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Auto Blog System XAuto Blog System X is an auto blogging course created by Rob Benwell.

The course teaches you how to create and run auto blogs to make money online.

Auto blogging is a popular way of blogging because it is automated and can be a great source of passive income. However it’s a dangerous business model because if you do it wrong, you can be quickly banned from Google which is the main source of traffic for auto blogs.

Auto Blog System X will show you how to set up WordPress for auto blogging, what plugins to use, and how to do it correctly.

If you’re new to auto blogging, this course might be worth to pick up.

Here are the steps of creating and running an autoblog, to give you an idea what it looks like:

First you need to decide on the niche and main keywords. You will use those keywords to automatically find content. A popular way of auto blogging is using the hot trends from Google, that way capitalizing on surges of traffic.

As mentioned above, the idea is to create a blog once and set it up to get content automatically. There are special WordPress plugins for that and Auto Blog System X will suggest some. The course itself doesn’t come with its own plug in.

The plugins usually take content from RSS feeds or PLR article libraries.

Once set up, the blog gets traffic from Google, from long tail keyword searches. Your auto blog is not likely to rank for big keywords but by the sheer volume of auto posts, you can get a lot of traffic just from long tail keywords without any extra SEO work.

The only concern is that as I mentioned before, it’s easy for your blog to appear spammy and get your site removed from search engine results in Google. The key is getting good feeds for the content, and formatting it in the way that it looks like a normal blog.

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17 thoughts on “Auto Blog System X”

  1. It’s a course, it only shows how to do things, so you can use it on as many sites as you want.

    I don’t offer anything, it’s not my product.

  2. I can’t believe 100% of this system work or not because the author not showing the example of his autblog that called “Autoblogsystemx”, is it real or just HYPE? Can you show me the autblog that has beed created with this system?

  3. This autoblogging concept is very interesting and I would like to learn more about monetizing your blog. I would love any feedbak you have on the best automated monetizing programs to use on your blog.

  4. Hi,

    I keep having people tell me about the Auto Blog System X system, but none of them told me that I might get banned from Google, because I have a Gmail account there and I get a lot of email there and don’t want to lose my Gmail account.

    Thanks for letting me know about this, because then I definitely don’t want to buy the Auto Blog System X system.

  5. When I said banned from Google I meant your site removed from search results, not your Gmail accounts, etc. Those are completely different things.

  6. I think the key here with a method like this is to use it ethically and responsibly. Can you create an unethical auto blog scraping content you don’t have the rights too? Sure you can. OR you could use the same techniques and create niche targeted auto blogs with legal content you are allowed to reproduce and do fairly well with this strategy. Just food for thought!

  7. I agree with the folks above saying it’s a lazy man’s way to make money online but I think that if the autoblogging plugin or whatever they use is a good one, there’s chances one could make easy money with only spending for domain/hosting and some time to set up WordPress.

    Truth is I’ve seen a bunch of sites using autoblogging plugins that were pure crap, some of them didn’t even had a link to the original content which is unacceptable. I believe most of them aren’t making anything worth mentioning.

    I’ve also seen quite a few sites that looked pretty good and, judging by their Alexa rank, they do have traffic, therefore sales. It all sums up to how you use autoblogging I think, if you do your homework pick the best keywords (that are searched for but there’s a lack in promotion), one could make a great income off of it.

    I’m not a lazy man and I do have my own written blogs, actually quite a few, but I was lately thinking about setting some autoblogging sites see how’s it working. Most of the successful blogs I saw were using Multipress Lite, it’s a free plugin so I think I’m going to use it on this project. At first glance, looks like it takes its content from Yahoo Answers, Flikr and some article directories so it should be good to use. It also creates a link to the original content so there shouldn’t be any issues with people getting angry for their content being used elsewhere.

    I’ll let you know how it works out if I have the time to get it started.

  8. First and foremost, Auto Blog System X is NOT a software application. It is an ebook explaining how to create, setup and manage autoblogs. There are much more comprehensive programs out there.

  9. Let’s be perfectly clear. This is an e book explaining you how to do auto blogs. Being new to WP, I hired someone to set up 36 blugins. But I do know how they work because I still am learning how to worik WP. It looks like the whole concept is base on on the WP plugins.

  10. Hi great post and thank your for your review on Auto blogging, I my self have tried auto blogging and I can say that there are several ways you can use the system. The system is very good for start up blogger

    One of the ways I am using for my old blogs are setting it up and let it write and fill up contents on every category so it will not be so empty.

    Let it run for several days then de activate the auto blogging not delete but just stop the system and not let it auto blog anymore.

    With this system you must not be lazy once you have about 20 or 30 post in every category you will then need to edit the posting such as clean it up on the paragraph add some pictures on each posting to make it looks like ur the content creator .

    Once all this is done its time for you to promote your blogs and in no time a lot of people will comment on your blogs .

    I recommend this system for a new blog to get some content


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