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Auto Power Blogs by Tom Bell and Brian Koz is an auto blogging software.

The purpose of this page is for the real users of Auto Power Blogs to provide their feedback and inform everyone interested about their experience with this product. If you have experience with Auto Power Blogs or other products by Tom Bell and Brian Koz, please leave a comment with your feedback below. Your feedback can help someone else to decide.

If there are no reviews below yet, keep in mind that they come from real users and it can take a little while for someone to post (especially if the product is new). If you want to see more Auto Power Blogs reviews, bookmark this page and check back regularly.

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7 thoughts on “Auto Power Blogs”

  1. I do have the Auto Power Blogs and indeed the content is written for us and updated accordingly,all I had to do was to add my affiliate id for both clickbank and amazon,autoresponder code and google adsense also work on them

  2. To the one only commenter (first) I have a couple of questions. I noticed you commented on the 26, right after the relaunch,
    are you a new buyer? if not, have you made money with this?

  3. hi fortune seekeers
    not to many reports from happy custumers !! I would like to know his there any???lets talk about MONEY

  4. I asked them, what will i do after you give the blogs. an they said:

    You need to log into your blog member area and watch the videos posted there as they give you an overview of the blogs, shows you the sign up stuff, and what you need to sign up for and how to choose titles and/or domains.

    With the main system, you get up to 100 blogs with 30 articles posted to them once the basic setup is completed. Basic setup is choosing a hosting option, signing up for Amazon, Adsense and Clickbank as an affiliate and entering that information on the My Account section of the blog member area, and the autoresponder information.

    After the 30 articles are posted by us, maintenance of the blogs is then up to you to handle.

    I guess that mean they will leave me to drive a traffic to 100 blog! . good luck with that.

  5. So do you mean not worth to by this product dmaqtor?

    That make sense for product worth $27
    I just wondering to buy this product and if they really worth it .
    I guess not…
    Thanks for the review

  6. I have had auto power blogs for six months and as yet I have not made a penny. They are good quality blogs but there is obviously a lot of duplicate contenta nd you need to do a lot of work.

  7. I have had the auto power blogs for nine months and as yet I have not made any money. They are a good starter point but you need to do a lot of work yourself because of the duplicate content, so you need to make them your own. But to write new content for 100 blogs is a lot of writing.


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