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Auto Blog SamuraiAuto Blog Samurai is basically a software program designed for those who want to make their money from niche blogging. The product itself promises to create unique content for you that you can then post on your WordPress and Blogger sites in specific niches that you have identified.

Once you have your unique automated content the package also contains a software program to help you generate keywords that you can optimize your blog with so they can rank better in the search engines. You will also be targeting the keywords that your buyers are actively typing into Google.

As well as being able to produce content on autopilot, you will not need to your own website or domain to make this work for you. You will not have to bother with trying to register domain names, finding hosting or any technical stuff. This product can be used without recourse to any of that.

Paul Ponna is the guy behind this product and he has a solid track record in internet marketing with products like Magic List Bot and Copy Paste Systems behind him.

There’s no doubt that there are people out there in the market who are making money from the niche blogging concept but one of the key things that can go against you when going down this road is the time and effort involved. Constantly searching for new content, the right keywords and setting the blogs up themselves can be really time consuming.

Auto Blog Samurai certainly addressed these concerns and does seek to make life easier for the internet marketer.

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  1. To keep the quality in nusing this software, is it possible to over ride by slecting the content you wnat to keep from teh RSS feeds, and also add contnet you create uniquely?

    What other ways do you prevent Google from closing the sites?

    Does this use or .org?

    If then how do you prevent WP from closing down the sites?


  2. The blogs are yours so sure, you can do that.

    The only way to prevent them from being closed or deindexed is really just to make them look real. Auto posting isn’t exactly what they want so essentially you’re gaming the system. If you can add a manual post between auto posts that sure would help. But really, it beats the purpose. If you post manually, why not just run a normal blog.

    In the end you just format the look of the posts so they don’t scream “auto generated”, maybe add your own feed with pre-written content in between and hope for the best.

    Auto blogging is really just a “cheap” hit and run way to make a few bucks here and there (or use them for backlinks). In my opinion and experience anyway. Honestly, I’m not such a big fan of it ^_^

  3. So basically it sounds like this software is of no value, Goggle will shut it down and the blogs will become worthless thus generating no money. The infomercial makes it sound like all you have to do is click a few buttons and 20 minutes later blogs are rolling out!

    I have yet to see a legitimate automated blog posting from this software or a list of blog sites supposedly using this software. I would be very interested in that.

  4. Software DOES NOT WORK. Feeds do not load, keyword tool does not pop up with captcha so is useless, ezine articles do not load. Complete waste of time. Typing in exact feed URLS of Ponna on video and they do not load as they do for him on video. Nothing posts to ur blog. tried both blogger and wordpress, both not posting or loading. NO real Support ! Who has 3 days to wait for an email that may not answer your question. Software appears to be loading but just stays in cue and nothing loads! Worthless. TEST your crap before you brag about it.

  5. I purchased ABS on Fri Sept 24 and studied all the videos included on Sat. I have not been able to get the auto translator to work at all. The software finds the feeds as well as my plr articles but it will not translate any of it as Paul says it will. I have sent in an e-mail support ticket but have heard nothing as of yet. I posted to both my WP and Blogger blog with the software although it took 2 try’s on both. I don’t know if this is a glitch in the software or not. I hope that Paul answers my e-mail and solves my issue as this software (if it works as stated) will be great.

  6. The only way to build AutoBlogs is to do them the correct way, with a long term view if you want to build a genuine long term AutoBlog business.

    This is a 100% recommendation for a system I use myself and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anybody, the guy behind it Mike Johnson, is awesome, the support and community is outstanding. This is a complete ‘system’ that works long term, not a piece of software that tries to game the system. Thats just going to get you banned.

    Take a look, (This is NOT an Affiliate link!) If you want real AutopBlog profits, go for this.

    Cheers, Ian

  7. Hi to all.
    This software is a 1:1 copy of Auto Blogging Software sold by Nick Carty.
    It’s incredible that this software was rebranded only changing one image.

    I was stupid and I bought base version plus site flipping version (I received a code that I don’t know where to insert).
    Now I asked for refund and it was closed without money back because they said : This is different by Auto Blogging Software v1.0.

    Yes, but I have 2.0 and his a 1 to 1 copy, but with more bugs.
    I hope to be able to get money back, this is a big scam.

    See you,

  8. Yes, indeed it’s the same program. Nick Carty is partnering with Paul Ponna to launch it. I can understand that – it was just a WSO and few people knew about it, now every guru is promoting it.

    I wouldn’t call it a “big scam” just because you already had it. Get the refund from Clickbank directly, you will always get your money back from them.

  9. for a beginner like me is hard to understand … but I must be willing to learn and focus.
    Nice article and very helpful

  10. Just read about this on some news article about it having a recordbreaking gravity on Clickank. 1077.66 to be precise. This is mind blowing, it has to be good for so many people to be using it. I could not help but share it on my blog
    Looking for more information, if anyone has used this, please post your reviews.

  11. I bought this software a week ago and followed the video tutorials. HOWEVER, THIS SOFTWARE DOES NOT WORK. I will ask for my money back.

  12. I wonder if those saying it doesn’t work have contacted the support. It’s obvious that it works for other people (technically anyway), so why not try to make it work. With software that needs internet connection, a common problem is the firewall – the support should help solve that.

    Note, if you post one-liner comments like “it doesn’t work, don’t buy” I reserve the right to dis-approve them as they give no real value. If it doesn’t work for you, why didn’t you contact the support? If you did, what was your experience with them?

  13. The problems have been identified in the previous emails from others. I have tried this software for 2 weeks and:

    1. it won’t post the blog post on the time a schedule
    2. Feeds do not load
    3. Amazon articles do not load

    Software appears to be loading but just stays in cue and nothing loads. THIS SOFTWARE DOES NOT WORK. Find out for yourself. You should be ashamed for selling the product that does not work.

  14. Thanks for elaborating, I appreciate that. Still, the question remains, have you contacted their support about this?

    And who should be ashamed? If that’s directed at me you should know very well that I’m not selling it.

    If that’s directed at the Auto Blog Samurai guys, that’s not gonna get to them unless you contact their support!

  15. Support is SLOW but I did get one bug issue resolved, still working on another. Can’t get images from my FTP to post though they claim it will with Blogger. WordPress works fine.

  16. WOw, First of all admin, kudos well done. Second, I have been on the market for an autoblogging software that I can utilize. These reviews are very helpful, but I am still not sure whether the product is legitimate or not. But I wanted to go back the comment that auto blogging is a cheap way to make a quick buck. How does this software address this, I mean does this software help? Are there other comparable types of software that you can reference, besides the 1:1 previously released version?

  17. I have read all of the above comments. There are definitely problems with the software, but it can be made to work. For me, it required doing a lot of things by hand, which tended to negate the automatic aspect of the software. However, I think the bugs can be worked out, if they have anyone working on it.

    The real issue has so far not been addressed. Here is the comment I submitted to ClickBank when I applied for, and received, a refund:

    “I gave the product a fair trial for over three weeks. It took way longer to use than advertised. And it produced unreadable language for its blog posts. I do not want to contribute further to the internet garbage that’s so prolific.”

    As an example, search Google for “TV to PC Converter”. Then click on the #1 entry. Now try to make sense out of any of the posts — you can get a general idea what the author probably meant to say, but it takes an awful lot of guesswork. This is what I meant by “internet garbage” – and it’s #1 on Google! Now imagine the complete nonsense you get if you take one of these posts – tranlated it into a foreign language – and then translate it back into English ( that’s what the ABS software does )!

    Back to my trial — In order to make money without having to do much work, which is the whole point of the software, I decided to bite the bullet and forget about my usual standards. If I didn’t do this, it would take so long to put up a post that I might as well do it completely by hand.

    So I got some articles and Amazon and ClickBank ads using the software, and did the double-translation gimmick to make them unique. Then I completely revised the first sentence so that it made sense – else, who is going to even try to read the post? The resulting blog looks pretty good – at least until you read the second sentence!

    I’m going to delete my blog soon, but I’m leaving it up so all of you can see the horrible result: I certainly hope that this comment will deter you from adding more garbage to the internet — “There oughta be a law!”


  18. Hi,

    I’ve been using autoblog samurai for a month. It worked fine for over 3 weeks, even though the tranalations make the content look silly. Hoever right now the eZine article module don’t work anymore. I tried everything. I have deleted all the blogs and files from my drive and installed it again. No luck.

    I think the biggest problem is the support. They don’t seem to focus on solving issues.

    I hope it gets better.


  19. Hi,

    I’m an SEO guy and I happened to find a link to this product by accident on youtube. Anyways I was intrigued because in the video it says that it is autoblog samurai will write content for you so I thought that would be an awesome way of managing various sites.

    Unfortunately it doesn’t write content for you it appears to just grabs feeds from other sites and posts them onto your blogs. Now If you were planning to get people to come to your blogs via the search engines (Google in particular) then think again because your more likely to get penalized for having crap loads of pilfered content on your site.

    Well, that’s my two cents worth,

    I hope someone really does come up with a program that can write unique content cause that would be awesome and profitable too.

  20. Less than 10% of the comments here favor the software. For the rest, it does not make sense to buy it.

    We have two major flavors of written English – British and American. As I understand from the comments, the content is taken from the feeds. British and American way of spelling will definitely create a problem. A part of the article may be posted with British way of spelling whereas another with American. For example, in one post, program can be written as program and in the same post, it can be written as programme. Even in the comment editor here, programme is being underline red as I write it now.

    There is nothing better than writing for your blog yourself. My blog is sometimes direct, sometimes have jokes and sometimes sarcastic.

  21. I bought a copy of ABS on 2 October and now I am asking for a refund. Nick Carty has not responded at all
    There are bugs in program and it is not worth any purchase at all..
    Just wondering will Nick Carty honor the 30 day money back guarantee..

    Please all reviewers of this program, give an honest picture instead of trying to sell a product that does not work??

  22. I just want to say that I am using ABS without any problems at Win platform. Software translating and posting as ordered in schedule if not pressed for emidiately post. However I got some problems running it on win XP at first but that was solved. So, it is not true that it doesnt work. I am not here to rise up to sky, but if u are in IM business or just running a blog on spec subject this is the great soft you can use. It acctually handleing 30 of my blogs without any probs as thay said on auto pilot. If anyone got Q I will be happy to answer. There are videos and pdf wich explain most of issues, thou. I ‘ve give an honest picture and I am not trying to sell it here. Just try again.

  23. I also can see some confusion here abt writing unique articles, that this program is making by itself. You ppl need to undersand that ABS is IM tool! It will rewrite or spin alredy made article in a way that will show it as uniqe one. So no! There is not a little man inside wich wil write your article for you, the soft grabs feed from web and making a uniqes since it take only 30% of article for google to recognize it as uniqe. If you are in IM business try this soft! It wont let you down I am sure.

  24. Hello,

    I’ve owned this software for three weeks now and can’t even get past the initial registration screen where it asks for your email address so it can verify your purchase. I keep receiving the error “unable to connect to the remote server”. I have been in contact with support four (4) times, uninstalled and reinstalled the software multiple times, turned off my firewall. Their support even “created” an email for me to type into the registration system and still nothing. Their answer is that I must not have access to the internet. Well if I’m able to send/receive email, perform google searches, etc I certainly do have internet access. Has anyone else had this problem? I’m very frustrated as I want to give the software a fair trial run, but I can’t even get it to start up.

  25. I have had numerous problems with the software. I have emailed support over and over and have NEVER received a reply other than the automated reply that said they would get back to me within 48 hours or whatever it is. I then tried emailing paul ponna personally through an email I got. he responded and said that support would get back to me within 48 hours but if they didnt to email him personally and gave me an email address. I used the email address he gave me and he still has not responded. if the software worked like they said it would be wonderful but it doesnt and support wont respond to help. I am truly disappointed.

  26. @Marsha
    Maybe it would help if you can said wich win do u use ? As I said I got some trouble running it on XP , but it go like a breez at win 7. As far as issues that u have , u can told us what these are , maybe some ppl here can help.

    @Mike M
    As I can see on your blog You are using ABS pretty well 😉

  27. Same problem. Just bought it and downloaded it but getting the “unable to connect to the remote server”. What is up? Anyone else having problems? I am excited about using this but so far nothing but issues. These guys wont be around long if this is the type of product they are selling.

  28. @Sag
    I wish I was using ABS. I was never able to get it started. Fortunately, I just got my refund. I wish you better luck than I had with the software.

  29. Never try it on Vista though. I was runnin’ XP on 3 of my notebooks, and as I said before I never manage to get ABS working properly 🙁 Except at one laptop wich is Acer and got XP SP3 recovery chipset I think. It is the most stabile version of XP I got and ABS is running smoth on that one. I also never have try Vista so I am not a person to ask abt ABS runnig on Vista. If u can manage to buy Win 7 ( what I hardly recomend ) I m sure that you will have no problems. Give a try and let me know how went.

  30. I’ve been considering purchasing this product. After reviewing the comments and it seems that theirs more of an support issue. I’m researching Caffeinated Content and Robot Article to determine which is better buy. I’m interest in a program that writes unique content, not collecting feeds from different sources.

  31. It seems that most of the money making blogging software are big boast and small roast . i was planing to purchase this soft. 2day But thanks to this web site i luckily found and it saved my 76 u.s.d. and lots of frustration. i have read this kind of review 1st time in net against Auto blog samurai otherwise all the net is supporting ABS and trying to sale this soft. some points have noted based on reviews posted on this site which are against Auto blog samurai .


    1. AUTO BLOG SAMURAI Support System is worst.
    2. AUTO BLOG SAMURAI never works other then win7.
    3. AUTO BLOG SAMURAI has Registration prob.
    4. Hardly you will get your Refund (Shame on you paun paula)
    5. Blogger is banning site developed by AUTO BLOG SAMURAI.

    Readers can find more Points from reviews . I would like to Call it a Postmortem Report of AUTO BLOG SAMURAI. becoz in soft. development field it is said that if analyze your system then it is called “system analysis” and if you analyze your system after developing it then it will called “postmortem” of the system.
    so if u have come here before purchasing AUTO BLOG SAMURAI then you are free take any decision whether you want to purchase this soft. or not. But if have come here after buying it Then i request you to Post your “Postmortem Report” About Auto blog Samurai”. you will save lot of people to burn their finger and god will bless you. I Think this blog is going to be a Auto blog samurai Suffering Association.

    another worst system on the net is “White hat copy cat” Script developed by tim. i have my own full Postmortem report about this system. i will give you gold medal if u r able to register u r self in their support system. in a simple word i would like to say that i m still doing itch on my ASS and pulling my hair to buy this product.

    P.S.:- I hope Blog owner will publish my post.

  32. >4. Hardly you will get your Refund (Shame on you paun paula)

    It’s sold through Clickbank, you will always get the refund if you contact Clickbank within 60 days.

  33. Great software for banning my blogger sites. I am using this software from 2 month before, I have created 10 blogs on low competition niche. No page rank and no visitors. 4 of my blogs are already disabled. I was wrong to make decision while buying this product. Author of this software is ****. He wrote this software for only him to make money by selling. We are the foolish who buy his software.

  34. @ dipal shah

    2. AUTO BLOG SAMURAI never works other then win7. – wrong / proved
    3. AUTO BLOG SAMURAI has Registration prob. – wrong / also proved
    4. Hardly you will get your Refund (Shame on you paun paula) – as admin said, you will get refund.
    5. Blogger is banning site developed by AUTO BLOG SAMURAI. – on my 20 blogger sites never happened , so you are wrong again.

    And you just saying it is bad, never told us why? Give us facts! As I said I am using it every day, awesome software, and specially for WP blogs. Let them try to ban that of yours! So… learn how it works, don’t just blame the software.

  35. I use ABS in conjuction with SENuke and Sick Submitter and have had great results in the last two months. Its just a tool to use to build my email list and I get rank from the other two programs using low laying fruit. If you use it with all the tools available out there you may have ggod results also. I love it.

  36. I was considering buy this product but now im not so sure,,,,Whats the point if google is gonna slap you silly.Is there anything out there you can use to auto blogg and make some adjustments to so it looks like your not auto blogging……………………………..Anybody.

  37. Also, i was considering WP-ROBOT does anyone have an opinon on this software………..Is it some what google friendly.

  38. There are many sites that use an autoblogging plugin but they monitor the content and make edits before posting them. It depends on what kind of quality content you are looking to put on your blogs and how often are you going to add content to your blog. If you add it to quickly you will get flagged right away because a human could not post that quickly. Think about it.

    Plus you know how annoying it is to land on those sites that are not edited don’t be one of them and do a little work. Review your content that you have pulled into your site and make it look good after it has gone through the translation.

    This is your business and it is up to you if you want to succeed. Nothing is free or easy not even autoblogging it is a great tool to make your life easier.

  39. I like the concept of autoblogging that why I bought this software
    but, on my wordpress it doesn’t update, and on
    if I put more than 2 to 3 blog post I get span and my blogs are
    shut down. I try contacting support, when and if they response
    they’re not very helpful. It appears this S/W has bugs, Does anyone
    knows of an autoblog S/W without bugs

  40. I have to say I loved it when I first bought it but after I used it on more than one or two blogs it stopped, just as Tony said. I have contacted support and they sent me(after a few emails) the exe file that they use and that worked for a day or so but after that that died. After reading all of this I am going to ask for my money back. I really wanted it to work and unfortunately it does not.

    Like others have asked- is there good auto blogging software out there for blogger. I have a decent one for wordpress but a lot more complicated. Please advise.


  41. Hi All, we are in 2011 and people believe in such kind of IM miracles yet? C’mon, an autoblog can be made without any crappy software. Be smart and try to understand how to manage feeds & Co. I’m running a little ugly autoblog (wordpress) focused on a particular gaming niche and it makes 3/4 $, everyday! Not so much, uh!? Well, now imagine a bunch of hundreds of little autoblogs earning that sum….oooh, interesting, uh!? A Good Motto: rinse and repeat! Why do you fail in IM? I dont know…maybe you’re afraid to make money and prefer to give it away…

    My gift: search on Google “how to build/make an auto blog” (this is the gift 😀 ) Be smart and proactive…you can find all the info you need for free (forums, blogs etc.) without buying another Guru’s guide to store in your “full of intentions” pc.:)

  42. The downside of auto-blog samurai software is that the multiple language translation to generate unique content is mediocre at best and sad to say not a feature that I would use. You just simply can’t generate unique content using multiple language translation because the final translated outcome is gibberish and put off the reader.

  43. Hi,
    Hope you are fine. Okay I have read too much of ABS.
    So far am happy with is that they do almost everything for you other than you chose your niche s of your choice.
    have some important questions to clarify.
    1) I presume they host for you. Is it base on my domain name/…( niche )………..
    2) Can I actually see the blog contents ABS created for me before they send traffic and can I put my website links in the blog there?
    3) How do I knows that the blog/site they read or buy the products is my blog/links?.
    4) Do I be given a member area to log in to see all my niches how it is performing and see number of clicks daily?.

    Thank you for your prompt reply. I really appreciate it. Have a nice day.


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