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Auto Click Profits is an affiliate marketing course and software by Daniel Owens.

The purpose of this page is for the real users of Auto Click Profits to provide their feedback and inform everyone interested about their experience with this product. If you have experience with Auto Click Profits or other products by Daniel Owens, please leave a comment with your feedback below. Your feedback can help someone else to decide.

If there are no reviews below yet, keep in mind that they come from real users and it can take a little while for someone to post (especially if the product is new). If you want to see more Auto Click Profits reviews, bookmark this page and check back regularly.

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72 thoughts on “Auto Click Profits”

  1. Well, so far I can’t give this a good review. I purchased it, but cannot access the members area. I emailed support, but received a failure notice that the email could not go through.

    So far, not looking good for Auto Click Profits.

  2. Don’t have a review as such as I am so pi**ed off with all the upsells.more the 5 of them at differing offers and pricing.

    1st = $197

    2nd = $97

    3rd = $67

    you get the point…

    I clicked no thanks on each one but used the open link in new tab.. i now have 10 tabs open

    the final was one was a unanounced binus offer

    when you get to the website offer, i refused the offer to upgrade to pro level.. offering 10/12 websites instead of the 1 free one.

    The price dropped every time I refused to upgrade – started at £89.95.. the cheapest offer was when I got to the control panel.. there was a link to upgrade to pro for £39.95.


    CONCLUSION..- Ian not saying it does not work.. just that i no longer trust a word out of his mouth.

    P.S. I am not a guru – infact I have only made a few sales in my life.. I just hate these ripoff s

    you have been warned

  3. Thanks!
    Sincerely- to those who’ve posted with honest information…I’ll make a point of recalling where I got something other than B.S.-
    Good job MIMM.

    By the way check out Mark Ling (Affiliorama) and Charlie Page (Directory of Ezines)- they want to sell stuff, sure, but at least they’re not full-o’-crap.

  4. I just HATE, HATE, HATE !!!!! UPSELLS !! Sorry for all the shouting, but I am so happy to find out from Riggy that this program is infested with them. I thought that Tim Beckett was the king of all upsells, but maybe he has some competition now. Usually, they wait until after you have spent your money already when the upsells start. By the time they’re finished, I’m regretting I ever clicked the ‘buy now’ button, and end up wondering if I really got what I paid for, without all the addons & upsells. I’m glad I didn’t click the ‘buy now’ button this time.
    Thanks for the warning, Riggy – and thanks MADIMMarketing for providing this site.

  5. Guys, here’s the deal. Anyone who says they can get you “unlimited wealth” with a few clicks of the mouse for $29.95 is a scam. Period. End of story.

    I looked at it and requested a refund immediately.

    Buyer beware.

  6. I read a review somewhere before I purchased that no website was required for this. I have a business site that I’m only beginning to get set up, but I don’t want a bunch of affiliate links littering it. I was under the impression that this wasn’t necessary. I’m in the middle of trying to get it set up. They don’t give very specific info – especially for his pitch to be a 34 min video and the tutorial to be only about 9….doesn’t seem adequate.

    I read so many reviews before I bought, and I was under the impression that you couldn’t go wrong…have I?

    I’m trying now to figure out what link to use as my “source.” Anyone know? I don’t have affiliates or sites to use here. Thanks and good luck!

  7. Hi Guys,

    You should all know by now that these guys are going to have there upsells in place as soon as you purchase there products, its just what they i dont get pissed i just go straight to the product buy it, test it, i may get an upsell and if i dont like i will difinatly get a REFUND on it, thats for sure.

    I use to just buy stuff and store it, and save it for a rainy day but now i just get a refund and get my money back and then i am hapy.

  8. I agree with Riggy…too many upsells. I dislike OTO’s. Let me get my product, then you can email me additional offers. I just got the download. Haven’t had time to try the system yet.

  9. Hello all,

    I bought the software. I can’t figure out how to put in the proxy, where do I get this proxy ip address?? I posted using my id. I answered questions. I got my answers removed. If this is supposed to bring you massive traffic, how are your supposed to get this traffic?? I answered 4 questions and got 2 removed.

    The up sales were unbelievable. It took forever to navigate thru them. I don’t know, it isn’t what I thought it was, or what I expected.

    Such a shame, really had a good sales pitch.

  10. When I open my first email of the day and get a ‘just for you as you are one of my friends’ or ‘jump on this because it wont be here for long’ type of urgent message, I normally view it for what its worth then move on to the next one to see what other fantastic money making offer is being hurled at me.

    So when the next six or so emails tell me that I have to ‘act now’ and purchase ‘Auto Click Profits’ because it will disappear soon and I’ll be the loser, I get the impression that this is actually a genuine money spinner! A money spinner for GURUS! And every day that I put off buying this product…there’s only 3 left, by the way, I am aware that the offer will close and never be opened again.

    I waited a day then looked at my emails again. Ten more GURUS are inviting me because I’m their friend, to buy something called ‘Auto Click Profits’. As there were only 3 left, I’d better get it from them right now! The next day I get several more GURUS urging me, as a friend, to buy this, and oh! there’s only three left now.

    Only 3 left? This thing is so hot the 15 GURUS can’t shift the last 3 products in 3 days?

    Back in the day when you opened an email, you got a young man/woman explaining that they used to drive a truck/work in a burger bar/ be in debt for a million. Then they met a GURU who showed them how to get rich and now they are passing it on to you and tel how you can make $35,000 by next week if you bought their product right now. The doors close at midnight, there’s only 7 copies left, blah, blah, blah. Then you get to see a white house in Malibu, a couple of expensive cars and some shots of how much money that’s going into their bank accounts. Industry Standard B.S.

    The only difference now is, the same people (change name, use a different actor in the video) are trying to tell you that they hate all the things that you hate! That they wouldn’t be so low as to be like them! Then go on to be exactly like them. Because they are them! If it smells like B.S. then it probably is B.S.

  11. I purchased Auto Click Profits yesterday. I downloaded it and installed it expecting the product to do as advertised. Instead, the software searched Yahoo Answers and retrieved a number of questions on the keyword I selected. I then had to choose from those questions and write answers. So much for 5 clicks and 4 minutes and 18 seconds.

    I chose 4 questions and typed quality answers. I added my affiliate link to the source as directed in the user manual.

    When I checked Yahoo Answers, I not only found that my answers had not been posted, I had been BANNED from Yahoo Answers! No wonder they tell you to create multiple accounts and use proxies. If this were above board, why do you have to cloak yourself?

    I then contacted them for a refund.

    Their website says, “if you are irritated by anything go ahead and send me an email and I will immediately send your refund. We’ll part ways as friends.”

    This, also, is NOT TRUE. I received an email asking why I was asking for a refund. I replied but still do not have an answer or a refund.

    BEWARE of this product, it is a waste of your time and money.

  12. Hi Everyone

    Im so glad i read this because i was just about to buy it, i agree with everyone ive had enough of the upsells it puts you of buying at least you know if its rubbish you will get your money back, once again THANKS..

    Kevan Taylor

  13. Thanks Keith for your useful information . I plan to purchase this product but after read your information I will paused it. Thanks

  14. Guys, thank you so much for the reviews. I was also about to buy it. for your records, I posted a comment (a fair one) non offensive but not saying that i am a fan or cannot wait to get or how you are a life saver or this BS
    It was never posted.

    P.S. for those who want a refund, go directly to clickbank and ask for the refund. probably they are more honest.

    Another tip. before buy, you can get a 50% at least of any of the said amount. How?
    1- Register as an afiliate at clickbank,
    2- search for the product you selected
    3- get your URL to promote it (as if you are an affiliate)
    4- use your own URL to navigate to the clickbank page
    5- make your purchase.

    This way you are making your first revenue as an afiliate right from the seller’s pocket, instead of favoring some other marketer who probably did not buy the product in the first place and trying to test it on you and make the extra bucks.
    You will just get the commission yourself instead of someone else.
    At least you reduced your losses by half or may be more up to 75%

    keep it running guys.

  15. Thank you for all the advices. I have been, for three weeks, working my a*s off, I bought one of the affiliate program softwares out there and I have spend 12 hours a day trying to make it work. Did I mention that I have two young kids I have to take care of? but I was hoping this was really going to work and worth well the time and money invested. I just wanted to make money to help pay the bills. I feel so played, we are not really important to the “scam makers”.
    I finally snap out of day dreaming, and I am not going to make money with a few clicks. I learned my lesson…but I have to give it to them…THERE ARE REALLY GOOD AT WHAT THEY DO….SCAMMING HONEST PEOPLE.

  16. STOP The Lies – STOP The Hype:

    When you watch the video and see the sales he has made, how much of those sales are from affiliates selling this product?

    Not all those sales are from this “Amazing” so called software. They are from his affiliates selling this very product.

    The truth is very different from what the gurus want you to believe!

    The truth is that chances are high you’ll end up spending your hard earned money just to make the Gurus even richer.

    Wake-Up! We’re Being Ripped-Off!

    I Actually Heard A So-Called Guru say – “The sales page is much more important than the quality of your product- He said – the goal is to get the MONEY!”

  17. Hello,
    Thanks for your honest reviews. Here’s a TIP that I hope none of you will forget. I don’t think that all of these guys are Dishonest. But, they’re are much more Liars on the Internet than Truth Tellers. Greedy Liars at that.

    Here’s a Tip to remember! [DON’T EVER BUY A PRODUCT IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE BUYING]. NO ONE THAT POSTED A COMMENT CAN HONESTLY SAY THAT THEY KNEW WHAT THEY WERE BUYING. IF YOU’RE GOING TO BE MAD, YOU MUST ALSO PLACE SOME OF THE BLAME ON YOURSELF. WHEN YOU GO TO THE MALL TO BUY SOMETHING, DO YOU JUST LET THE SALES PERSON WRAP UP ANYTHING AND SELL IT TO YOU? NO, YOU LOOK AT THE ITEM AND THEN DECIDE, AND THEN YOU BUY. This guy on the Video never said what it truly was that he was selling.Oh Yeah, he said Traffic Software, but he never said in what field you would be using this software. Oh yeah, he said what you didn’t have to do as far as ” Not ppc. Not Email Marketing etc”, but he never said what you would be doing, or what part of IM you would be working with. SO Remember, it’s Not enough for you to tell me what I Won’t be getting into, If you won’t tell me what I Will be getting into. This Daniel Owens guy is a Con Man.

    TIP: If These Guru’s Don’t Tell You What The Software is (AND) where you will be using this software (emails, ppc, ppv articles, etc), DON”T BUY IT! Always, Always try to find a Review first, and then decide if it’s right for you. Buyer Beware!

  18. I bought it. It’s supposed to work by using Yahoo Answers and spamming answers to questions with your URL link to a website including Clickbank hoplinks.

    It gathers lists of open questions from a single-word keyword and category you select. You can then answer questions individually or automatically all at once with the same generic answer and include your web site URL or a Clickbank hop link. If you select Automatic mode, the software is supposed to post your answers and link to every question you have selected in your Yahoo Answers account. The trouble is, Yahoo doesn’t allow advertising in Answers and considers it spam. The program documentation warns of this and suggests using several Yahoo Answers accounts to avoid suspicion and use a proxy server. Yahoo also says on its Answers site that postingsare limited to 16 per day. The software wouldn’t connect thru my proxy. The software in automatic would only post to 4-5 questions before Yahoo would disconnect it from the account. And it would no reconnect because Yahoo had disabled it. Yahoo apparently is detecting the spamming and has discovered what is going on.

    The software itself lacks the capability to highlight and copy what questions you have answered and there is no log kept of what you have done. If you click on a question in the list, it doesn’t link back to the yahoo site so you can read the details. The keyword box in the software will only work with a one-word keyword, not with long-tail keywords. For example, if you input “dog training” it won’t find anything. It has to be one word only. Also, it is supposed to find all open questions containing the selected key word, but a search on Yahoo Answers directly with the same key word produces a lot more results.

    The software interface is very basic and has no help file.

    It might have worked at one time but it is basically spamming software and I think Yahoo has blocked it.

  19. I am glad I found this site!! Thanks for letting me know not to buy. He seemed to slick for my feeling and all he talked about is the $’s he made. He is the biggest liar.

  20. Yes, its complete crap. In his sales pitch video he said he has a complete step by step guide on how he uses this product. Well, how in the hell can a 9 second video be a complete step by step guide.

    I should of known it was a scam when I got the email which came from Alex of Underground affiliate system. I have unsubscribed from this assholes list over and over again yet I still get his email. I swear If he was next to me I’d beat his f*(king ass. I have reported his account as spam.

    I can see how the software might be useful to scour for good questions but that’s about it. Besides, to leave active links in yahoo answers you have to be at level 2.

    All and all it’s best to actually go to yahoo answers and do the work yourself.

  21. Ah Hell! I wish i had read all your comments last night before i bought this piece of rubbish!

    Yeah, really slick and “i’m your best friend” style video sell. Hooked me right in (will i ever flipping learn?) Bought it knowing i can get my money back – like we all do – then all those dumb over the top upsells. I’m glad its not just me that suckered in.

    All i got access to was a keyword style program that had some god awful article spinner included in it. I did’nt even get to the unlimited traffic stuff!

    This guy wants banning for selling crap like this. I’m sure there are some genuine people that want to pass on their knowledge on out there (and obviously we don’t expect it for free) – but where are they all?

    I don’t want promises of millions and millions of dollars dropping into my account. I just want to make some extra money to pay a few bills.

    I’m gonna get my money refunded at paypal now.

    We need a few more honest review sites like this and maybe we will get rid of the scam merchants and get down to learning how to make a little bit of money.

    Work Smart – Not Hard


  22. If something looks too good to be true then it generally is. If you had a way of generating unlimited traffic and huge income for very little work then why on earth would you let somebody else in on the secret? You would just let it churn away day and night making you millions.
    There are so many of these schemes around on the internet promising vast riches for a small outlay with no knowledge and very little time required. They are just preying on the vulnerable, the gullible and the desperate.
    The truth is simple people. The only way to make money in affiliate marketing is by sheer hard work and dedication. Use proven white hat SEO techniques, write quality content that actually gives your visitors something valuable in return for their time, build links anyway you can and eventually, if you hit the right niche, the profits will start to come. I’ve been at this for nearly three years now and I’m still a long way off making any kind of full time income but I am learning all the time and it will come eventually.
    Just don’t ever believe that there is a shortcut to anything worthwhile in life. It just doesn’t exist.

  23. Thank you so much for the heads-up! I came so close to buying the software because I am too trusting. I just want more traffic to my site!!! I sell an e-book that shows parents of college bound students how to get the financial aid they are entitled to for college and I have to compete with banks (who offer college loans) and the government for traffic to my site. Guys like D. Owens ruin my chances when I am selling the book for pennies on the dollar that most charge 600 bucks for the same information because people just don’t believe that I am trying to help them. They believe in their first thought that internet gurus are a scam. SHAME ON YOU MR. OWENS. It’s “battle waste” like you that make internet sales so hard when you do get a person who visits your site and really can use your information.

    Anyway, if anyone can honestly tell me how to compete with the banks and government for internet traffic, I would greatly appreciate it. Terry Garv

  24. I wish I could say that I am never going to buy a product like this ever again, but I have been a sucker to theese scammers too many times because of their slick talk.
    But I have finally found something that I believe have potential, but I also know it will take time to see results.

  25. Hi Guys, I too wish i had of found this site last night when i decided to buy
    this auto click profits. Something just told me to go ahead and look to see
    if anyone has been scam by Daniel owens. Probably not even his name if
    the truth is known. I felt like he was laughing in my face when he said I have to (((CONFESS)))
    “I wanted to save the good part for last” ( after you brought his BS)
    If you send me (Don’t remember the down to the penny) 180.00
    i will hold your hand all the way and you will be my personal student.
    You will learn how to triple your earnings capability. You will learn the
    missing key ingredient for success. You can still make money with my
    auto click profits but not as much and not as fast. Well, Once i payed and downloaded
    it i went nowhere I thought where is the step by step he was talking about. I am not working
    so every penny is a lot of money to me. I had to quit to take care of my mom. Oh was i stupid for trusting this man.
    I am going to go to clickbank or paypal and get my money back. How can he
    even show his face and tell all those lies. I should of realizes this is a scam
    when he kapt saying ” I don’t need your money” That should of been a big give
    away right there. Then why are you then. That is it for me. I am though with this
    internet work at home. GRRRR

  26. DON’T BUY AUTO CLICKS PROFITS.. scam.. affiliate link don’t work with wordpress.. no traffic after 2 days.. request for return money but no reply… sorry for my broken english..

  27. I’ve said it many times and I repeat it: why should anyone mess around
    (and asking for trouble) when he/she is already making lots of money,
    even millions? Are they from the Salvation Army?? Of course not!
    So, their claims can simply NOT be true!

    Only last question: wil you EVER learn this lesson?

    (BTW, my tip on your pincodes is a unique ‘tip from the heart’!
    Curious? Click my name.)

  28. Hey, All,
    Im sorry to hear about your experiences and disappointments..I ;ve been there too.

    I purchased this software this morning. I was able to complete a posting in much less time than I would have If Iwere just, writing an article and using an article spinner. I think this program is a unique in its approach to blogging, article marketing and, key wording and how to software helps to get it all going quicker.. Its an innovative piece of work in that respect. It downloaded easily, upzipped and installed with no problem. I gotta say the 4 -6 clicks was quite accurate.It being my lst time using it, it took me longer than the video says.

    I agree with you on the upsells. I automatically skipped it. Paying extra money “for the next new thing” without knowing what it is isnt my cup of coffee either. I had 39.00 to spend of new advertisng this week anyway.

    I will ask you, Are you sure some of you haven’t purchased a knock off copy of that software? There is nothing about yahoo answer in mine, or in any of the set up steps. and I was never asked to set up a proxy server to use it.
    Thanks a heap.

  29. My earlier review said that it was not looking good for Auto Click Profits, so I wanted to be fair. I did finally receive access to the product, apparently there were server issues. Unfortunately, the time I had to spend on the product was wasted waiting to get access. I do have it now, and will make another comment after I have set it up. Hopefully, I will be able to do that tonight.

  30. Man this guy has a good sales pitch! Almost got me. Then I posted a question elsewhere and was pointed here. What a disease people like this have become on the internet. Such a shame that they make things so much harder for the honest people out there.

  31. Hey Guys “n” Gals

    This sounds like Auto Trafik HiJack, biggest problem is unless you have a Proxy setup then Yahoo will ban you. I struggled with this product for over a month, not one single sail, e-mail support was useless, software continually got stuck on one question and if you do it correctly you ned to come up with at least 10 answers for each question that you are answering.
    I suggest you leave well alone

  32. dont buy!!coz one week till now and i coldnt make the thing work,and the support is sucks!!dont loose your time on it!.dont think ”whith me will be different”coz will not!

  33. Well, after listening to the 32 min video I was very tempted to purchase ACP because he sounds so sincere. Another B.S IM marketer trying to reap the benefits of another crappy product with tons of up sells.

    I want to Thank EVERYONE that has commented on this product because if I would have purchased it strictly by watching the video and had 10 up sells I would have been p***sed as well.

    Much Thanks for saving me not only $39 bucks but the frustration of purchasing another screwed up product.

    Very Gratefull for all your comments.

    Social Wizard

  34. WOW! It took me a VERY long time to find an honest review site on this product. Million’s of BS review pages all with basically the same text has to tell you something.

  35. HI All,

    Can anyone help me in making money online with out purchasing these kind of producs and getting ripped off!!! i highlyappreciate if any one can help me in getting extra income and genuine website to work with..
    Thanks to All..

    Ali G

  36. As a business owner / direct mail marketer I have also encountered dishonest people a long the way, rather it’s ( via internet or offline ). Sometimes we forget what our parents taught us as children; ” Don’t Take That Short Cut to School…It’s Dangerous Around The Corner…Take the Long Way Around” this saying holds true to the Internet as well – Instead of taking the long way around, we’re looking for short cuts, using questionable software, etc.

    But don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with trying to automate your business using software to help things run more smoothly; it’s using software that’s used to manipulate something that will get you in trouble every time. Purchasing these types of softwares that promise to bring you fame and fortune only puts you further away from your goal and leave you more broker than before. The Internet has become a cesspool of piranha and man eating sharks for con artists….And the prey is “YOU & I” – our weakness to make money fast has lit the fire under these people to try to sell you anything and everything they can get their hands on even if it’s garbage; Because they know you are going to buy it!

    You know in your heart that it’s garbage, yet we still think this time it’s going to be the one that’s going to make you rich and happy….then you click the buy button. Your excited and can’t wait for the download to begain; You get it – now your mad at the world, because it wasn’t what was said in the sales letter or webpage, you’ve been ripped off again by the slick salesman!

    It get’s worst, you don’t know how to use the software and the customer support is non-existence, refund is definitely on your mind right about now. The next time one these guys/gays claiming they have some sort of killer software that’s going to beat ( google, yahoo, msn, etc ) ran, don’t walk. Lets think about it for a miniute, do you actually think google is going to let some $39.00 software beat their muti-billion dollar company or even $197, $1000, etc…they would’ve been out of business a long time ago – it’s not going to happen.

    One last example:

    Here’s is another dead give away, the shear arrogant of these gurus, who keep saying he’s/she is not one; Look at their website template sales page, there all exactly same the format – Guy sitting by a desk with a laptop on the table, showing clickbank screen shots etc. Maybe they have a diiferent sales pitch, but the setup is the same. Take a look you’ll see what I mean ( , , , ) theres a pattern here – these gurus hang out at the same club togther. Take note of these guys names and remember who they are and they represent…Themselves!

    P.S. Be smart and wise about the way you spend your money, stop just handing it over so easy; It takes hard work, sweat and tears to run a business online or offline, there’s easy way around it – I wish it was a button I could push, leave this type of software crap alone and roll up your sleeves if you want to change your situation.

    Terry Clark

  37. Forgive me I had some errors in my comment, some paragraphs had misspelling, etc – I click the sumit button to quickly and didn’t proof read it over again like I normally do. Hey! It was 3:30 in the morning.

    I hope my last comment, helped you in some sort of way even with my errors.

  38. There are a lot of scamsters out there. I am so glad I came here to see if this system was worth what it said, and unsuprisingly its just another internet scam. There are real proven methods of generating free traffic to your site and none of them need you to buy any software. I generally say to my friends the biggest software tool you need for your IM career is your browser.

    If you know how to bookmark, copy and paste and to make quality comments in a few months you could see a surge in traffic – to ANY site you choose. BUT it takes patience and time – say 3 – 6 months before these methods are bringing in bundles of traffic. Now if you don’t have this kind of time you can just buy traffic…but beware of scams in this arena as well – I have been burnt a couple of times. I use the trafficguide website – just google it it will suggest some good reputable sites.

    A few methods of paind and unpaid traffic (Summary):

    – Guest blogging (paid and unpaid) – try whois dot com to get contact info or whatever you need
    – List buy-in (paid – obviously) – there are numerous JV websites online. DON’T PAY THE JV SITE!! look for free JV sites if at all possible.
    – Forums (free and paid) – check out Warrior Forums and Digital Point
    – Social Bookmarking (FREE) – Join ALL of them (reddit, stumble upon, twitter etc.) and put them in a folder on your favourites tab. Create content on word and just copy paste to all – it works like magic for me and ITS FREE…
    – WikiAnswers and Yahoo Answers (special kind of social bookmarking) It takes long to progress but its worth the wait – you could be level 2 in a few months and post links.
    – News agency publications – CNN blogs, Huffington post (also has a blog – pay to guest blog – daily traffic is massive there about 15 000 000).

    Happy Hunting


  39. I purchased auto click profits a few weeks ago and up to now Zilch… Haven,t made a dime, and when you want support forget it because they take days to respond with a one liner which was no help.
    Auto Click Profits has been updated to 1.02 version which is totally different from the original version.
    It works on putting the website url into their system and spits out the key words.
    From then it uploads articles. You then can go to create auto blog in wordpress. Now here is the problem. The system says that email is in use, so it doesn,t let you create a new blog as it is supposed to do. I have asked for support and still waiting.
    I have a few blogs out there from this system with a hell of a lot of content ,but as for making me any money there is no way to check apart from clickbank.
    This guy sounds so believable, and thats why suckers like me bought his product. The videos are anything but good and don,t cover what all new starters need and there is no help, and this product has a gravity of over 1200 on clickbank.
    One day someone might be really honest and help people.

  40. I bought this product and received the dowload link fine, but decided to buy the next product to enhance this and hey what a surprise , I did not receive the download link or access to the members area. What a surprise, I emailed them as they said but was requested to send my receipt to them, which I did but 5 days has gone by and there has been no response from their support.

    I am wondering if they are selling a products that are still being created. But people have to learn to be honest and faithful when selling things to others.

  41. Hi, I can’t understand why everybody is so upset! You listened to the video, decided to buy it, didn’t like what you got, so requested a refund from Clickbank, which you get immediately and automatically.

    I also can’t understand how this site makes money! If everybody who buys is upset and they all request refunds, what’s left?!

    I sell an ebook on clickbank. It over delivers, offers a help forum after the sale (for free not an upsell!) clients are happy, no refunds are requested, I answer clients emails personally, they trust me and come back for more! The only way to do business offline or online is to be honest. Then you will succeed and feel good about having helped lots of happy clients!

    BTW I use sitesell to get free traffic. It works but is a steady process not an overnight miracle. Good for (who asked earlier!)

    Good night, Michelle

  42. Please visit my blog for more information about flaws about auto click profit. I would liked to make it clear that you will find that some information in point form section of my article, are directly from peoples comments from this thread, as the main purpose of my article is to make it more public known to people and warn them about the flaws behind this software. Please leave any comments on my article if anyone has new information regarding auto click profit, and remember your not just helping your self, your also helping everyone whos reading it. Thanks


  43. I was curious about this guy. I did not buy it. I figured it was complete crap. What gave it away? He said he was married, but if you look at his hands, no ring… I figured he was a liar at that point, and after hearing from you fine folks, I now know, thanks for saving me $40 bucks and unlimited headaches.

  44. Hi fellow :-

    I bough and refunded it already. I can download, install bur couldn’t open it. The support team seems don’t know very much about the product. I asked them what kind of ” System Requirements and it’s components to run this program but no one could give me the answer.
    All the products they are promoting now never aware of this ” System Requirements ” which may lead to the problem of the down-loaders.

  45. All I have to say is this works..And is a big seller as far as clickbank is concerned..Just look at the gravity of this product…

  46. Thank you all for your comments. I was going to buy the product and do a review on my website but following all your negative (rightly so) feedback have decided against it.

    I watched the whole video and thought that Daniel Ownes seems ingenuous. I am not saying he is a scammer but he doesn’t actually give you any information about the product. He goes on and on and on and all the while says he is going to show you how it works, but he never actually does.

    I knew there would be upsells or downsells so I clicked right through to the end. Got a PDF document with a similar pitch, which I thought was BS actually and had a lot of mistakes in it. He just sounds like he is copying all the gurus instead of being genuine. If he is really genuine and his product is fantastic, why not let us try the product for free for a period of time, then charge for it. Obviously it can’t be that great.

  47. i hate upsells, they imply the product can’t work until you have added more money and more money and more money , u get the picture, it’s do ignoring

  48. when i try this software (on automatic mode) , this software will stop after answering 4 question. I have no idea why this happen. I think this software can help us if we use it on the right way. Spamming is not good.

    This software also able to scrap the title of the question only. This will make our answer tend to go out of track since we are reading the whole question. I also found this software given different result when im manually search on yahoo answer.

    Overall.. i found this software is worth the price.

  49. Daniel Owens has definately made a lot of money on his Auto Click Profits. But its not from his automated website, its from all the people he has scamed.There are a lot more people on other review websites that have the same or simular story as all of you do.The words upsells and downsells are really a bad term to use. If you cannot tell people about the honest truth on page one before you buy, about how much your product really is, you have LIED to them. Withholding imformation from someone who has already spent money on the product, and telling them to pay more money to make the product work better, has lied to you. they just sugar coat it by calling it a upsell or downsell.
    Theres a reason why Daniel and others like him sound so convincing. They use professional writers to make themselves sound so good, to make you buy from them. Thats why all these website owners comments sound so simular. Notice! I started out from rock bottom just like you did. I was completely broke, and stumbled on the idea and put it to work. I want the under dog or average person to be rich. This site is about to go down, and I’m only taking the next twenty three people and then it will be all gone.

    Do you really think there going to shut it down for the next 23 people at $39.00. That would only make them $897.00!

    One thing everybody needs to do, is when they say the product is only $39.00, they need to scroll all the way to the bottom and look for the word “affiliates”. If it says this, you know the product is going to cost you much more inside. What affiliate is going to settle for 50% of $39.00. No one is.

    Also, so far, there is no website out there YET, that is “Just make 5 clicks of the mouse, copy and paste, and just sit back and watch the money roll in,” Thats complete horse s***. Theres a good reason why no one has found a pot of Gold at the end of a rainbow. THERE IS NONE! Idon’t know the complete answer on how to find someone legitimate, but I do know that all of us need to quit being so gullible. How much mony do you need to lose to finally tell you that over 95% of these websites are not legitimate. Do NOT BUY a website when it first comes out. Wait for good comment and preview sites like this one to come out first, and let the comments from the users tell you if it is a good site or not. I hope I have helped a little bit.

  50. The bottom line;
    Daniel Owens stared straight into the camera and out and out lied for better than a half hour to sell his product. Is there a use for his product, I would say yes… it does have some benefits for back linking purposes in that it will feed a wordpress blog for you.

    However, I the claim that the product and concept is a completely different approach to internet marketing is a bogus lie. He is promoting article/product review marketing and offers a software that, as i said will feed or create a wordpress blog with articles scrapped off of the internet and ran through a spinner.

    His claim that he spends 4 minutes and 18 seconds a day using this software to earn his tens of thousand is also a lie. As is the six clicks to accomplish it. The spinner, like any other spinner requires human editing of each article for be humanly readable.

    Having been around internet marketing for a few years now I often will tolerate the blatant hyped and make the purchase to see the concept and benefit from the software. And for the most part, although whatever it is does not fit my business module, if the product is close to the hype I chalk it up to research expense and move on.

    Owens, however struck a core in me that I refused to let this one go…. I demanded and got my money back and encourage anyone else who purchased to do the same.

    Owens is the best example of the blood-sucker he talks against in his video. The night of the purchase I had 2 newbie marketers in my home and I watched as Daniel mesmerized them with his excellent sincerity act.

    All and all, however, with the fact that I got my money back, it was a positive experience….

    1] I was able to show my newbie friends exactly how a IM Predator operates and…

    2] Owen’s total misrepresentation of his “brand new marketing concept” has sparked my newest product soon to be released entitled “How to start a Profitable Internet Marketing Business While Fending Off the IM Predator”

    I cannot rate Owen’s product because the don’t make negative stars!

  51. autoclickprofits sucks. software freezes saying it is searching with no results. so i went to contact support…. oh yeah there is none. getting a refund via cb right after this post

  52. i hate all these push button unlimited traffic automated bullshine….
    im glad i have read the review b4 i bought the product…
    thanks madim

  53. I got this… and all the up-sells. wow, what a mistake. when I first got it, it was the yahoo answer version, and had all sorts of problems using ip addresses, it would not acknowledge them, next, I tried posing and got the account banned. I complained and was told the ‘new’ version had come out and so I d/l it. it would not find my keywords. I complained and went back and forth with support for 2 days. they had no real understanding of simple questions, and did not give me any kind of real useable answers. I finally had enough and requested a refund directly through CB. the next day I got an email saying people were experiencing a problem and to try manually using google KW tool uploading and getting articles form that. well, it took forever to do that because you did not get any data saying whether it was a good keyword or not to use. . I am so glad to have gotten my refund.

  54. Worthless. You will be upsold into submission and run as fast as you can from the site. I did get a refund from Clickbank. Why is there so much crap out there!

  55. I also can’t open the software with my old laptop but when I bought a new one I was able to open the software..It’s my second day of using the autoclick..hopefull, it will work.. I already emailed them if it will not work within one month, I’m gonna refund it……

  56. checking in again,did not buy this piece of crap but did take the advice of someone on the last comment for auto traffic tycoon and googled Dan Pan maybe got someone who seems honest ill find out and let everyone know, gurus are really out scamming in force. Good luck to everyone. Ed

  57. IT IS A MAJOR MISREPRESENTATION OF WHAT IT ACCOMPLISHES!!! Look I’m not a marketing guru nor do I have an extensive resume in affiliate marketing. This is what it does.

    1. Finds keywords for your site.. Like Adwords
    2. It does come up with a lot of keyword rich articles for you to edit and modify. (That covers the $30)
    3. It give you an ideal how competitive a keyword/phrase is. Like Adwords
    4. It will auto generate a WP blog for you. (That also covers the $30)
    5. It will help you auto book mark on 3 site directories. (covers the $30)

    Now lets see. Will it generate gobs of cash into you click bank account in a few days doing exactly what it says….NO

    Will you have to do some real SEO work to make it happen. YES.

    45 days 4 niches, and not a single organic come up using only this method alone.

    It will help automate and save you some time, but it will not make you ultra rich overnight like the copy says. At best it will save you time with your SEO work.

    Is it worth the money? Yep.
    Is it and end all be all? Heck No.

  58. Just to let other know, this is a scam. The product doesn’t work, they don’t refun you and send out bogus e-mails that they are working on the glitch in the system.

    Good luck to others who like I already made them rich.

  59. I would like to thank everyone for their input before I made the purchase. But when you think about it, the “Gurus” who claim to make a $100,000 a month. If they are doing so well, why would they want to sell to the first “300” buyers, “before the offer is gone” a program that would net them about $10,000 or $11,000 and then saturate the market that they feel is so precious with newbies and other scammers doing the same thing? The money they are making off these products should be a 1/2 weeks worth. What’s the catch? If the product is that good, and you had it, would you sell it on the open market, or keep it to yourself?

  60. Hello, I am so very thankful for these reviews. I was kind of skeptical from the beginning, and plus I have been around the block for a while. See I know a couple of the main industry gurus personally and they would never sell something that is making them millions of dollars for $39.95. But had never heard of this guy so wanted to check him out. I just purchased List Machine Pro, and it is amazing, alot better that this crap. But even that products sells for $997 and well worth it.

    Seems like this guys program is just an updated automated way to do forum marketing, and you can do that on your own with out getting flagged or blocked. Automatically know that everything on a sales page is scripted with tones of physiology and emotional triggers to make you buy…SO DON’T FALL FOR IT!

    A PIECE OF ADVISE: If you want to follow some guys that will really give you good quality try Frank Kern & Obasi Scott, I love there style and plus they have been around long enough to know what they are doing.

    As the old saying goes “If it looks to good to be true it probably is” ….Good Luck On You Journey!

    (- salute -)

  61. Ok. Here is the deal. The product works 1 out of 4 times you use it. It does spin out articles related to your area of interest based off of web site inquiry.

    So here is what its truly worth $10-15 tops. The keyword feature is not accurate. So use google its free.

    The article spin is like most (sub-par) at best. You are better off writing you own artlcle by the time you finish editing the spun article it gives you.

    Here is where it really gains its worth. You can post all of your article that are spun articles to various data sites and wordpress.

    So this is an honest review. I have bought and use the software for the last 4 months. It buggy, it rarely works as well as its supposed to. As far as Daniel Owen? Well I hope he made his money, because anything he sells I’m not buying its just not worth the value.

    I hope this review helps.

    Good luck

  62. Auto Click Profits Version 1.0.3 never worked. After entering the website URL wouldn’t even pull up the keywords. Made sure it was in no way blocked by firewall and allowed thru–still nothing. Redownloaded twice and emailed “24-7” support with detailed information about an error message received with a JIT debugging issue when trying to run the software–after 2 days–nothing. GOING TO GET MY REFUND NOW–THE SOFTWARE IS GARBAGE!!

  63. I tend not to buy a program without first downloading it and making sure it is kosher, which is what I did with Auto Click Profits.

    This piece of crap was awful. Even the pdf is basic stuff that you can find online for free.

    Stick to the likes of Affilorama and you can’t go far wrong. Yes, I’m aware that AffiloBlueprint is expensive, but it at least is genuine.

  64. After entering the website URL wouldn’t even pull up the keywords. Made sure it was in no way blocked by firewall and allowed thru–still nothing. Redownloaded twice and emailed “24-7″ support with detailed information about an error message received with a JIT debugging issue when trying to run the software–after 2 days–nothing

  65. I’m so glad I found this review thread, Mr Owens had almost succeeded in piquing my curiosity enough to purchase the software for $27 (the reduced price after trying to leave the site twice).

    But, as my mother always says, ‘do your homework son’.

    I’m heading back to Google search results to +1 this review thread listing.

    Peace all,


  66. I want a refund, this really is not what they made it out to be!!!! Now i can’t even make contact with anyone yo get my money back.

  67. What a big pile of crap, the worse I have ever experienced. Awesome pitch but then it all goes to hell the unbelievable upsells never end. Contact info is a big fat zero, none. the crap locks up on step 4..
    Read the reviews on Auto click profits by Daniel Owens before you get sucked in .. What a scammer.


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