Authority Job Killer

Authority Job KillerAuthority Job Killer is a program for beginners to get them started making money online and creating an online business that would potentially make 5 figures per month (that’s the goal).

The program is a simple to understand step by step program with real life examples. It consists of:

  • Authority Job Killer Manual which is an in-depth step by step blueprint to get anyone started fast. It covers the basics and eventually goes into advanced online business strategies and scaling it to 5 figures a month.
  • Authority Job Killer Process Map is a simplified graphical version of the manual which serves as a roadmap for an easy reference.
  • Authority Job Killer Videos – there are 3 videos showing how to implement the blueprint exactly with examples of real life websites. They show how every step is implemented and how it should look like when done right.

While the program itself doesn’t bring anything new as far as the knowledge, it strives to be the most detailed training and make the process of building an online business simple.

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