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32 thoughts on “Auto Traffic Hijack”

  1. Hi

    Okay, I’m an absolute newbie in internet marketing and like the look of this product . . but I wonder whether you can tell me from your own personal use of the program whether it can use used in any marketing niche or is it limited to just IM stuff??

    Thanks and regards

    Colin T

  2. I bought it yesterday @ $37 .. Passed on the $197 & $97 upsells. I don’t want to give a way the mode of traffic generation. Suffice to say it is a valid method that I have made money with before manually. If the software works it would offer the ability to scale tremendously…
    ..but my initial use of it failed to accomplish the first critical aspect even after several attempts. is not totally whitehat either..
    .. I have a support request waiting answer… I would say if the problem gets fixed I can see s lot of profit potential.

  3. I bought it, took the tutorial upsell too.
    Unfortunately it operates differently to the tutorial and fails to register accounts. As a blackhat spamming tool it promised so much but just fails to work. Support fails to respond in a reasonable time which led me to cancel my order with clickbank (both orders). When the developers actually get around to creating a tool that works, maybe then I’ll look at purchasing it again. But until then, my recommendation is to leave it alone.

  4. Through 3 yrs experience I have learned that stuff like this won’t work. We all
    would love if it did, because I can’t imagine anyone who doesn’t want to live this

    Working outside of the home sucks! (alarm clocks, timeclocks, traffic, irritating

    I don’t buy on impulse. Another thing I do is I have kept records of Alexa traffic ratings,
    Clickbank products with high gravity over the years. If a product still has great ratings
    after atleast a yr. it will continue to be a potential money making product.
    Second, I have a few sites I check out, that provide honest and real testimonies I can trust.

    If the product makes it over these hurdles, then I’m extremely confident.

    Ok So, what about the new products? I have found this blog to be very helpful.

    You might say I have a unique system for picking a great product. Which is an important part of being
    a successful marketer.

    Remember, ClickBank will always refund your money if you provide a valid reason for return.
    Just make sure you contact them first , NOT the vendor of the product.

    Hope this helps!

  5. Very furious newbie,this is the fith programn ave bought so far with no results.i purchased the auto traffic hijack on wednesday at $37 too just like Kay,i passed all the mumble jumble upgrades on $197,$97,$47$ upsells(wasn’t going to spend anymore money).I got to the “Welcome to your Member’s area dashboard,well this message popped up…….”PLEASE BE PATIENT WAITING FOR VIDEOS TO LOAD,WE JUST OPENED AND OUR SERVERS ARE UNDER HUGE LOADS FOR ALL THE TRAFFIC,i have been waiting since wednesday,today is friday,wrote to Clickbank AND AM WAITING FOR MY MONEY,jani and jason,am still waiting for the reply.Pls,does anyone know any legit way to make money???AM REALLY INDEED OF MONEY.

  6. Bought the Auto Traffic Hijack package after being impressed about the programme. Customer service and helpline sucks though!!! Had 2 issues with the software, first one i didn’t get a response with and had to play around to get it sorted, secondly the software will not change from ‘waiting time’ mode when the programme is supposed to be doing its stuff. Anyone got a solution or suggestion to the problem???

    From a currently disappointed Elite status buyer.

  7. I want to Thank all of you for posting your opions and results on this product. I almost wasted
    my time and money on it, until I read MadIMMarketingm. I’ve been buying so many programs
    like this for the last 7 years, and still looking for one that really comes through for me, and makes
    any money.

  8. I brothed it a week ago, downloaded and could not get in. Registration fails. then i wrote several e-mail to their support and never got an answer from then not even an autoresponder. is just like they don,t exist. I will ask for a refund from click bank. I just glad i did not enter into the funnel sells….
    Pretty mess up. Run away. Search a little more.

  9. As always – and I can not stress this enough – if this ‘marketers’
    really can make so much money daily, why for gods sake should
    they mess around to sell their product to unsuspecting buyers?

    If anybody can make this clear to me, I’m willing to seriously try
    and eventually buy his product!

  10. I bought it a week ago. I took only the first 37$ and pass all the other 197$ steps…i registred and the program is working, BUT my computer workin` all the week and generating the answers…it`s so funny – IT DOESN`T BRING ME ANY MONEY AT ALL. This software SUCKS

  11. Paid for it today for 36 euro’s, passes the 197 en 47 ads, and got to the end where the next text came up :
    “We Apologize For The Inconvenience, But We Are Currently Uploading a New Software Update To Make ATH Even Better For You, Please Check Back Shortly!”

    So now I still got nothing.

    Will they really come back?

  12. I purchased this program and like the rest of you I am disappointed. The program keeps deleting all of my information(accounts & campaigns). Every time they update the software I lose everything and since the last update I have two software programs on my computer. One is 1.1 version and the other is the 1.4 version but I have been “forbidden access to the program” but not the software. I think the concept of the program has merit but the soft ware need a lot of work. I have not received any answers from support so I will be requesting a refund. I think there should be a clearing house for new programs. This clearing house responsibility would be to make sure that the claim the vendor makes is valid and that the program works. I know this is a dream but what the hell

  13. I posted a comment here telling you guys about a software that was 4 years ago. It is very similar to ATH. I guess you can’t post a link here that would be spamming. You have to go to Warrior Forum if you want to get it free.

    But then again the software actually for driving targeted traffic and not as what ATH claiming it to be churning lots of easy money for you. Anyway its good for Branding your product. and from there possibly will create some chances of money. It takes time and effort, no magic pills guys.

  14. I bought into this on January 7th, it’s now the 15th and I still haven’t received my activation code. So much for the 1 hour to 10 hour wait period.

    I’m going to hang in there a little longer and then push the issue with ClickBank to knock these baffoons off if they don’t come through with a real product that works. I’ll be blogging about this product, and others, on my brand new blog, The Walter Report.

    ClickBank says they will ban anyone who requests too many refunds. What’s too many? Getting a refund is the ONLY protection the consumer has against scam artists. So please people, keep your sales info and definitely ALWAYS request a refund should something not work AS PROMISED IN THE ADVERTISING.

    The truth is by requesting refunds we are HELPING CLICKBANK by knocking out the thieves which on the flip side protects those vendors with solid protects. After all, if ClickBank takes a fall because of the bad vendors then the good vendors suffer as well.

  15. My partner and I thought we should give the software a try since it was a bit cheap. But couldn’t even activate the software for a start talk less of using it.

    Guess we should just stick to our own online business even if we make $500 – $700 daily.

  16. I have purchased the software week ago 6 Jan 2011
    than found that it was unable to download for a week long , but full the upsell ….. of cause I passed all the upsell

    Finally I get the product, and wish to install it in two computer , but it only aloow one software per computer

    I started to use it yesterday, it seems can search the target automatically , but i have to deal with its technical problem for day long.

    I will update my situation in a few days later , now is too early to say

  17. I bought this software, followed the instructions…but it didn’t work! Emailed so called support 3 times in 5 days…no reply, not even an acknowledgment! After 6 days gave up and claimed refund from Clickbank. Avoid this product… it doesn’t work and support sucks!

  18. I ordered this product 10 days ago, and like others on here, can only access the upsale and not the product. Will hang on a bit longer as I am still curious to try the software. If I eventually receive it and it does’nt work as described, I will ask for a refund from ClickBank.

  19. I purchased this about 2 weeks ago, it hasn’t worked for the last week & I’ve not had any reply to more than 5 support requests I have sent.

    IF (& its a BIG IF), it worked it would be great, however their lack of support & inability to fix the problem for more than a week leads me to believe that it doesn’t work. I shall be seeking a refund very shortly.

    My advice STAY AWAY.

  20. You’ve put it on, which automatically adds your pic to all blogs you comment on. So yes, you have given me a permission and I can’t even remove it unless you do it yourself.

  21. Bought this a few weeks back , spent most of last week trying to use it , tried having the training videos open alongside , lol, it has something that deletes browsing history that opens by itself , so closes down all windows , one cant download these to do it this way have to keep going back to site . I am a newbie at this , thought it might be worth a go , have ask clickbank for a refund on both the first and the upgrade .

    As other have said customer support is poor , bit of a shame thought it had potential .

  22. Bought this about 10 days ago, like vrtually every single post here, have got no answers from anybody – even nothing from CB regarding refund so far! They must be inundated with refund requests. Like the product idea, but quite frankly, from the minute I started watching the rubbish video tutorials, I had a sinking feeling in my stomach that this was going to be rot – and it was. Rank, rank, RANK amateurs!! Do not buy this product.

  23. I have to agree with a lot of what is said. There is a support email address, but they simply don’t answer it. I’ve had to figure out a lot for myself. Like Dan Walter, I was waiting for an activation code for days, but there isn’t one! You simply log in after a few hours andyou have been authorised, but they don’t really make that clear. I also had trouble getting the software to function properly. I found the best thing was to follow the 22 steps in the Notepad under help and Support. I’m going to give it a bit longer, because I WANT the damn thing to work!

  24. Bought this 2 weeks ago. As with all the others no support response at all. Got the software working but it was very slow , I could almost create accounts manually quicker. If you have a machine with vista you may experience issues because of user access rights. You would also need to have some add ons such as vpn to change ips. Have asked clikbank for a refund.

  25. WOW!! What can i say about this software…………….well nothing good anyway. Followed the tutorial step by step, got it up and running and……nothing. Absolutely nothing. However i have found another way to make money. Its known as the lottery. Its a few million to 1 chance of getting money but i think its better odds than making money from this!!!

  26. 1/27/2011
    I ordered this on 1/3/2011 and tried to download the beginning part of the software and ran into problems immediately. I am a “newbie” so I was hoping it would be an easy course to download. I emailed for support, waited two days with no support reply, so I cancelled right away.I can’t believe that these “gurus” would jeopardize their long term reputations for a few quick dollars. I will never buy anything from Jani G ever again.

  27. Hi:
    I bought this program 15 days ago. After solving many problems, the program was working well. The questions were answered but suddenly, yahoo suspended many accounts.

    I asked for a refund because they did not answer my questions.

    I think the method is black hat . I like the concept of the software, it´s very useful and it works if you solve the problems ( log in with admin rights, use proxyfirewall, email to your proxy service to ask to open yahoo log in, etc. ). I was very happy with it but Yahoo does not like it even using proxy servers.

  28. Similar bad experience. Purchased online – could not download – weird message saying new update in progress – eventually asked ClickBank to refund. Got it back almost immediately. I think it is either a scam esp the upsells, or their software development is incomplete. Some one claiming to be from ATH called last night to offer 1 on 1 coaching. I asked them to email details. Nothing so far. Advice against dealing with this company.


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