Auto Cash Hijack

Auto Cash Hijack is an affiliate marketing system based on integration marketing and viral marketing by Brandon Scott.

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1 thought on “Auto Cash Hijack”

  1. I recently bought this system with the software option (last week about 28/01/11). I have gone through the videos.

    The product basically goes through the basics first and then details on how to buy into mailing lists, guest blogging and the like. There is a lot of great info on the videos, but I am disappointed there is no ebook for reference (some of us are old school and we like to read, highlight and make notes).

    All the videos except for one Vid07 on mailing buy ins are downloadable and very good (I had to watch Vid07 online 🙁 …wasting my monthly bandwith bundle. If you are a newbie you will benefit and there are things in there for the experienced marketer to pickup as well. Basically its a viral marketing course and I think its a good one – I have seen some FREE ones out there though but to Brandon’s credit they were not as good as his.

    The software is not ‘exactly’ worth the money but I won’t refund I will tell you why I won’t just now – most of the links to the article sites old or broken or to irrelevant sites BUT it is very versatile and you can use it to submit to almost any site. You can add or delete the irrelevant article sites at will and it save your info (another bad is that it only allows one URL so you have to change for each mass submission – but its OK. I think its a great tool and if you have the time to register with article submission site it will do the rest for you once you set it up.

    Overall I think its a very good product – But I think the software is overpriced at $197.00 as there are many article submitters which come cheaper. Brandon is also sneaky as he does not tell you what the software is – that is one huge negative that will make many people REFUND the software or whole programme.

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