for $4,95 only).

    Now you might think I’m stupid isn’t it? But hey someone has to try this out and I want to give it a chance for 2 months and see how far this will bring me.

    I don’t need to set up a WordPress blog myself, load it with the best affiliate campaigns there are today (they have a database of best selling ClickBank products in every possible niche that you can search for with statistics included), and find the traffic.
    THEY will do this for me. They set up my Wp blog, host it on their servers, let me choose the affiliate products, copy and paste the review content, and drive traffic to my blogsite (some free traffic with SEO, some with the ATM software and the rest with payed traffic). Thats exactly what I should do when I wanted to set up a review website myself. I think the ATM software is just a way to get you in this membership.

    I already picked a niche, a name for my website and some campaigns. It’s already there up and running waiting for the trafficflood they promised to come in. But I am very sceptical too if this is going to work.

    Come and see for yourself! Just click my name and I let you in on every detail.

  18. Wow, where do I begin with this…

    I bought it, and have TRIED to test it. Tried, because the software is buggy as hell in all areas. But let’s start from the beginning.

    Like everyone, I felt there was a breath of fresh air in the candid and outwardly “I’m not a guru” approach taken. So I watched the video, and said, “Oh what the hell… let’s see. At worst, I’ll get a refund.”

    Let me say that there are people like Andrew supposedly are, who give a presumably great product to genuinely help everyone, at a low price. I can testify to this, because I have products out that are easily worth the $97 price point, and I sell at only $9. Greed is not a motivator, and you’ll make money if you provide value.

    First thing I remember thinking was, “That’s a pretty austere and simple ‘office’ he’s working out of”. Ok, no one has to be glitzy and stuff, but this seemed awfully simple. But ok, let’s go on.

    There was also something sketchy about him, personally, that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, as his presentation wore on. I still don’t know what it was about him, but something didn’t “look” right. Now, I don’t judge a book by its cover, but I am an ex soldier, and my instincts have saved my ass time and again. Something was going off, an alarm bell somewhere, but I foolishly disregarded it.

    Then I began the hell that was the buying experience. And let me tell you, an “experience” it certainly was. Naturally, I expected an upsell. Duh. If the front-end was $37 (and I paid $27, because I accidentally clicked out and had a “WAIT! Here’s $10 off!” box; I should’ve taken that as an omen), there was bound to be an upsell.

    But I have NEVER, in 6 years of internet marketing, come across 4 oto’s and 4 DOWNoto’s. I mean, c’mon now. How BADLY are you trying to make a sale? 4 UPS and 4 DOWNS?! It comes off as needy and greedy. He even said in one of his oto’s, “I know, you’re thinking ‘Does this guy never stop?’…” Well, he said so himself. He also comes across too much as wanting to “help”. Well, listen… after 2 upsells, it ain’t about helping… not when one upsell is $197, and the downsell on it (when you refuse it) is a good $100 off the first price. That’s taking the piss, big time. And after more than 2 oto and downoto, something begins to seriously stink like stale wolf p*ssy.

    Reminds me of the Army advice I learned of, “Don’t ever trust anyone who calls you ‘my friend’ when you meet them.”

    When I FINALLY got through it, I was sent the email link to download the software. I also signed up for one of the upsells, but amidst the endless stream of ups and downs, I forget which it was. However, it was an additional $4.95, with $37.95 per month thereafter.

    I installed it, and the first thing I thought was, “That’s one ugly application icon, badly cropped, and low-res.” Ok, appearances can be deceiving.

    Then I quickly checked the manual sizes (don’t we all? LOL!). The installation manual was 11 pages. Surprising, for such a simple program. The “System” manual was 30 pages. Even more surprising, if the system was so powerful. But hey, they say the best wine is in the small bottles, and if he was as down to earth as he’d made himself out to be, then this “small” manual was in line with that portrait.

    So I began a deeper reading, and…. Holy crap, Batman! The whole thing was full of simple spelling errors, full of syntax problems, full of basic presentation disgraces, and overall looking like a band of drunk, untrained monkeys tried to write it blindfolded with their other hand. And most of it was about how to pick a CB product and do basic keyword research!

    I swear, this is where I began to really think something was wrong. Seemed to me, the whole thing could’ve been said in 3-4 pages… including screenshots, if he’d stuck to the “system” itself.

    But oh well, let’s push on. Maybe it works, and it’s just me and my hyperactive (albeit well-honed and generally faultless) BS radar.

    So I fired up the software. Simple, uncluttered interface. I like that. Actually, it’s a box, not much bigger than your fist (why am I thinking fists?? RAGE!!!). In the first part, you create a profile where you enter your 7 blog login details, for the autoposting. As a long time marketer, this part went fast, because I had accounts with all such blogging properties already.

    The second part is where it got nasty. But WAIT! It gets nastier still, as I will show you later.

    By now, I’d realised that the “no article writing” part was untrue. Technically, you weren’t writing articles and submitting them to an Article Directory; they are posts. Whoopdeedo, Wallace. It’s 6 of one, and a half dozen of the other. But being a prolific and competenet writer, I churned out 7 good pieces in a few hours. As I did this, I wondered how much time this was going to take me every day? Where was the 10 minutes a day promise? The Autopilot? Hmmm….

    So I saved all my articles, and imported them one by one, title and body into their respective fields. Even created a nice footer with anchor text link back to a brand-spanking new domain I purchased, to try out this turke—– sorry, Thanksgiving flashbacks, there… – “system”, and clicked to upload my content.

    Now HERE is where the software REALLY screws up. First of all, there’s no way to save the imported content as a “project”. Nevermind, I am organised and keep track of what I do in other ways. But from the software’s standpoint of practicality, that’s pretty fail. Especially given that I had erroneously copied a wrong detail to my blog accounts logins, and it threw the system into chaos by not logging me in to the first of all the accounts, at Blog[dot].com

    The page in the window with Blog kept refreshing, trying to “force” its way into logging in with the wrong details; nice way to get banned, btw, for repeatedly hammering the server. And even when I pressed stop, it wouldn’t stop. I had to shut the application down.

    So I logged back in, changed my login details (double checking I had it right), and went again to the content window.

    CRAP! Where was my content? My articles? My Titles? My footer?

    Gone, all of it. I had to put it in again, one by one… titles, bodies, etc… *mumbles something about a save feature woefully lacking…*

    Finally, got done with that, and went to upload it. This time my details were right, so it would work.

    HAH! So YOU thought. The limpware (because this is too bad to even be ‘soft’-ware… it’s ‘limp’) got stuck on the 3rd submission blog, with a message that there was something wrong with my content.

    Say what???! There’s NOTHING wrong with my content! Hell, I am talking about a niche in which I have plenty of properties and blogs. Nothing’s ever happened.

    Oh, but that was enough to throw the limpware into chaos again, as it got stuck in an endless loop of trying to submit and re-submit this apparently “unsuitable” content.

    Once again I had to shut down.

    It was at this point that I decided to check online and see if anyone else had any problems with this turkey, and unfortunately, it seems I am far from being the only one.

    Oh, and now that I remember, I forgot to tell you something about that $4.95 upsell: when I got the download link for that upsell, I clicked it and was taken to a download page, where I had to authenticate with my email and password.

    Well, upon doing that and submitting, the page just refreshed, and prompted again for the same. Tried a couple of times; same old story. So I logged a ticket. Actually, there’s no ticketing system – you send an email. Fair enough. I did. But I never even got a “We received your email” auto-response… and 24hrs later, it’s still unanswered.

    People like this, who play the “I’m not a guru”, and guile you over with their “honest” approach are perhaps even MORE responsible than the gurus themselves, for the way the IM community is being frowned upon. It’s a disgusting disgrace.

    I was going to wait, nevertheless, to see if this actually gave me a result, anyway… but in the end, experience and common sense tells me that no, you won’t get anything out of submitting to 3 blogs, and linkwheeling them (because that’s as far as this software got).

    This software is buggy, inefficient, user-unfriendly, and requires a helluva lot more writing than most people care to do (I don’t mind writing, but most people don’t). Steer WELL clear of this one. I’m getting a refund. PRONTO.

  19. I know this both Auto Traffic Monopoly and Auto Traffic Profit Banker are crap. To begin the ATM Banker Software did not even get of the ground as an exception warning hit the screen straight away so I thought this is not good so I sent a email to support 3 days ago , have not heard a thing. In regards to Auto Traffic Monopoly being just a blog article submitter only was successful at posting one article, the rest I had to perform manually and that is not including all the time spent setting up the log in and user information in the first place. I have made my refund requests clear to Click Bank and furthermore any email hits my inbox and mentions ATM I unsubscribe immediately and I make no exceptions.

  20. There are many good programs out there, and as holds true with any business, you have to glean the useful information you learn and get a very good understanding on how the system works and apply what you have learned especially in internet marketing. I personally have paid for a lot of education over the years, and through putting together the bits and pieces of useful info have found some success. The biggest lesson learned is that there are NO push button, make money while you sleep, No work required, No experience required, etc…systems out there! Success takes work, and this is another product those who have been in this game for a while will see right through! Stay away

  21. I bought this product and followed all the instructions. Entered the usernames and passwords for the 7 blogs listed; wrote an article to upload, imported the article into the autotraffic monopoly program, put the footer in and clicked on the upload icon. I tried this about 20 times but every time I tried to upload from the program to the blog sites, all I got was a message re: the first blog site ( saying upload failed (in the “status” column). So, I’m not very happy witht the product at this point. Does anybody have any insight as to what is wrong? I e-mailed the e-mail address they give us but I get no response.


  22. What a waste of time. Bought it to test it before promotiong, to make sure it holds to its claims. Nope, nada…don’t buy. I will not be promoting this product to my list!

  23. Hey guys,

    I bought this stupid product before reviewing this site and let me tell you I totally regret it. -_- this is a TOTAL SCAM. Do any of you guys know how to get a refund from clickbank? I wasted $197 for the so called “Private Coaching” and $37 for the product and I want my money back. I emailed the andrew about the private coaching and the product and there was no response….

  24. I bought ATM and guess what I got! Sorry, Broken Link!

    It looks like you have landed on a non existing page..I requested a refund quick from Click Bank I hope they Ban Andew Wallace ….His Tech support does not exist

  25. yeap just another scam i wonder if hes going to show off his clickbank act. with all the red on it from the returns of this junk and im still waitting for a reply from his tech support its only been 3 days ahh well just return it if you bought it and stick it to him as he said he was doing to the gurus he realy ment he was going to stick it to us its ok becuse he will allways be remberd as the scam artist that he is so he will be out of business in about 6 mo. or less stick with a winer like commision blue print there softwear rocks in that part of the industry and good to make money with

  26. As a newbie to IM I watched the Sales Video twice, over two nights just to make sure what I heard was right.
    Automatic push button system…No website…No writing…No previous knowledge…No manual work…WHAT A LOAD OF MANURE.
    After parting with my card details and buying ATM, I was not prepared for the upsell, me, thinking he’s not a guru and he’s made his money selling Click Bank products, he would have nothing else to offer. WRONG…Along came the upsells, and I fell for it. I bought the Coaching Program $197, my reasoning was…,he’s going to build me a money making niche site, well thats what he said he would do in the sales page!.. good it will pay for itself in time I thought but of more interest, the sales page said I would be able to e-mail him once a day with queries, questions etc.
    I downloaded ATM and managed to look at the program, after I had figured how to upgrade my Microsoft .NET Framework from 1.1 (what this is for I don’t know) to 3.5.
    When I got into the program I was not impressed, now I’m discovering the blatant LIES. So I now try to download the Coaching Program…NEED SOME HELP. Cannot download the program, now I know I’m a newbie and in my fifties but I recond that if I was able to download one program I should be able to do the other. Well I tried a number of times over a period of time thinking there might be a problem with his servers…NO JOY!.
    Not one for giving up, I e-mail for assistance, I’ve got two e-mail address’s one for each program. Can you guess whats coming?… e-mails to both address’s are bounced back by the Postmaster. Raise a ticket with Click Bank, wait the three days, tried to e-mail Andrew Wallace each day over a week without success.
    I know when I’m beaten, you’ve joined the ranks of the SCAM MERCHANTS.

    I’m refunding and my advice is to stay well clear,give Andrew Wallace and Auto Traffic Monoply a wide swerve

  27. I am really disappointed with ATM. I watched all the videos, on the website, and for once I thought that this was the real deal, I really thought well before purchasing it, and it turns out to be a fucking scam!!! I can’t believe the guy keeps talking about how this software is going to help you increase your traffic and how this is what helped him do the same.
    It is designed by a beginner obviously, I would not care about the design if the software actually worked, but it doesn’t. In the beginning it offers you like 7 different blog sites. And you have to create your blog on each of them, after that you just enter your username’s and passwords, and the only thing the software is supposed to do, is automatically post content to the 7 blogs. So if you are all about blogging than you might like it. But to me this is a bunch of bullshit, there is no automated process, and the whole software’s capabilities are over-exaggerated. Some of the blog websites are broken/ hacked links, and overall the software doesnt work.
    ohh yes one more thing, their customer support is horrible, i contacted them a week ago, i sent 3 emails, and NO RESPONSE WHAT SO EVER!!!!!!!!! I cant believe this….

  28. I have purchase the product and tested and had the same experience with Josh Harris. Two blogs were down and that blogs has a good content before I started to add it to auto traffic monopoly and its gone without notice.. So i made a refund immediately…

    I am angry but its ok at least I have my money back… I lost my blogs which are already been for many months… anyway. I am hoping they are rich now and they can bring their money to where they want to be after life… at least

    I am honest and to let everyone know that this product banned my blogs don’t purchase it…

    Thanks for letting me share….I take down my reviews also about this product My Apology guys…

  29. Guys just go to clickbank main page and from there go to page no. 17 in E business E marketing, there you see product no. 5, there is same produt selling by the name of autotrafficmonopoly. So if adrew says he is making it first time then how this same product is running there already and same logo also. If it is something else kindly tell me.


    • Looks like someone has decided to create a product to “automate auto traffic monopoly” and leech off of the launch. Not the first time I see something like this.

  30. Yeah, I can smell these guys 100 miles away now. Any time these
    ‘”gurus” or “anti-gurus” tell you what you won’t have to do, but don’t say a damn thing about what they are selling you or what you will have to do, don’t buy.

  31. Thanks to all the people who have posted their comments here as well as to the good folks from as I’ve just become a fan.

    When are these scam artists going to be held accountable for their actions?

    I purchased the ATM software several weeks ago and immediately sensed that I had been scammed again; however, I’m still waiting for them to respond to my refund request.

    Does anyone know of a legitimate product that would help someone learn how to earn money on the internet?

    I’m talking about something that is comprehensive and that provides step-by-step instruction that even a dummy like me could understand.

    Please help as I’ve been searching now for 11 months since I lost my job.

  32. Hi Peter, same here I am researching for more than 1 year and what I find is to know how to start earning on net, researched a lot and find some useful data and now I am trying to do it with professional approach. So if you like we share our experience and research data with each other, who knows it may be useful for us. Rest on your reply.

  33. Friends, Anyone else who like to share their knowledge and help other’s will be wellcomed
    and highly appreciable.

  34. Hi Everyone, I purchased this program and upgraded at least twice. First 97.00, then 47.00, then another 47.00 total waste of money. The software is rudimentary, requires membership on multiple blogging sites. Supposed to upload blogs in an instant, only worked to 1 blog site, never sent to the rest. The absolute worst part is the lack of support. I’ve sent numerous support questions and no response. Definitely stay away from this program, I’m getting my refund via clickbank and/or paypal. Really getting tired of these ripoff con artists online, but had to give it a try. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT!!

  35. I too had the same experience as Josh Harris. I just lodged my 4th request for support (don’t worry, I’m not holding my breath) and will then demand a refund and lodge a complaint to clickbank.

    I’m glad I found this site, I’ll look here first before making future purchases.

    Thanks everyone for your honesty and sharing!

  36. I recently purchased this software and found it did not work as claimed, the uploads would not send. Just prior to writing this review, I logged into the software, and was notified that an update was available for this software. Thinking they may of corrected the problem, when the update began automatically and has now produced an error message indicating that the software is no longer useful. So to say the least I am not satisfied with this software.

  37. I’m in my mid 60’s, and with an ex who left me a lot of debts, I’m looking at ways to generate passive income that I could operate while travelling. I know next to nothing about ‘blogging’ or web marketing, but in the course of searching the web for education on Forex Trading, I stumbled across the ATM site (or one that had a secretly embedded link to it: I’m not sure which). Anyway, after 2 to 3 weeks of daily + emails from Nirojan Yogeswaran, I decided to follow the link embedded in one of them.

    My initial reaction was scepticism. The video was fairly basic, with poor sound levels. The advertorial content seemed to be pretty much the same as many others sites I have seen, that when you check them out independently, have somewhat odious reputations. His apparently ‘sincere’ façade becomes somewhat less convincing the longer one watches, and like Josh Harris, I’m ex service and tend to be somewhat sus of the ‘talk without the walk’ promotions. It is easy to create a dream and sell it; there are always ‘desperates’ out there to con out of their money. There are also plenty of low life parasites who think that success is just about making money, no matter how they do it. And I am always suspicious about sites claiming to have made huge amounts of money in a short time with no knowledge or skill. This one claims to be making as much per day as many highly skilled and paid CEO’s do. However, I watched it through, and was almost calmed by his display of his “affiliate” bank statements, until I thought about that. Is he not doing exactly what he raves & rants about others doing?

    I opened another web portal, and came across this site while looking for reviews on ATM. I’m an atheist, but Thank God that I did. Yes, I realise that through the ‘ClickBank’ system you can get a refund, but it is interesting that nowhere in his promotional garbage, does he state that. He repeats about giving a 60 day ‘warranty’, but I kept thinking that what guarantee is there that one could get one’s refund from this peddler?

    Chris, JTA, Thank you for your observations. Josh Harris, yours is a real review, in direct, everyday language that spells it out and pulls no punches. In our military jargon, you would receive a ‘Mention in Despatches’. That is a precursor to a “Gong”.

    Stephen, yes I noticed that every so called “review” of the product seemed to by trying to sell it. none of them even contained any constructive criticism, which simply tends to indicate that they will promote anything without moral conscience, as long as they stand to make money from that very action. Little wonder that Internet Marketing is acquiring such a stench about it.

    There is a very old adage, from 17th or 18th Century England, about how “He makes a fortune in a week, will be hanged in a year”. Can we put this mongrel on the list?

  38. Hi Guys!

    Thanks for all the info. about this product – ATM!
    Has anybody posted this info. in RIP-OFF Report?
    That’s the 1st place that I usually check about anything in business.

  39. Do the math – they are selling 157 copies at $37. From this sales site they will make about $6000 if they sell out.

    That’s less than a days earnings using their ‘system’. So why are they bothering to sell the system?

    Kindness of their heart?

    I’d like to think so but with a snazzy sales page like that I doubt it.

    The reality is you probably won’t make good money using the system and they’ll sell 1000’s copies to people who fall for the claims, and infact the clickbank screenshots they show you are from selling money making systems rather than using those money making systems.

    Think of the gold rush – these guys are selling the shovels and making more money than the gold prospectors!

  40. Hey all, i got the program too….doesn’t even work on my win 7…..wants to update…..get error… did you guys get it working????

    I wrote them too, no answer back. So it is shitty program is see…..sounds the same as” Miricle Traffic Bot” by Paul Ponna. I have that …..its works ok, pretty good program…..some of the capchas do’t work though… you can only use some sites…….

    I guess i will get my refund from Clickbank…….

    Seeya guys.

  41. This is a scam…. I went into it ready to give it a good try. The ATM software expects you to post to all blogs as laid out.. when back links are used.. cancelled my blog site. The Profit Banker … the documentation on how to use sucks… just could not make sense of it. Private coaching… didn’t get it, Cut and Paste.. junk… the way it fed AffiliateX was confusing… send emails asking for answers and help.. is ATM and Affiliate X the same ? could never figure that out.. finally today asked for my refund on all items… REMEMBER “if it sounds too good to be true.. guess what – its a scam”. DON’t BUY IT !

  42. Well now, I didn’t buy it. I like to think that I am a person of integrity and, if I had the ultimate claim of a system that worked as well as he says it does that maybe I would shut up and not go on and on and on and on !!! He
    would be alot more believable with a much shorter presentation. After all a man’s (or woman’s) word should mean something. I’m not saying it doesn’t work. I’m saying these tv evanglist type videos are very suspect. I fell to another method but soon found out that it iz just a money pit . It may well work but I choose to google the word free in my searches. Thanx for this site. It iz nice to hear from others.

  43. After being scammed by “make money online” flimflam men I was disappointed once again with Andrew Wallace and his product. While watching his video I thought “finally someone I can trust”. I was wrong again and it is getting old. I have sent countless requests for help by email about how to run it on my windows 7 with no response. I asked why he is doing what he railed against others on. Still I am getting requests for upgrades and for me to fork over more money. His auto traffic monopoly only got me through to four blogs instead of the promised seven. I can’t wait now to see how disappointed I will be with his ATM Profit Banker that he is trying to get me to upgrade. I am a good judge of character but the “make money online” con-men are so good I have been had time and again. Does anybody know of a trustworthy person out there that will do what they promise?

  44. >Does anybody know of a trustworthy person out there that will do what they promise?

    Don’t know if you’ve noticed but this blog is not just about dropping comments on miscellaneous products. Feel free to browse. That’s how you find trustworthy people, by reading what people say about them on blogs and forums, not from email pitches or sales letters.

  45. I was thinking of buying but from what I’ve read I think I’ll pass. Whenever something sounds too good to be true, well it generally is. I found my own set of new strategies that I’m gonna use. And no they’re not free. They cost money, but fortunely they’re the most affordable I’ve seen. Maybe if I can find some legit automated marketing softwares to add to that I can actually be productive in 2011. But ya it just sounded way too good to be true. Really sucks though, I was hoping it was legit.

  46. Wow. Thanks to all you guys for your feedback on ATM. I accidentally stumbled upon this blog while researching on whether to buy ATM and the feedback from this blog has saved me all the hassles. The sales page is very convincing and unfortunately a lot of more people are going to be disappointed as right now ATM has a CB gravity of 750 plus.

  47. I just bought Auto traffic monopoly (ATM) and was excited about promoting and getting started on perhaps a product that would allow me to actually make some kind of profit from selling something through the internet.

    As I find out through all the truthful reviews not a bunch of hype, and my trying to figure out the process, that ATM does not work properly and does require quite a bit of blogging, which the sales pitch says it doesn’t, and also requires that you already have an account with all the free blogging sites, if you have that you can submit your own blogs.

    A lot of information is left out on the steps to complete the process.

    The concept seems like it might work but the final product leaves one in the dark and a little confused as to what exactly is supposed to be submitted and how to get and process the information.

    Oh well, another “non-guru” tries to take advantage of folks trying to educate themselves so they can perhaps make some extra income selling products on the internet.

    I won’t be promoting this product, and will be asking for a refund.

  48. Hello there – dear friends – from the Netherlands.
    I did buy the first thing from that guy and I saw the scam on his face but made the same mistake as many..I can not figure out – maybe I do not have enough experience – why do we do this ??? Yes because we think maybe these things exist anyhow ??? They don’t …………….as for refund–do it. Does anyone know where this guy lives ??

  49. Hi every one! Just wanted to fill in with everyone else, I bought the product 24-11-2010. And thinking that this must be it! I have tried other programs, and some of them work well, but all the time there is something “missing” so I do not get the results I want. (you that thing called money) And this time, I thought to my self “it is now or never!” so I bought ALL the up sells. And now it hurts like hell. I want to thank the admin of this site and all the other writers for the information how to get a refund. Because like some of you here I have mail the support several times, but haven’t reseev ANY signs of life at all! My first problem was that I was not abel to get 2 of the downloads. Like A nice person that I’m I just send a friendly e-mail and told them that I got a message that the link was broken for one of the downloads, and on the other one the site just reloaded and I was not taken to any members area. Then I waited, two days, and still nothing…so I send one more e-mail. And I can tell you that I still haven’t get any answer. The day before yesterday I sent a mail and told them to do something or I have to ask for a refund. Still nothing!!! I’m so disappointed, like all of you. I have got the e-mails for the ATM copy and paste membership, but just 4 and that is not 1 every week. The videos are ok for learning some stuff right from the beginning. So if it wasn’t for the lack of support, if I just had got an answer and got the downloads I would have give it a real try, but I sort of run out of inspiration. I also had some problem with the software and the blogging. I didn’t have any of those blog so I figure I can set them up while I wait for an answer…yea right! My blogs just disappear….I thought that I have done something wrong but after reading this site I’m shore it is the software. So I found this site (wish I did before I bought it) and now I’m in a hurry to ask for a refund from clickbank. I was wondering how to get the refund when there is no answer to any mails…So thank you, thank you, this site just save my day and hopefully fill my big hole in my wallet!  cheers!

    And to Henk: In the mails I got from my ATM copy and paste membership it says: 17B Farnham Street, Parnell, Auckland 1052 – New Zealand, but I doubt that…I’m mean, after polling this, and it is probably not the first time, he must be smarter than that…

    “Say Yes to Sucsess”
    Susanne Diffner

  50. Hi everyone

    I have nothing to say about ATM because i have never used it.
    All i want is your help.I am interested in making money online but don’t know how to go about it.
    Can anyone advice me on the best route to go?
    Please be open and honest with me.

  51. I bought the program and it all related to setting up different blogs for each niche that you want to sell items, opportunities for and how to monetize those blogs. You need to update each blog site often to even have a chance of generating traffic from them. I requested a refund and received it without any problems.

  52. I fell for his hype. After paying the discounted $27 (ALL of them will take $10 off if you click to close the window a time or two!). Anyway, after taking the $27, I went thru eight (8!) pages of offers and discounted offers – all for programs to give me an advantage over the other suckers buying this program. He was the worse yet. I have purchased other scams, but none of them had EIGHT pages of offers one had to fight through just to get to what one bought.
    I was really disappointed when the first special offer came up, but it took forever to get through all the other things he was trying to sell me to finally get to the member page. Then everything there you have to download. I think I will just take my Money back guarantee and forget this one!

  53. Hey guys thank you so so much for all the reviews that really open up my eyes to this big fat lair scam bag, honestlyI did purchase his stupid ATM on 02/02/2011 after that I got an email that link to the download site and right after clicking to the promising link, there again I watch his f*****g video and his that is when I saw his bullshit start to uncover!!! It felt like a slap on my face…. I did received the download that consist of 2 pdf and a software setup but the worst thing is that his software does not work because I am using MacBook Pro… I send them an email and waited but still no reply from them … so I finally given up… That is the starting point for me to look up for his product reviews and I stumbled upon you good guys… Again thank you I had already ask for a refund and now waiting to get back my cash…. pls to any newbies do not make the same mistakes like I did… Another product that I would like to exposed is Carbon Copy Pro I got scam by them… I thought they are genuine but I was so wrong I invested quite a lot of my hard earn cash… that is the why I purchase ATM is because at first it is to good to be true and f*****g Andrew video I thought that he is a genuine guy and lastly I do not need to pay that much but sadly he is by far a big fat lair… Again thanks to all your honest reviews… god bless….

  54. I purchased this product and within 2 days I had installed and was really trying to nderstand how it all worked I though I did everything wright When I realised that I was making NOTHING I hada call from “someone” from Auto Traffic Monopoly saying I could make a lot of money if I had a few thousand to invest with them thats when I relised the only person making money was Andrew Auto Traffic Monopoly 2 thumbs down

  55. I purchased this product too and NOTHING work thumbs down, thumbs down.

    to those who want and wanted to buy this product better snack and buy beer your money before giving for NOTHING.

  56. Auto Traffic Monopoly is a ripoff. I have been trying to cancel my subscription for two months. I have gotten on response from customer support. Do not join or subscribe. If you get any email from this company just report it as spam and delete it.

  57. They suck, and do not do what they say, I have been asking for a refund for 3 months! Never do business with them ever!

  58. I really bought the crap called auto traffic monopoly,it was really rubbish nothing to write home about pure fraud non functional complicated rubbish! I registered my complain with mr wallace he offered me a free private email course in place of the bogus rubbish soft ware I accepted the offer but uptill this date I have not received a single of the so-called private email course and all
    effort that I have made to find out what was happening never got any reply,it’s about 2 months ago now,but what he never failed to do is to continue flooding my inbox with his other useless craps he’s trying to sell! they’re all frauds!!! I really really wonder if there is any of the so-called auto soft ware that actually works not to mention with a few clicks of the mouse!!!

  59. I just want to point out the obvious. If it takes someone this long to explain what he did, he is scamming you or simply illiterate. If you sit through all of his video to hear a couple of points & 15 minutes of desperate pleas, it should tell you all you need to know. j/s

  60. This product sucks. It’s not even software like it advertises. It’s a bunch of crappy videos with articles, preaching the same old. In fact try and get your money back. Not only did they charge me, they charged me double! And I have been fighting with W2CK to get my money back since.

    Not only does Auto-traffic-monopoly not have any contact informatino, good luck trying to get the 100% money-back promise. I am so not happy with this product.

    If anyone has heard of commissionscalper…at least that’s a program. People should advertise their products for what they really are.

  61. Hi Michael, Don’t bs.
    Questions: Did any of you download? or see if you were doing anything wrong? No, you just get on here and Complain!
    Michael, and did you? You just get on here to bs. You talk nothing about ATM but all about your own successful experience and mission. So what? You don’t help other people so why get on here?
    Try ATM and buy their bs and ask for a laborious and tedious refund later and experience the fun.
    Good Luck, Michael.
    Cheers for your success!


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