Auto Traffic Avalanche

Auto Traffic AvalancheAuto Traffic Avalanche by Kieran Gill and Imran S is a traffic generation product – a course and software featuring two traffic generation methods.

Traffic is perhaps the number one problem that an average Internet marketer has to face – there’s just never enough of it. So any course or tool that can help us get more high quality targeted traffic is a good tool.

Auto Traffic Avalanche uncovers two little known traffic generation methods and provides software to make use of them efficiently. The authors have tested and tweaked these methods before releasing them to the public for best results.

The course covers advertising on Facebook and Plenty of Fish. The former is the buzz in the world of Internet marketing right now and the latter is less known and still underused. The course teaches specific strategies of advertising with these services.

Auto Traffic Avalanche package also includes automation software that goes together with the traffic generation strategies being taught.

If more traffic is what you need, this product will give you two more methods you can use.

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  1. This is an interesting product, none more so than the pricing. I bought the initial product and then the copy&paste for $197 – it was a bit steep even for me. Someone told me that I should have gone on looking at the OTO’s so I did and I found Extreme Profiteer for $97 and the next OTO was both the above for a bonus price of $79. I think someone somewhere has made a mistake as not all the sales pages have this last OTO.

    I have of course bought at the lower price.

    Looks a great program but even more so when you save over $130.


  2. I’ m afraid that after all the hype and scam that went with turbo profit sniper, this sounds all too similar as that sales letter and i will not buy anything that says you can get sales for virtually no work. TPS said the same thing and even went as far as to say $1000 in 7 days or your money back. There have been so many complaints…and this looks no different on the surface

  3. Greetings,

    I have been reading a lot about this program and I would love to try it but don’t have any extra money to “give it a go”. I hope to be able to come up a little extra money soon so I can try it.

    A struggling marketer…

  4. Can anyone let me know how can I get my hand on this software as I bought this software on the 19th of August 2010, but I never receive a link to access the software or anything for that matter, I have been sending emails to support @, and giving them my two paypal transaction id # as a proof of purchase, but no one is coming back to me to let me know how to access this software.

  5. Look for your Clickbank receipt and go here There should be a link to download page after you enter your receipt id or you can open a support ticket.

  6. You should not have to open a support ticket to get the link you were promised when you purchased this pkg. Is this Mike for real? Anyone ever use it and have any luck? Would be interesting to hear. My word of advice to anyone hearing what tinyiko has experienced, if you don’t get a receipt e-mailed to you upon purchase, and have to fight tooth and nail to get one or a link to activate your purchase, something is wrong with this picture and those selling the program. I’d check it out on and see if it has been listed there.

    good luck all on this or any other get rich schemes.

  7. This sounds very familiar to a system which I bought, and cancelled immediately. I cant remember the exact name of the system. The no web site, no nothing information is almost exactly the same as the previous one which I cancelled. At the end of the day, it seems to be promoting THEIR own CB products in order to make you a rich man. Well, like they say, you get rich, they get richer with your efforts.

    Original poster please correct me if I am wrong.

  8. I bought into this and what it is, is a piece of software that fills a “glitch” in facebook’s programming. It also contravenes their TOS by cloaking a link so that facebook approve a product they wouldn’t normally. facebook are now aware of the situation and have taken steps to remedy the situation. I would definitely not recommend anyone else falls for this. I have also contacted clickbank who have already approved my refund. Additionally I have contacted Mike to claim the $100 he promises if no success is forthcoming from using his software. I’m looking forward to seeing if he honours his promise to pay $100 out of his own pocket to anyone who has no success using his product.
    Buyers beware.

  9. Dear all,

    Many clickbank program and course told us that no experience, no products, no seo,………
    Then you can earn $300 – $ 1000 per day. Do you believe?

    Remember : No Free Lunch.
    They want earn your money only.

    They will provide some method to you. But these method can find on internet . No Secret.

    Many people want become rich torromow. But their cannot come true. Disappoint again again.

    If the system work, they don’t need sell their products.


  10. Why don’t all you gurus and internet marketeers set up a system/rating (say 1-6) with six being the worst etc.

    This is ridiculous trying to find information on a internet business that is not a scam! Surely, with all your knowledge something could be set up to regulate these scammers. I’ve tried to google each business opp. but the scammers feed the info on their own business to the search criteria, and the affiliates have all these sites telling you that their business opportunity is the best and all that b.s.

    There certaintly needs to be some responsible regulation of these sites. Like the Good Housekeeping seal of approval – how bout Good Guru seal of approval. lol

    Seems it would be very valuable to your own sites for the scammers to be rated!


  11. I was actually thinking of purchasing the software but decided to research it first.The sales pitch is good but it looks like you have to use some underhand methods especially on facebook.More than likely you will end up losing your faebook account.From what i have read so far I wouldn’t even go there and I am sure there will be lots looking for refunds if they actually buy the product.
    Spend your money on something else!

  12. @Phylis

    After reading your comment, I remember a person on one of my lists who threw the word SCAM!!!!! all over the place, and I fear it was done without any previous or current knowledge of the word. I did a quick search through a years worth of email and what luck, Phyllis was the name of the whiner. Coincidence? Perhaps, but it’s verbatim.

    I believe Phyllis is a great example of a person who still believes there is a magic money-making button out there and everything that falls short is a SCAM!!!

    I don’t know anything about this product and that is why I am here. I like to keep up with the trends and weed out the junk. Then I take the products which have some value to my business plan and piece everything together.

    That is how you make money, PHYLLIS!!! Have Ideas of your own or at the very least, learn something, lazy ass!


    PS. Did you say a system from 1-6? Can you get any more annoying. How about 1-5 or 1-10? Those have been working for years.

  13. This is the worst product I have ever seen, these people need to be jailed for teaching this crap.


  14. I’ve found that the Auto Traffic Avalanche software has helped me rake in over $640 in profits in only 4 days… I have proof to back it up too! Just like anything else out there, it’s important to follow directions and test drive for yourself. What the heck! These guys offer a 60 day money back guarantee… I won’t be needing one anytime soon 🙂

  15. it seems there is more against than for, like so many others here I was about to pay for the
    product, but then decided to research it in google lol, the search engine they dismiss in their
    sales pitch. Anyway after reading these reviews I think I will keep my money.
    Thank you for the honest reviews, particularly you people who actually tried it.

  16. Well folks after reading this info, I will keep my money, I am so tired of all the hype about different programs. I did go for Traffic Anarchy Professional. So far not even able to download the product.

    I am glad that people post there reviews on different products, to bad that some people do not seach for them. My best to all you and of coarse success in moving forward in this crazy economy, and the endevors you may be having.

  17. Stay away from this product. It is not at all what it says on the sales page.

    Using it and you are risking loosing a very important account to a certain network and destroy your affiliate business.

  18. It is a scam. No doubts. I purchased it and their support is pathetic. Never do they reply to ur mails or problems. I was not able to set up the software at all. I got a refund from them though. And they do mention that its not PPV or CPV. But it is. A simple and well known failed statergy of publishing ads in facebook. I did waste some extra cash for domain registration and hosting following their instruction. Rip off.

  19. yeah same with me.I couldnt even get the software to install into the directory so go daddy would recognize it.I sent numerous emails to support but not one answer from them.I got click bank to refund my money.I wonder if the reason is they arent responding is because they know it doesnt work. I wished i could find a legit company that is willing to give support & help the little guy along.

  20. They don’t respond because they sold thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of copies and must be getting thousands of emails every day. As usual with these launches, they didn’t invest in proper support staff to deal with the issues. Shows how long they expect this product to live.

  21. Hello guys, i was also going to buy this product and i am keeping my money as well, to be nohest i do not believe in this type of get rich quick scheme, there are some other good techniques to make money online and thay are real, bye

  22. Hey this has been really helpful and has dissolved my skepticism of trying the traffic software mentioned. Now I just need to get a little extra money and I will probably give it a try. Thanks you for your info.

  23. I have purchased the system, downloaded it, and tried several times to install it to a hosted database as outlined in Kieran’s videos, but cannot get it to work. I have deleted and started over several times following the steps exactly. I have emailed support, but it’s been 4 days now with no support. Anyone out there willing to help me get over the hump?

  24. I was also intrigued by the sales pitch.. in fact there are 3 different videos doing the rounds today with 3 separate marketers selling it. How is this?

    Anyway, thanks to my dear friend Max for being clever enough to check Google first and finding these reviews… will NOT be spending my money either and am also writing to those people who sent me emails recommending this product with a link to this blog. My Facebook account is far too valuable to jeopardise.

  25. Looks like there’s not gonna be anything new posted about this product, so to avoid it turning into a hate-fest I’m closing the comments. Thanks to everyone who commented.

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