AIS Blueprint

AIS BlueprintAIS Blueprint or Automated Income Stream Blueprint by Chris Cobb is a product that was originally created for his private clients. During the period of development the same clients have dictated what should be included. Why that is important is because the result product has a much better bond with the user than a product created solely by an expert.

The product contains 3 blueprints for automated income stream systems. All of them are detailed in 43 step-by-step videos. The blueprints cover these aspects:

  • Free traffic from blogs
  • Paid traffic from Adwords (including the content network) and banners
  • List building
  • Clickbank affiliate marketing
  • CPA marketing
  • Creating your own offers and sales pages

It looks like any other product on Internet marketing and making money online for beginners, but what makes it different is the aforementioned involvement of the users in its development. New questions arise as you go and often there are no answers, this time you can expect to find them already in this detailed product.

But as good as it looks I want you to think about something if you’re considering to buy. This is just another product to teach you how to go about making money online from the Internet marketing (mostly as an affiliate). If you have never bought (or got free) such a product, then AIS Blueprint is great to start with. If you have gone through some other products and you still struggle the problem is likely not in the quality of a product (unless it really sucks). If you recognize the above outline as something you’ve already been thought about, you’re not gonna learn a lot of new things, go back to the material you already have an try again.

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